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ElfWood is a fantasy RPG setting book. Explore a rich, vibrant world of dark fantasy and swashbuckling adventure on the Scalding Seas.
ElfWood is a fantasy RPG setting book. Explore a rich, vibrant world of dark fantasy and swashbuckling adventure on the Scalding Seas.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Robert C. Ayres on

      Thank you for letting me know!

    2. Harsh Realities 3-time creator on

      No, Robert, unfortunately it has not.
      I have been making every attempt to communicate with Backers with monthly updates though. Have you not been able to see them?

    3. Missing avatar

      Robert C. Ayres on

      Has this been sent out yet?

    4. Kevin Flynn

      An update pls?

    5. Missing avatar

      James Patterson
      on's it going?

    6. Missing avatar

      Kimmo K on

      What's the situation in regard to the Sixcess Core copies for those whose backer pledges entitles them to them?

    7. Jeff Scifert

      Sounds great! Would have been nice to have all the races in the book proper, but I could not swing the cash right now! Congrats on another terrific Kickstarter for an exciting product!!

    8. Harsh Realities 3-time creator on

      We're looking at a supplement that would follow, potentially in time for Gen Con. It would have all the content that didn't make the kickstarter. The world was designed with them in it, so it's not like the material would be "bolted on" it is very smooth fit. :)

    9. Jeff Scifert

      Ben, what are the plans for the Taurim, Half-elves and other races if the stretch goals are not met?

    10. Harsh Realities 3-time creator on

      VG: If you increased your pledge by $15, you'd be there. :)

    11. Missing avatar

      VG on

      Aww, a bit late now.

    12. Harsh Realities 3-time creator on

      If you back at the HARDCORE level ($60) and pledge $90, you can select to Add-On the ElfWood softback for $30 and you've got both the limited edition hardback and the softback for $90. :)

    13. Missing avatar

      VG on

      Hrm. I wish I could get both the limited hard copy and a paper coy of the core without going over 100.

    14. Jeff Scifert

      Grrrr, backers are dropping last minute . . . I hate that :( I understand that sometimes real life intervenes (but very rarely does one not have advance enough warning of things) but come on, backing out last minute always speaks to me of poor planning and is simply rude to me; but I realize that is my opinion!

      Sorry, just me venting :)

      Let's finish this strong, folks :)

    15. Bigbywolfe on

      And we've hit a stretch goal as well! Just a couple more backers and we'll have Cynthia involved with this too!

    16. Missing avatar

      stephen.esdale on

      No problem, it was an easy decision - Elfwood looks like a great setting. Though this decision will wipe out my gaming budget for awhile ;)

    17. Netobvious

      Thank you Stephen Esdale. That was really nice. :-)

      I had crossed by yearly budget, so had to excercise lots of restraint to avoid breaching my own limits, even though I did breach some to grasp the opportunity to create a monster.

    18. Missing avatar

      stephen.esdale on

      That would have been me. I upped my pledge to make it happen. ;)

    19. Netobvious

      Yes! Hurray!! Whoever pushed us over the edge of glory is a real project saver. Our New Year starts on a good note. Congratulations Ben Rogers and the crew. :-)

    20. Missing avatar

      Rolunde on

      I want my books and I was getting a little worried, heh. ;-)

    21. Jeff Scifert

      Congrats on funding, Ben and team! Yay!!

    22. Netobvious

      Yes, hopefully, we will all wake up with the best Christmas Present this side of the year 2013 by tomorrow morning. This has been one nail-biting KickStarter, but all good things come in God's time as they say. And very Merry Christmas to you all today. :-)

    23. Gavken on

      Just $201 to go now ...fingers crossed.

    24. Harsh Realities 3-time creator on

      Awesome, Phil! We've spread the word about your blog post far and wide. You might get a little more traffic in the next few days. :) Thank you!

      Just a reminder that you can find all our products here:…

      ...and keep your eyes peeled in the near future (imminently near) for another free download made available...

    25. Phil Nicholls on

      My contribution to spreading the message about ElfWood;…


    26. Bigbywolfe on

      Little by little.

    27. Bigbywolfe on

      Well, that's good then...

    28. Harsh Realities 3-time creator on

      Actually, it was $2016 and a Backer increased their pledge by $60.

    29. Bigbywolfe on

      Am I mis-remembering our previous total or did we drop $10 today?

    30. Bigbywolfe on

      Here's something you fantasy fans might find useful.

      They have already funded and hit several stretch goals so you are guaranteed some great maps if you pledge. With less than a day left we are pushing to get some more stretch goals achieved. Check them out before it's too late!

    31. Timothy wolford on

      Way to go Netobvious :) now who will be the next lucky backer to reach $2000?

    32. Netobvious

      Thanks for offer such a great product that eventually seduced me. ha ha ha!

    33. Harsh Realities 3-time creator on

      Netobvious, thank you for your increased backer level. We've updated the image on the main page to reflect your achievement. :)

    34. Netobvious

      Despite my fiscal discipline, this project is just too good to miss, so I wholeheartedly pledge my support. :-D

    35. Harsh Realities 3-time creator on

      The kickstarter page has been updated to reflect our current position and Timothy Wolford's stretch goal achievement.

    36. Timothy wolford on

      Your most welcome :)

    37. Harsh Realities 3-time creator on

      ...and Timothy Wolford gains an NPC, critter, location or item to create/describe for ElfWood! Thanks for the bump, Timothy! :)

    38. Harsh Realities 3-time creator on

      Yes, the Elves disdain technology that doesn't use "natural" elements. Dwarg like to make technological items (and blend them with magic). Humans lean to the bounty of the seas.

    39. Missing avatar

      stephen.esdale on

      I was just curious about the various races tech level from a cultural level. I understand that player characters are exceptional individuals who need not conform to strict cultural norms.

    40. Harsh Realities 3-time creator on

      This may take a little explaining... Firstly, the design philosophies that we deal with are that the players should be the ones defining their characters. If you want to play an Elf who loves firearms, there should be nothing in the rules that prevent that. If you want to play a human ship captain who has a steampowered ship, there should be nothing in the rules to prevent that. Mixed up and unusual configurations are the stable of the roleplaying experience. That being said, however, if you are looking to play a *traditional* Elf, then they would disdain firearms and rely instead upon the natural things in their world. Likewise, a human with a steampowered vessel needs a strong backstory (and potentially some Edge points spent) to give him such an unusual prize. Ultimately, the *culture* of the Elves disdains technology - but that doesn't mean an *individual* would not pursue an interest in the tech. The technology is available to all races and cultures - it's whether they accept it or not as a culture. Humans are more inclined to use technology that is adaptable to the seas (and under the seas). Gunpowder may not be favored by them for this reason - "keep your powder dry" is an old adage.

      On the other hand, that aforementioned sea-captain, with a dwarg-tech steamship would undoubtedly look for gunpowder cannons - though nothing would prevent him from using Elven shard-magic ballista, either.

      The Elves tend to lean toward the natural elements. The Dwarg tend to look to the technology. The Humans tend to look toward the bounty of the seas.

      Bottom line: The rules won't constrain you from making an Elf pistolier. His culture may frown upon him and he may need to take to the border towns and high seas to find acceptance for this "aberration" - but there is no "rule" that would say you can't make that character.

    41. Missing avatar

      stephen.esdale on

      Just the redhead with the cutlass pointing towards the sea (and the enemy). Another question: Its apparent that Dwarves are slightly steampunkish, are the Humans the ones with Renaissance technology or do the Elves also possess that level of technology. Or do Elves walk another path more consistent with their Tree-honoring ideals?

    42. Harsh Realities 3-time creator on

      There are many types of swashbucklers in ElfWood -- if pirates, they can be of any race or culture. If they are more "legitimate" then they would be primarily Elven, Dwarg or even Human. It's not impossible for other races to hire-on with the crews of ships, but not as likely in certain circumstances.

      Which swashbucklers were you specifically commenting on from the video?

    43. Missing avatar

      stephen.esdale on

      So the Swashbucklers seen on the Kickstarter video are elves? Or the remnants of the human cultures devastated by the virus?

    44. Netobvious

      I have shown my support for this by funding but not at my previous levels, sadly. Have maxed out my budget for the year (just supported a Huddersfield game, my neighbors). You are doing well so far, nonetheless. Great start to the "Elfwood" Kicstarter. May the winds blow strongly in you favour. :-D

    45. Harsh Realities 3-time creator on

      First update has been posted, with some information (now that I'm home from the play).

    46. Harsh Realities 3-time creator on

      I'm watching my daughter's school play and my phone won't allow me to make an update. We hit a preliminary goal and someone has earned the right to create a Shadow creature. I also need to update the stretch goal chart as soon as I can get to a computer... I'm traveling this weekend to KC Game Fair where we'll be demoing Sixcess Core and our settings: Promised Sands, Extraordinary Voyages and, of course, ElfWood. :)

    47. Bigbywolfe on

      1/6 of the way there on the first day. Not bad...

    48. Harsh Realities 3-time creator on

      We're already more than halfway to two different goals... at 30 backers, we add an adventure to the project and the Backer who crosses us over $666 gets to define a "shadow creature". :)

    49. Timothy wolford on

      Yes sir! Lets get this elfwood kickstarter funded :)