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Fully cooperative tile-based exploration and resource management survival game set in a post-apocalyptic world for 1-6 players.
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Pre-Production Copy Review

Posted by Dave Schroeder (Creator)

We received the pre-production copy of the game yesterday afternoon, and once we got the initial excitement under control, we spent the evening going over it and discussing the parts with the production company.  Here's what was in it, and a summary of the review:

Manual, Quick Reference, Cards, and Box

Aside from a few small graphic or alignment issues, all of these things looked great. We will be updating the files and resending them to correct the issues.  These corrections won't require another physical proof (which saves time) since the changes are so minor and don't change the process at all.


One sheet had some text that was the wrong color, but other than that they looked great. I am giving them their own section just so I can post more pictures.  They are not cut, but the pink lines are where the cuts will be.

Box Insert

The cards didn't quite fit in the slot due to a different radius on the corners of the cards and the corners of the slots, so that will be adjusted.  In the process of that change we will also be deepening the card slot, and the additional wooden bits slot just so we have more room to grow.

Wooden Bits

This was where most of our night was spent.  Colors are tricky, especially when going between CMYK on a screen, CMYK printed in a manual or on punchboards, and then Pantone colors on a small wooden piece.  We will be changing a few of the paint colors to more closely match their respective icons, and to make it easier to tell them apart.  

Sizing was also something we needed to address.  For those of you that have played, you might remember that the enemy meeples we are used to look large and menacing next to the player meeples, and that was how we liked it.  The meeples we got in the sample look amazing, but aren't big enough to get that feeling, so we are increasing their size to fix it.

Custom enemy meeples, with a yellow player meeple for reference
Custom enemy meeples, with a yellow player meeple for reference

Since these changes are pretty substantial, we will need to have samples made with the new specs before we can start mass production.  This should be pretty quick (a week or two), but it is more work than the other changes.

-Rob and Dave

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    1. Luke Walker

      Appreciate the update, stuff looks good. Any chance you can ballpark us a timetable for delivery?

    2. Judy Krauss on

      @ Rob and Dave:

      Unless you make the insert have card slots big enough to hold sleeved cards, the insert is probably going to be thrown away by many players (like me) anyway. So if you are adjusting the space for the cards, could you adjust it to be wide and long enough to hold sleeved cards plus a bit of a margin?

    3. Lincoln de Almeida Rodrigues on

      Great work! Thank you for believing in the project and overcome the difficulties!

    4. Scooby Meredith on

      This is great news. I'm so excited to be able to play this game. The changes seem manageable and hopefully quick fixes. Nice job guys.