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Michael Juliano / DCIBy Michael Juliano / DCI
First created
Michael Juliano / DCIBy Michael Juliano / DCI
First created
pledged of 300.000 $pledged of 300.000 $ goal
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Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Fri, March 22 2013 3:03 AM UTC +00:00

Thanks, Everyone...

Posted by Michael Juliano / DCI (Creator)

Hi all,

Well, there's about 3 hours to go, and although we had a great day yesterday and today it of course wasn't enough. The goal wasn't reached; but there's some numbers that I'd like to share that make me very happy--all of which due to the Kickstarter effort. Here's the before / after:

  • YouTube Subscribers: ~80 / 474 and climbing
  • Video Views: ~18000 / 78,419 and climbing
  • FaceBook Likes: ~32 / 142 and climbing
  • Rogue System-related articles: 1 / 5 (and two more in the works)
  • Website Visits: ~1900 / 8553 and climbing

Plus, one Podcast (and another happening next week), as well as a new subreddit. So, while not funded, the RogSys name is rather firmly planted within the genre now and this will be crucial in the future. 

Now, I made some obvious mistakes during the campaign (live and learn), other things were beyond my control. It's also too bad that promises aren't all that important to keep for some. In any case, it's all water under the bridge--so where to go from here?

What's next:

Firstly, I'll return to working on Rogue System as I was before the Kickstarter (full time rFactor2 work during the day, RogSys in the evening). The difference now being that I've had some great offers of assistance that will help move things along a bit faster. With voluntary help you never know exactly how much can be provided, or when someone has to leave the project; but, some help is far better than NONE :)

Near-Term Funding:

As for funding, I've had a couple investment offers, but none are a certainty at this point so I can't offer any more info currently. I also can't rely on them panning out 100%--just like Kickstarter proved, nothing is a certainty until it happens. So, after thinking long and hard about it I'm going to move to a "Minecraft"-like donation model over at the RogSys website. This is what I'm thinking (assuming nothing needs to be altered for legal reasons):

  • Any donation of $1.00 or more will sign you up for a monthly newsletter
  • Any donation of $20.00 or more will add you to the "Test team"--giving you access to the first public PRE-alpha version through to the final Core Module release candidate
  • Any donation of $20.00 or more will give you access to a private "Test Team" section of the forum where we can discuss the current test release and development ideas
  • Donations can be used toward the purchase of the Core Module, and any other item, if/when released (eventually, all KS reward items will be made available, and I'll make sure they are for equivalent amounts)
  • Donations are, by nature, voluntary, "at your own risk," and non-refundable. Without proper funding I can't make any promises (beyond the newsletter and use of any released public test versions) as to release dates or final content
  • If full funding is found via other means (such as a large investment) your donation will still be allowed to be applied toward released items, and you will remain as a member of the "Test Team"
  • Donations are not considered investments
  • Donations will be used towards the development of Rogue System
  • There will be a list of both short and long term funding goals, as well as a running total of donations-to-date, displayed on the front page of the website

So, let's say you donate $25 dollars, as an example. That donation would add you to the test team, with access to the test team forum area. Later, assuming the release of the Core Module and other items, you can apply your donation to their cost. I'm PLANNING a $20 cost for the Core Module, and $5 for the digital version of the Soundtrack CD. With your previous donation of $25 you could get both items at no cost. (Note: if private investment funding is found, prices may change a bit, but I'll do my best to retain that $20 price for the CM).

For the first public pre-alpha test version you will be able to walk within the Station hangar, enter your ship, take off, fly around, land, and exit the ship. But, there are a few things that have to happen before I can release this:

  • Implementation of a basic front-end UI (user-interface) that allows controls to be set up easily
  • First-pass implementation of final core ship-system functionality
  • Proper design pass on the Station and the first player-flyable ship
  • First-Pass implementation of Station Exterior
  • First-pass implementation of Station hangar interior
  • First-pass implementation of the first player-flyable ship

I'm implementing this funding option as many people have asked for it. I do NOT expect everyone to be excited about this plan as it involves some risk. By all means, if you do not feel comfortable with it, do NOT donate! You will still be able to receive new information and screenshots via the website to keep track of development progress, and I'd love to continue to have your input at the public area of the forums.

If full funding is eventually acquired and I can build a proper team with concrete scheduling, then I'll be able to set some solid goals that I can be held accountable for. Until then, this is my alternative for those that wish to take part in it...

Useful Links:

Thank You:

Finally, I want to thank each and every one of you for all the kind words, encouragement, and generosity shown over the past 35 days. I truly wish I could have rewarded you all with a successful campaign. However, I'm very thankful and honored to have encountered such fine people!

I'd also like to thank Gjon Camaj and Joe Campana of Image Space Incorporated for allowing me to attempt this AND retain my position at ISI. Not many employers would have been as supportive!

Now, I'm going to give a few days back to my family--I certainly owe them some time. Then I'll set about finishing the rework on the new website, restructuring the forums, and getting the donation system set up. I'll send an update through Kickstarter (which I learned I can do) when everything is ready to go. I hope it won't be more than two weeks...

Rogue System WILL be made. If anything I am more motivated than ever! We're just going to have to go about it the hard way. I hope many of you will come along for the ride. I'll do my best to keep in entertaining ;)



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    1. Missing avatar

      AstralWanderer on

      $53K for a PC game project is pretty good going considering the lack of a previous fanbase. I'm rather dubious about the website store plan though - what you gain in flexibility (no deadlines, etc) you seem to lose in exposure. A smaller-scale KS would probably succeed but not if the webstore cannibalises existing support.
      One request though - don't limit webstore payments to Paypal only. Aside from being a PITA for some people (I stopped using them after they reversed 2 transactions, leaving me to find other means to transfer money), they have a poor record of freezing accounts for games developers (Xenonauts and Grim Dawn being 2 examples).

    2. Mike Coopman on

      To bad this KS didnt Fullfill . . . Ill be looking forward to the Donation segment. Like you said, this has to be made and will be made ;)

    3. Malcolm J Harnden on

      I will be donating, what a great project to be attached too.

    4. J.L. on

      Morning has broken and so has my PC, ack, but once it is up and running properly again I shall seek out your page which no doubt will be working then and do my part there too. (c:

    5. Missing avatar

      Seeker37 on

      Sorry Rogue System didn't get the funding it needed but I'll be donating at your payment page when it goes up. Looking forward to it's eventual release. Good luck, Michael!

    6. Michael Juliano / DCI Creator on

      I most certainly will, yes :)

    7. CyberMew on

      Please keep us updated on KS or email.

    8. Michael Juliano / DCI Creator on

      Thanks everyone!

    9. Chris Ellis on

      In my opinion, some of the best games ever made were made the "hard way", in spare time, so no worries because you have the right attitude and I believe you will see your dream come true in this. And like others have said, because of this we all have a great community here to help support you along the way. Your not alone in this and we are all cheering for you bud.

    10. Goat Yoda on

      Alright man, catch you on the RS site!

    11. Missing avatar

      Vivoune on

      It's been a great ride. The best part is, it's just the beginning, the dawn of DCI and RS, that campaign merely being a chapter. I'll drink to that while waiting for the payment options.

      Thanks for holding true to your values and this project, that alone is worth any & all support.

    12. Missing avatar

      Jim Carrel on

      See you on deck!

    13. Missing avatar

      Claes Wiklund

      We are with you all the way Michael, and i will ofcause donate aswell. You and your family deserv your sim to be backed, more now then ever. Thanks for keeping at it man!

    14. Michael Juliano / DCI Creator on

      I'll definitely add RSS or a mailing list (both preferably).


    15. Missing avatar

      David Grinton on

      Awesome! Will definitely give you some money so I can play with the early versions.

      Can you add RSS to your site's news page, or a mailing list sign up for those of us who don't partake in the social networking?

    16. Michael Juliano / DCI Creator on

      @David: I'd like to do auth codes to keep it simple. This will depend on the final distribution method of course. Thanks for your intended support.

      @Brian: Thank YOU!

    17. Missing avatar

      PariahDog on

      Once your payment page goes up, I too shall give you my money. This is definitely a risk I'm willing to take.

    18. David A Rumage on

      Of course you'll have my money, possibly repeatedly as I get paid and can spare the funds, I'll just end up buying all of my friends copies anyways :D

      Will it be a gifty thing I have to send them or CD-Key style auth codes I can just forward?

    19. Brian Rubin

      Once your payment page goes up, you shall have my money sir.