Funded! This project was successfully funded on May 26, 2011.

Update #9 - For backers only

This is going down right after E3!


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Update #8 - For backers only

Funded at $26k! Here's your hi-res poster.


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Update #7

Android is possible. System requirements & Beta timeline.


Hi everyone!

It's 30 hours left on our campaign. Exciting! Thanks to your tremendous support, we are now considering an Android version alongside the iOS. 

Basically, odds are we'll be building a separate mobile version of the game in a cross-platform framework, meaning we can deploy it to both iOS and Android. 

Now, some of you guys had questions which I'll answer in this final update:

System Requirements?

The PC/MAC/Linux versions are being built to run on a NETBOOK. Meaning you don't need a beefed up computer to run them. 

When is the beta/editor coming out?

It's almost done! We're busy polishing it with some pretty UI stuff. Think a week after the campaign is finished. We will e-mail everyone their rewards & instructions. 

It's AMAZING that we trippled our funding goal. We got invited to speak about it at the IGDA Summit in Seattle in July. Looking forward to it!

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Update #6

Linux is coming. Pay once, get MAC/PC/Linux!

Hi everyone!

Wanted to quickly verify something.

Linux version is coming on release day! 

And if you buy any of the versions, you get ALL THREE. 

This way everyone who pledged $5 or more for the game are getting all 3 versions. ALL OF THEM!!

Remember that the final price of the game will be around $10, so a $5 pledge gives you a pre-purchase at 50% off the final price. 

- Tom & Alex

Update #5

Mac Editor is coming!


Good news everyone,

The MAC editor & beta is coming! 

Apple computer owners will be able to create levels and participate in the beta test! 

Remember: all $25 and up pledgers will get access to a level editor where you'll be able to build levels for No Time To Explain. Levels that are fun enough will make it into the final game, and you can get credited as a level designer! 

We believe it is important for aspiring level designers or people who want to get into the games industry to have something on their resumes, and together we can make the game a success.

This same level editor will have a beta build of the game (couple of levels) so we can tweak the controls based on user feedback. 

And here's a picture of a new gameplay element where you set yourself on fire (this will be in the editor as well):

Thanks everyone for your support! 

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