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No Time to Explain Unity demo preview

Posted by tinyBuild (Creator)

Hey everyone,

We're super busy porting No Time To Explain to Unity, and here is the first demo, available in the Unity Web Player

It's going a bit slowly since porting from Flash to C#/Unity means redoing everything, but the results are very promising so far. 

Web player demo of No Time To Explain running in Unity

It now has controller support, so if you plugin your Xbox Controller, you should be able to play it. It has the first world leading up to the crab boss. 

Jump/Fire are mapped to to the shoulder buttons

We hope to have it finished soon, and release the game on more platforms. This would replace the current Steam versions. 

If you're at PAX East (April 11-13, Boston), be sure to stop by our booth to play the game. We will have 7 games showcased there. 

Meanwhile at GDC we have a booth next to the IGF Pavilion, where everyone can play SpeedRunners and an unannounced title we've been working on. 

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