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No Time To Explain remake playable at EGX London

Posted by tinyBuild (Creator)

Hi everyone!

Quick heads up that if you're in London this weekend, we are showcasing No Time To Explain's latest remake at the Eurogamer Expo - in the Rezzed area.

Here's an update on the game in general:

  • Being remade in Unity
  • Coming to Steam first to all current users
  • Going to release on Xbox One first in terms of consoles
  • Reworked controls (use thumb sticks to move/beam around)
  • Reworked boss fights
  • EGX demo includes first 4 worlds - including the Shark Boss

It took some time to get the engine right, so the game's broken physics "feel" right. Right now we have all of the standard levels done (with the normal beam guy), plus the first two boss fights (crab and shark). 

Working hard on everything else - the other boss fights, scripted levels, and the other characters. 

ETA is end of year. 


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    1. tinyBuild 2-time creator on

      David - yes, they did, PM me your e-mail so we can add you to the list

    2. David Farrior on

      Did backers get a Steam key? If so, was this sent to email at some point?

    3. Missing avatar

      André on

      That is great, but i have some questions, this remake will have a linux version? And DRM free?

    4. Alkis Diamantakos on

      I'd tell you how loved this makes me feel, as a backer of the original, but I'm afraid there's no time to expla--

    5. Missing avatar

      Fredrik Englund on

      I can't begin to explain how excited this makes me!