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Michael Juliano / DCIBy Michael Juliano / DCI
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Michael Juliano / DCIBy Michael Juliano / DCI
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pledged of $300,000pledged of $300,000 goal
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Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Fri, March 22 2013 3:03 AM UTC +00:00

Less than two days and counting...

Posted by Michael Juliano / DCI (Creator)

Hi everyone,

This is a post I just made over at reddit in Games (feel free to quote me if you decide to make any last effort posts at your local forums of choice):

"Many people have asked me, "What's the point of a "hardcore" space-sim if you're not being 100% realistic?" Rogue System is still science-fiction, even with the Newtonian-based flight model, real-time updating galaxy, etc. The study-sim nature of it is in the dependency, management and damage modeling of these fictional ship systems, as well as the structure of the missions themselves where multiple elements fly together, performing different tasks to complete common goals.

The point is to offer a deeper experience than just aiming and pulling the trigger over and over--to feel like you're really in control of this ship you're piloting. Just as with any space-combat/trader sim it requires an initial suspension of disbelief. But the sci-fi nature of it does not mean it needs to be simple or unintelligent. The goal for Rogue System is that knowledge, training and experience are at least as important for making a "kill" as is aim, just as it is with any true combat flight-sim.

And, a bonus in this sci-fi environment is that I can allow the ship's computer to take over these lower level functions via options so you can tailor RogSys to your individual taste.

Am I the world's greatest PR person or marketing expert? Not by any means--I admit this easily. I've learned quite a lot during this past month in this regard. Do I have the ability to complete Rogue System as a fun, challenging and exciting entry into the space-combat genre? I strongly believe I do.

In any case, thank you for your time and consideration..."

You all have heard me say the above before, so it's nothing new for you...

As we count down the hours remaining there has been a LOT of generous pledge increases made (thank you all so much who have), as well as many new Backers (thanks for your last minute efforts to help).

Tomorrow I will post some information about future funding and development plans for RogSys. I'm also trying to get clarification on if I can continue to use the campaign's Update feature to keep you all informed, or if I'll have to redirect you over to the Rogue System forums.

Regardless of what happens in the next 38 hours, this has been a great experience for me. The amount of support and encouragement has been overwhelming; and I am very lucky to now have such great people backing me up!



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    1. Michael Juliano / DCI Creator on

      @Andrew--yes, I confirmed that with Kickstarter today myself, so it'll be easy to keep you all posted. I have some good ideas for a "minecraft" model, I think. More info on that tomorrow...

      Thanks :)

    2. Andrew Fudge on

      You can keep us updated through Kickstarter. I often get updates from successful, unsuccessful and canceled projects.

      It's a shame the Ks is unlikely to make it, but maybe a pathway such as Arma 3 and Minecraft could work. I.E pay for access to the current game, free updates for life. Lower price than the full release, price rises as more content / features are added.

      This way SC and Elite pledgers may jump in as it going to be at least 12-18 months before they gain access to those games.

    3. Michael Juliano / DCI Creator on

      @darkcyde: I think I might have something that will interest you...

      Thanks for your support!

    4. DarKcyde on

      The sci-fi remarks brought to mind something I'd love to see in your game, the Itano Circus. For those who are not familiar with it, this shows it best:…

      Perhaps the circus isn't what some people have in mind when they think 'hardcore simulation' but its relatively simple to include logical reasons for it in the fiction (multiple warheads required to overwhelm highly effective laser missile defense system...) Anyway, I just had to bring it up before the KS spotlight fades.

      I voted with my wallet on here, and will definitely keep an eye out for the next opportunity to support your project. Cheers.

    5. Michael Juliano / DCI Creator on

      @Chris: Just to clarify, I was a avionics/auto-pilot troop--never a pilot :) Yes, I saw your previous comment concerning title, etc. Sadly, there is a prior commitment that might interfere with this, but if I can I certainly will!

      Thanks again for the tip!

    6. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      Oh and don't even bother putting "Rogue System" in the title, no one knows what that is (yet!). If you approach it as trying to advertise people will be put off. If you approach it as providing some type of unique insight that only you can provide, people will see value in that and naturally be interested. See my comment from an update last week! Good luck!

    7. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      Hey Michael, you should consider doing an "Ask me anything" on reddit tonight (/r/iama). I gave some tips in an earlier update on timing and the oh-so-important title (it should be general enough that not ONLY hardcore space sim fans click on it). Your end goal is bring people to this page, but also try to catch the attention of people who are interested in your real life flying career, indie game development in general, etc. to bring them in asking questions and voting too.

      IAmA is one of the largest communities on the internet and they always want to hear from people with interesting things to say, may as well give it a shot!

    8. Michael Juliano / DCI Creator on

      @Polypusher: Those are very fair observations, yes. I'm taking many of these lessons and apply them to what I have coming up next. Thanks for taking the time to write all that out!

      Thanks for the Q&A offer, as well ;)

    9. Missing avatar

      Polypusher on

      Hi Michael. I have a few suggestions on any future funding campaign you might run. Your frequent updates are great and so are the videos but I think one thing the kickstarter is really suffering from is muddy tiers and a bit of a nebulous product.

      There are 21 backing Tiers for Rogue System and between all the little $5 increments it's hard to find the meaty ones. The first "You get the sim" tier should be really clear. It is arguable that it should be the very first tier. Some campaigns include a 'Thanks for the Tip' tier first, then the first 'you get the product' tier and that seems to go ok but I think having 3 tiers before the $20 'you get the sim' is a mistake. I recommend simplifying your tiers as much as possible, even as just an exercise after this completes.

      I also think you talk a little too much about what is not in this core module in the campaign. If the kickstarter page was more focused on the direct funding of the core module with just a tease or two about either stretch goals or a future funding project for adding multiplayer etc would be better. This part is debatable, but I suspect more focus on the core module would help.

      Just a couple of cents I thought I'd drop. I'm really looking forward to seeing where Rogue System goes and if you ever need some serious QA done on your projects, look me up. I've been running test teams for games for nearly a decade :)

    10. Michael Juliano / DCI Creator on

      @Benjamin: Very true. And, I am ABSOLUTELY continuing to develop Rogue System after this. In fact, I've never been more determined to make it succeed :)

      Thanks for your support!

    11. Benjamin H. on

      Then again, if all space sims are 100% realistic then they would all end up being the same(just graphically different). If you are continuing with this project even if it does fails(miracle come please!), I'll still be glad to pledge at your very own fund website.