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Fully cooperative tile-based exploration and resource management survival game set in a post-apocalyptic world for 1-6 players.
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Shipping has begun!

Posted by Dave Schroeder (Creator)

The games are ready, and are starting to make their way to you!  Where in the process they are depends on where they are going. 

China and Australia

If you are one of our 6 backers in China or Australia, you should already have your copy.  If somehow you don't, let us know and we can give you the name of the person that signed for it so you can rough them up a bit.  We are sorry that we couldn't give you a heads up, but between the time difference and the fact that it was a very short trip, by the time we got the tracking numbers they were already delivered.


The pallet of games headed to Europe left Tuesday and is on it's way to port.  The current schedule puts them in London the first week of May.  Customs estimate is about a week, and then to the fulfillment warehouse, and then to you.  This should get them out to most of you sometime in May.

US and Canada

Shipping to the United States, and particularly to Amazon requires a few extra steps.  Because of this, the most pessimistic estimate we are getting is that these games will leave on April 30th.  On the plus side, the estimate we are getting for travel time is just over 3 weeks, so they should at least be in the country sometime in May.  After that it's some time getting through customs, and then to Amazon, but from there it should be pretty quick to get them out to you.

-Rob and Dave

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    1. Missing avatar

      Thomas Healy on

      Looking forward to it!

    2. Bojan Brankov


    3. Missing avatar

      Joshua Labrecque on

      Woo! Hopefully I will be getting it sooner than later. Glad to hear it's finally shipping.

    4. Dave Pallas on

      Ok finally were seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

    5. Missing avatar

      Geraldine on

      Got my game already. So nice to be one of the fitst, not the last to receive a K'S reward, as usually happens in China.

      Looks good and I hope to get it to the table this week. Thanks a lot!