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Fully cooperative tile-based exploration and resource management survival game set in a post-apocalyptic world for 1-6 players.
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Expansion Update

Posted by Dave Schroeder (Creator)

We hope you are all still enjoying your games!  We have been quiet the last few months, but things are still going on around here.  We went to WashingCon, MAGFest, Awesome Con and a few smaller local events.  We have sent out a bunch of review copies, had a few great reviews come back, and are waiting and hoping for more.  Most of our time though has been spent getting expansion content ready.

Expansion Details

The planned additions are 12 new missions, 12 new survivors, 6-10 new enemy types, and 10-12 new hazard types.  There will also be a new type of positive tile (more interesting replacements to some of the basic resource tiles) and a new type of "soft" damage and an action to deal with it.  Not only will this roughly double the content of the game, but having that many enemy and hazard types will mean that you really have no idea what is coming.

We currently have more than enough content created, and all the big pieces in place.  Many of the survivors and some of the missions were put through playtesting during the original campaign, and we are currently retesting those, and testing the rest trying to narrow it down to our favorites.  We are hoping to have it ready sometime this year, but we have learned repeatedly that our time estimates are often optimistic, so we will see.

But I want new stuff now!

If you are that excited for new stuff, or just want to be part of the process, we would love to have you help us test.  Since you were the first to support the base game, naturally you get first crack at the new content.  We will be doing this in two ways: Tabletop Simulator, and Print and Play. Tabletop Simulator will allow us to incorporate the full range of new content, and is quicker and easier to update, so we will be starting that first. If this sounds like fun to you and you own a copy of Tabletop Simulator, here's the plan:

  • You message us that you are interested. 
  • We friend you on Steam so that you can see the workshop mod with the new content.
  • We send you a link to our discord server so you can chat, and a link to a google form so that you can submit feedback once you've played.
  • You play with new stuff and tell us what you think.

Once we get some feedback from that round and are comfortable that at least some of the content is stable we will put together Print and Play files so that those of you without Tabletop Simulator or who just prefer playing on a real table can get in on the fun. These will only be for survivors and missions; our internal attempts to print/proxy all of the new stuff added with actually playing with the new mechanics made for a very unenjoyable and not very useful game.

-Rob and Dave

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    1. Michael Trygg on

      I'm also interested! I'm DrTrygga on Steam, and I own Tabletop Simulator! Thanks :)

    2. Dave Pallas on

      I'm SO interested.  tagard_mcstone on steam and I friggin love Tabletop Sim