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A new pet game adventure for your phone. Discover rare evolutions, decorate, explore different worlds & fulfill your pet's destiny!
A new pet game adventure for your phone. Discover rare evolutions, decorate, explore different worlds & fulfill your pet's destiny!
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    1. Jacqland on

      I wanted to say that the game has been a lot more stable after the last update. I still get occasional crashes (usually when trying to visit the store after viewing an ad), but otherwise it's been great! My only suggestions would be:
      1. Allow the game to "remember" a crafting recipe I've previously unlocked. If I KNOW I've made soft serve before, I should be able to look in the recipe book and see what I made it out of, rather than be forced to "try everything with everything else" again until I stumble on the recipe once more.
      2. Some kind of hint system for unlocking the new evolution paths (especially the alternate/nondefault 2nd and 3rd forms) would be great. I still have lots to explore, but I can see myself losing interest in the game in a few weeks when I no longer know what I should be trying to do.

      Maybe these exist but I haven't found them yet??

      Great game, though. thanks for making it! :D

    2. carmen tan on

      Hi! Still haven't received the kickstarter rewards. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers

    3. jbogjuan on

      3 new suggestions for you guys :
      - let the music play in background instead (iOS)
      - make the shop a little cooler with a shopkeeper character and a background, just like the alchemy section
      - add a special item to ensure we get an undiscovered pet (similar to Rayman Adventures)

      Anyway, great job guys, I love the game !

    4. carmen tan on

      Hey guys! So the crash on clicking to sync the Pakka ID is still happening on my Samsung Note 4. I can wait for the next update or whatever. Just let me know what to do. BUT the worst problem is on my Samsung Galaxy Tab. Me and my 2 little boys play the game. My phone is fine. The iPad is fine. The Galaxy Tab is not functional. We didn't have issues before the update AFAIK. Uninstalled and reinstalled the game but it keeps crashing when I enter either the store or stats. The problem started specifically with the rate-the-app flow, which was looping. Hope this helps. Would love a new Android update if possible! Cheers

    5. Jennifer on

      Say, has anyone experienced any problems with the new balance update in the game? It feels like its taking a lot more food to get my pet to evolve into something different. I have a Doogong and right now the inspector says he'll evolve into Herman unless I give him more food and happiness. But, I've given him 10 roll breads (which have 6 food and 6 happiness) as well as a whoopee pie and he's still stuck on becoming Herman.

      Also, oddly enough, yesterday when he was still a Goopu, I managed to change his path from Doogong to something else though he wasn't ready to evolve, but this morning the inspector stated he was going to evolve into a Doogong and he needed more food to change. After that I tried feeding him 6 ice creams, but his evolution path still wouldn't change. And I ran out of hearts to buy more food so I just let him evolve into Doogong.

      Before I updated my game, it seemed easier to change the evolutionary path of my pet. Then again, maybe the pets from the spotted eggs are harder to change. I'm not sure.

    6. Jacqland on

      1. Like Carmen, my game also crashes every time I try to sync my pakkaID and get my rewards.

      2. I can't complete/start one of Poonai's quests because the Narwhal-looking animal gets stuck on the table. I can't click anywhere on the screen and restarting the app kicks me back to my house. Screenshot:

    7. carmen tan on

      Boohoo. I completed the survey and followed the steps to sync the Pakka ID but after the 5th click on my Samsung note it crashed. Didn't see a confirmation message. Would love to show the goods to my kiddos. Thanks!

    8. Sarah Milton on

      Hi guys,

      I provided my Pakka ID, but haven't had any rewards come through yet. How long will it take?

      I hope I gave the right ID number..

    9. Missing avatar

      Drew Stroud on

      Hi hello I have found a bug with one of the quests and I would like to submit a report, do you have somewhere you prefer to receive information for fixes?

    10. Proto Games Creator on

      @jacqland Very strange, I better investigate! Would you send your pakka id to ?

    11. Jacqland on

      forgot to mention, I'm running iOS 9.2.1

    12. Jacqland on

      It's an MF432C/A (the mini 16gb), I have 6gb free and the only other app running at the same time is neko atsume (which has no problems). I've restarted both the app (double-pressing home and swiping up) and the ipad (holding the power button) multiple times and it's still really unstable.
      I dunno about the crashes with ads, which is about half the time (1/2 to 1/3 games in the theatre before crashing and kicking me back to home").
      With the shop it seems like every time it's supposed to restock it crashes the app. If my purchases put the timer lower, it starts getting unstable and crashing from then until it's "supposed" to restock (when it would restock without user purchases).

    13. Proto Games Creator on

      @Jacqland Hey there! For most users we've heard that the game is really stable. What version iPas do you have? Would you try restarting it?

    14. Jacqland on

      The game is super cute and fun! I keep getting crashes on my iPad mini (about 90% of the time I try to go to the shop and maybe 50/50 it crashes when opening an ad - which makes the theatre game really rough. I love the expressions on the towns people and the really nice small touches (e.g. bananas get peeled as you eat them). I really look forward to playing more once the game gets more stable. :)

    15. Proto Games Creator on

      It was a 0! No worries, if it doesn't work we can work with you! We haven't sent out digital rewards yet, everyone has to be on the newest build. I'll let you know when we do.

    16. Dayne on

      Just put in my Pakka ID! Hype! I'm not sure if it was a zero or an O in my ID though... >.> I think it was a zero, I put zero haha

    17. Proto Games Creator on

      @Manuela Very soon! We're working on the finishing touches right now for rewards!

    18. Proto Games Creator on

      @Nich Hmmm. We were thinking about having a new item that allows you to turn off adds. I'll discuss with Willem and get back to you.

    19. Proto Games Creator on

      @Joeseph Awesom! Haha

    20. Proto Games Creator on

      @Sean Lio on iPhone or Android?

    21. Manuela Saenz on

      Wondering when are going to be messaged about our rewards

    22. Nich Allan on

      Is there going to be a way to turn off the ads after mini games for paid users and kickstarter backers?

    23. Joseph Harding on

      Congrats on the launch! Just installed and I love how my pet follows my finger around with hearts coming out of him!

    24. Missing avatar

      Sean Liu

      Alright, thanks for the quick update. It is not available in Singapore so I guess I'll wait. :/

    25. Proto Games Creator on

      We're crunching for a test build. The rest build deadline is Nov. 11th, still no release date. But after that deadline and after Willem and I sleep, we'll prioritize an update. We really appreciate your patience. An older alpha build is available in some countries for testing, and some people are downloading APKs from third parties (don't trust third party sites). Thanks!

    26. Missing avatar

      Sean Liu

      Hi guys. It's time for another update. The game is really long overdue. Is it true that some people have access to the alpha too?

    27. Matt Trenton

      Wait...Jennifer, how are you playing right now? I haven't heard of any beta/alpha release that is available to backers???

    28. Jennifer D'aww on

      There's a bug where if you put an item in alchemy between the 2 bubbles it will add 2 of them if there are 2 available but if you make something with the 2 there like that, it will crash the app.

      Game looks good so far just wanted to make a bug report :)

    29. Matt Trenton

      Heya pakka pets team. How's development going? We haven't heard anything in a while!

    30. Missing avatar

      Sean Liu

      Hello again! Will backers be able to play the beta version of the game? Really excited. �

    31. Proto Games Creator on

      Your absolutely right! Update achieved!

    32. Missing avatar

      Sean Liu

      Hey guys! How about a looooooong overdue update? :)

    33. Dayne on

      Excited to hear more! <3

    34. Proto Games Creator on

      We've actually added new features already, we just need to take some time to post something. :-)

    35. Proto Games Creator on

      Hey Chelsea! We're working hard! We'll try to do an update soon. A very cool feature will be in in a couple weeks. Stay tuned for an update soon!


    36. Chelsea Mazur on

      Any updates? It's been a while and I'm very much looking forward to launch!

    37. Gearsoul Dragon

      Ahaha~ Nice one :P

      My vote is for knapple ;3

    38. Missing avatar

      Alison Richards on

      Is that a "knapple" or a zzzzzzapple?

    39. Gearsoul Dragon

      *for the


    40. Gearsoul Dragon

      .... Pakka-Pakka-Pakka! :3 Can't wait to the notification for an Update to this~! n__n

    41. Tom Grinnell on

      Congratulations guys!

      Looking forward to getting the game and trying it out! :)

    42. Gearsoul Dragon

      Yeah, it's hard to find but just before the rewards list it explains that since the app will be free they want the backers to get some really awesome stuff for their money! :3

    43. Julia Sprague on

      Out of curiosity, will the app be free or $1 or what? Since there seems to be a purchasable currency, that leads me to think its free, but I figured I'd ask?

    44. Gearsoul Dragon

      *flails* Oh, while I'm asking questions, I'd really like to know...

      A sticky end?! D: Life-life plant prevents this, but how does it happen? What does that mean?

    45. Gearsoul Dragon

      :0 Even though I hate to lose my pets, I think my favourite part is saying goodbye means you get special points to save up for more awesome stuff!

      It gives you a reason to keep playing over and over, and doing so makes it more interesting than one pet forever and ever that you have every single item for.

    46. Gearsoul Dragon

      What exactly does it mean by ancient magic Pakka recipes? :0c That's a bit vague, can we get any details on that?

      xD And I'm still not getting what this bearded pet is?

      =D YAYY!! Goal met!

    47. Jessica Zamora on

      I am too excited for Pakka Pets to release! And for my super cute phone case!! :D <3

    48. Gearsoul Dragon

      Huh? So does everyone have to say Incredibeard, or does someone saying mean everyone gets it? Hm, clearly I need to go over the updates.

    49. Proto Games Creator on

      Woo Hoo, we've reached our goal!!! Thank you all so much! We are so excited to get Pakka Pets out to all of you! :D

    50. Missing avatar

      Priscillia on

      Yay!! It is funded, I am SOOO happy for you guys... and myself :D since I get to immerse myself in the cuteness overloaded world of Pakka Pets!! <3

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