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$51,707 pledged of $50,000 goal
$51,707 pledged of $50,000 goal

JetGetters is funded! Woo! PAX East demo available for download


Hi everyone! 

We are officially funded, woo! 

Me & Luke are still in Boston waiting for our flights, Luke is flying to Seattle and I'm heading to Amsterdam, so we can plan out how we kick into full production with Tom. 

We spent the weekend here at PAX East, showcasing the latest playable of JetGetters. I was super worried about the response, but after seeing 4 year olds pick up controllers and instantly have fun with the game, it was clear -- it's all worth it. The game is super fun, even in it's early stages of development. 

Seeing that smile on people's faces when they eject out a jet and grapple onto another - that feeling is amazing. People get hooked and start messing around within the sandbox for 20 minutes. 

I truly believe we have the controls nailed down right now. JetGetters feels great. So we'd like to share the PAX East demo with you. It is an early alpha with a sandbox. You can play local co-op with 2 Xbox 360 controllers. 

Download the PAX East demo of JetGetters (200mb windows build)

  • "Start" on 2nd controller to enable split-screen
  • "A" to jump out of jets
  • "A" to grapple onto jets when focused on them
  • "B" to fire a missile which you can surf
  • "Right Trigger" to shoot
  • Use the dual sticks to fly around

Remember, this is an early alpha sandbox that showcases the movement and basic gameplay mechanics. This is what we would like to get feedback on. Let us know what you think!

- Alex


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    1. Corey Rosemond on April 14, 2014

      Nice going guys! I knew PAX East would get you over the top! Can't wait to be a Pirate Producer! WWWWWAAAAAAHHHHHHOOOOOOOO

    2. Ryan on April 14, 2014

      Just downloaded and tried it out, lovin' it so far!

    3. Damon Paul on April 14, 2014

      I'm so excited to see that this went through!!!! It was nice meeting you guys at PAX and thanks for the bean bag chairs!!!! ~Damon