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I am you from the future. There is No Time To Explain. Follow m-- AAAUAUUGHHH!!!! Be part of an indie game with a sense of humor.
I am you from the future. There is No Time To Explain. Follow m-- AAAUAUUGHHH!!!! Be part of an indie game with a sense of humor.
2,052 backers pledged $26,068 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Mark on

      Congrats, I'm glade this Kickstarter thing worked out for you. You were the first thing I discovered and KS, thanks for the extra gift and the dedication of putting out the remastered edition. I look forward to checking it out.

      It's like a surprise gift I received 4 years later.

    2. Missing avatar

      CO_Kevlar on

      Congrats on the final release, guys!

    3. Alex Kibler on

      I'd love to get into that Beta if you'd have me.

    4. Vicente Urrutia on

      I would also like to try the beta =)

    5. Missing avatar

      gbs5009 on

      I think I can throw a few hours at beta testing tomorrow if you still have some keys to distribute.

    6. Missing avatar

      Andrew Bettencourt on

      Hook me up with a steam key! i havnt been able to play since the bug prevent me from beating the 3rd level or something.

    7. Missing avatar

      Evan on

      Could I have a Steam key please?

    8. craigums on

      Id love a steam key.

    9. Eric Chu on

      @tinyBuild I've contacted you guys via KS, email, and Twitter and have received no response. Could you please send me the download link to my soundtrack? I never got it!

    10. tinyBuild 2-time creator on

      Follow us on Twitter or something buddy!
      No Time came out, twice (or 3 times? Kind of) everyone who bought or funded the first game got Season 2 for free. Those are both packed as one game now.
      We have an iPhone game that's pretty good, that's... RELATED to No Time, but it's a seperate thing more designed to be fun to play on an iPhone.
      And we've got another game that's pre-production. Check our last post on or Like us on facebook or whatever to see all about that.
      That's what's up!

    11. Missing avatar

      Keith Blackard on

      Hey tinyBuild! Whats Up! Been a couple months since last update. Whats happening over there?

    12. chaky on

      @Veehmot is not a Flash problem.

    13. Missing avatar

      ninjaman999 on

      Im just wondering, there is alot of Steam Affectionados like me who love to have everything in one place. If this gets to steam, might those who request it be able to get a steam code? :)
      Please and Thank you + Good luck + I signed that petition, lets do this!

    14. Luis Castanon on

      kudos on the stream of updates long after the kickstarter is over. Shows alot of class and pride in your work.

    15. Missing avatar

      carl redman on

      Can we get a real full screen please, kind of annoying hitting the task bar and dying.

    16. Missing avatar

      zypher on

      Same here, did you ever find a way around it?

    17. Missing avatar

      Tyler on

      I can't get past the level where you have to set your head on fire to ignite the wooden planks:

      Every time I destroy the wooden barrier I still can't move past it because the game still thinks my path is blocked by something, and I inevitably die.

    18. Veehmot on

      Maybe flash wasn't the correct platform for this kind of game. I leave you my problem:…

    19. Missing avatar

      Sal on

      @Bruna Brocchi and jakob katz
      I don't know if you guys got it yet but have you guys tried downloading it from this link?
      If you haven't please try that I think that is the working link

    20. jakob katz on

      hey i cant get the game either

    21. Missing avatar

      Bruna Brocchi on

      I pledged $5, but i can't download the game. When i try using this link (, there is an error message (erroe 404 - not found. Sorry, but you are looking for something that isn't here.).
      I also don't know how to get my login and password.
      I'd appreciate some help,


    22. Eliot Lash on

      Congrats on getting the beta out! Looking great so far. Tough and crazy just like I imagined it would be.

      One issue on the Mac version, it doesn't seem to have mouse grab so I am always clicking out of the window and dying. X(
      Please add mouse grab and/or fullscreen mode!

    23. Circus VindleVoss on

      i've been trying forever to get past the first water level! i can't seem to get high enough to get past the second row of spikes ... help!

    24. Missing avatar

      BarbUk on

      So happy to have a linux version.
      Quick question : Anyone knows where it store the savedata file ?

    25. Axel on

      Alan, I had that that problem too - either quitting or going back to the level select area and re-entering fixed it for me. Obviously, the glitch is still a problem, but you can play past it that way for now.

    26. Alan Gerding

      Awesome game fellas. I have to say that I would love this game even more on a video game console (X-box please!). The idea of controller your character with one analog stick, and firing the beam with another sounds like a dream... especially after playing with the keyboard mouse.

      The game is awesome. However, after this last update, I'm stuck on the first level with fire. I put myself on fire, but can't propel myself past the wood walls... even after they have burned down! Glitch. That is where I am stuck in the game.

    27. Pawit Khid-arn on

      Ok nevermind, I found it!

    28. Pawit Khid-arn on

      I was wondering where I can download the updates, as the game doesn't progress after I beat the ball in stage 5 and start flying!

    29. Axel on

      Daniel - might be because of the lack of fullscreen. If I hold the mouse button down, then move the mouse out of the window and let go, it keeps firing. This happens a lot when I have it maximized and swing the mouse down, forgetting it can still go out of the window because it's not actually fullscreen.

    30. Daniel Richtmyre on

      Yes actually, seems to be the only time it happens now that you mention it.

    31. tinyBuild 2-time creator on

      Daniel - does that happen when you scale the window up?

    32. Daniel Richtmyre on


      Also I keep getting a glitch where the laser beam is still shooting when I release the mouse button which usually causes me to over shoot whatever jump I was trying to make.

    33. Jess on

      First, great game so far. Some issues:

      Must fix: Spawning on top of the spring pads that launch you to your death in the rust colored levels (Lv 4, maybe?) I shouldn't die repeatedly just by not touching the keyboard. Furthermore, sometimes it gets difficult to get out of said death-loop when the pad launches you directly into some spikes.

      The edge issues; when maximizing the window, the edges of the screen send mouse input in erratic directions. It comes down to either playing in a window, and clicking off your application, sending you to your death, or playing "fullscreen" (maximized) and having erratic gun fire send you to your death.

      I'm also having some intermittent issues where the guy seems to be getting stuck on the map. I can sometimes jump off of the stuck spot, but not always.

      Would like to see:
      Controller support would be nice. Some of the precision moves with the mouse become very difficult as your character moves in relation to the cursor. A dual analog setup with one shoulder for gun and another for jump would be tits.

    34. Matt Jones on

      Desperate for fullscreen. Soo frustrating when the mouse goes out of the game window.

    35. Veehmot on

      To further illustrate my problem with edges:
      The red region show the only area I have to propel top. This is with the window maximized. If i click below the region, I end up opening another program.

    36. Veehmot on

      I have the v2, how to enable fullscreen? I can maximize the window, but not fullscreen... Alt+Enter doesn't work and options don't say anything about that.

    37. Missing avatar

      Warren on

      I have the same problem as Lilithun where it gets stuck at the end of the 5th level and you can't even press escape.

    38. Ben Blundell on

      Hey guys, awesome game. Any chance of in game volume control? It's hella loud even with the pc volume way down. I'm playing this instead of working so need to keep it on the down low.

    39. Missing avatar

      Levi Prinzing on

      full screen is a must i keep accidentally clicking out of the window and dieing and maybe some kinda controller support like an xbox360 one but that not a big deal other than that i love the game so far

    40. Ennio Spione

      Glad to see your news in my inbox! ;)
      I'm sure the work is not finished yet and wanted to contribute with my indications.
      I too have the idle animation problem and while the game is great, the windowed mode is terrible... My cursor goes continuously out of the little (for my resolution 1680x1050) window and i have a lot of problems with screen edges (like Jorge Hebrand).
      Another big problem i got is that i'm stuck at the end of the fifth "ball" in level select. When i complete that stage i just go forward without stopping and nothing happens (the esc key does not even work during that time).
      Hope this will help!

    41. Jacob Sawyer on

      Fullscreen pweaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase

    42. Veehmot on

      And when I'm on a roof (for collecting a hat), it's difficult to aim up, because the character is already on the bottom edge of the screen. I don't know if that is intended or not.

    43. Veehmot on

      BUGS! The hats doesn't have idle animation, when idle animation comes, instead of the hat, the real face is shown. That's doesn't look good. And when I get the second weapon (rocket or whatever it is), if I press ESC and click, the weapon shoots.

    44. Car Tag on

      Any update on when the rest of the backers will get the game?

    45. Veehmot on

      Uh, a month has pass since the beta launch. When are we going to get the game?

    46. Chris Lee on

      @Ethan: It's been a while since an update ,we're still a bit in dark about everything.

    47. Missing avatar

      Ethan Perrin on

      I have a quick question. Just to clarify, those of us who pledged under 25 dollars will get the game in a little bit? Or should I already have it? I'm just a bit fuzzy on what's going on.

    48. Ryan Harris on

      With that goal blown out of the water, here's my top two wishlist for the overage...

      1. Acquire Microsoft Xbox development kits and expertise to port the game to Xbox Live Arcade (Indie Games)

      2. Get a stand at PAX Prime 2011 (Aug 26-28, Seattle, US) + travel (this is a LONG trip for us Europeans)

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