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I am you from the future. There is No Time To Explain. Follow m-- AAAUAUUGHHH!!!! Be part of an indie game with a sense of humor.
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No Time To Explain out now on Steam and Xbox One. Let's talk about the issues with the original.

Posted by tinyBuild (Creator)

 Hi everyone! It's finally out! IT IS OUT NOW!!! 

What a ride. As you might imagine, behind the scenes the past 4 years haven't been exactly easy. I wanted to keep the behind the scenes story under wraps until we deliver on the initial promises - a proper release of No Time To Explain. That day is today. 

So I wrote up a long blog post about why the original sucked so much. 

tl;dr - we didn't get all of the funding we were promised. Yes, the Kickstarter went great, but we budgeted for an additional $20k which was supposed to arrive from Buka Entertainment, a Russian publisher we signed with. 

Full story is here

I hope this explains some things. Lifting this rock off my should... 4 years later. Hope you enjoy the game, and sorry it took so long. 

- Alex Nichiporchik

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    1. Missing avatar

      veli0s on

      so ... is there a final version for the original backers available somewhere? i checked my messages and the only link or message i ever got was to a "v1" version (2 times + an apology for the spam - so 3 in total) and this link is dead...

    2. chaky on

      Hey! One feedback message would be appreciated.

      You were going to give us the new amazing game 2 days ago and still waiting...

    3. Heartborne on

      I do have the original on Steam, but I have yet to see the Remastered edition on my library.
      I've tried reinstalling the original, playing it again; deleting it, restarting Steam; cleaning the cache etc. All to no avail.
      Should I shoot you an email; what can I expect?

      Thank you for the update and congrats :)

    4. chaky on

      I own the original game on Steam. Still waiting for the remastered version for free.
      There's something I have to do or I will receive the new steam key by mail.

    5. Kerberos on

      Guess I should've grabbed a Steam key while I had the chance, the link doesn't go anywhere anymore. Looks like the game is actually playable now, which is awesome, but I don't really feel like buying it again. Oh well. Gratz on the proper release anyways.

    6. Richard Murray on

      I never did grab my steam key, as I'd only installed the Mac stand alone... Any chance the keys are still recoverable?

    7. Missing avatar

      zypher on

      Hi there,
      I haven't played since the beta, it looks like I never got a steam key. I just went to the update where it says I can enter my email and receive my key, but the page it links to seems to be down.

      Anyways, now that the game is finished I'd love to give it another try. I can provide my email address/name/whatever else you need to verify my initial $5 pledge. Thanks for anything you can do to help!

    8. Missing avatar

      John C on

      Alex, I can understand your disappointment compared to your original target, but I have to admit, I still play both episodes of the original release from time to time. It's still a really clever game with a great sense of humor.