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Fully cooperative tile-based exploration and resource management survival game set in a post-apocalyptic world for 1-6 players.
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The next big step

Posted by Dave Schroeder (Creator)

I know we've been quiet lately, but we have been plodding along.  The last few weeks have seen a lot of file conversion, moving things onto punch sheets, tweaking instructions and examples, and testing and balancing of custom characters.  We've had a conference call with our production manager to get us all up to speed on how that side of the process goes, gotten templates, specifications and flowcharts.  We've sent a fairly nerve wracking amount of money through the ether, and done our best to keep close to the schedule.  The next big step is sending all of it away to be turned into a physical game, and we are almost there.

First the bad news

As we've been told repeatedly, all Kickstarter projects run late.  And despite doing our best to make that all OTHER Kickstarter projects, we are officially behind schedule.  We underestimated a bunch of little things, but the big delay was graphic design.  Illustration, mechanics, and content (aside from custom characters) were done, but putting all of those together in a way that looks nice, conveys the theme, and displays the necessary information clearly turned out to be even more challenging than we expected.  

Having more content waiting for expansions is great for the longevity of the game, but also made all of those decisions even more difficult.  We were not just setting the style for this game, but for multiple expansions all at once.  Also, we needed to make sure that any possible future icons or mechanics were accounted for by either codifying them now, or at least leaving space on the pieces.

Now the good news

We are what I would call 90% done all of that, and we had originally built a bit of a buffer into our schedule.  We have parts that will be sent to the production company this week so that we can start the proofing process on those while we finish the rest up.  From here the estimates are 35 days for pre-production, 55 for production, and 35-50 days for initial shipping.  Adding on 2 weeks or so for final shipping that should put the game in your hands sometime in April.

Once everything is sent off and we are waiting on production we will start working on the art packs and the art book.

And in other news

As we were getting final edits done on the custom character art, we had an idea to keep Boya working a little bit longer.  Originally the multi-resource tiles had been split art of their two resources (i.e. food/scrap) so that it was very clear what was there.  As the tile design progressed the icons got clearer and so that need lessened a bit.  This let us get 3 new pieces to illustrate that Lab, Bunker, and Workshop tiles.  They are roughly a sixth of the deck, so this should add a good bit of flavor, plus they look awesome.

-Rob and Dave

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      Benjamin Biro on

      Glad to hear things are moving along. Don't sweat being behind schedule. Happens to the best of us. You guys have got a great game so I have no worries with it being a little late.

    2. Dave Pallas on

      Hey, take your time working on that quality game. Every other day there are kickstarter groups that seem to fall apart and it's sad to hear. I met and trust you guys to put together a fun board game. I love the art and aesthetics you have put together for this. Keep up the good work!