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Linux is coming. Pay once, get MAC/PC/Linux!

Posted by tinyBuild (Creator)
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Hi everyone!

Wanted to quickly verify something.

Linux version is coming on release day! 

And if you buy any of the versions, you get ALL THREE. 

This way everyone who pledged $5 or more for the game are getting all 3 versions. ALL OF THEM!!

Remember that the final price of the game will be around $10, so a $5 pledge gives you a pre-purchase at 50% off the final price. 

- Tom & Alex

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    1. Alejandro Baez on

      I gave my money knowing that the Linux version was a way off. You just made me one happy geek.

    2. Missing avatar

      shapr on

      Yay! I contributed to this wondering if it would run under WINE, but now I don't have to worry about that!

    3. Alex Haslam on

      HELL YES! Can you make sure that the linux build works on debian too some time there are little incompats which is annoying :P

    4. Rhys K on

      I still think the wording is ambiguous, if you make a $5 pledge then do you get the game without paying anything extra when it is released, or do you have to pay another $5 (so $10 total)?

      (I have a $25 pledge, can't wait for the level editor!!!)

    5. darkliquid

      YES!!! You guys are amazing!

    6. Missing avatar

      Jukka Lankinen on

      Linux version on release day? SWEET! Thank you!

    7. Chad on

      Do you have a projected release date during the summer?

    8. Luis Castanon on

      great news, cheers.

    9. Avery Brooks on

      I'm excited! :) Thanks guys

    10. Melon Bread on

      Thank You So Much!