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Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Apr 17 2014
pledged of $50,000 goal
0seconds to go
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Apr 17 2014

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    1. Karl Juhlke on

      Is this still coming out?

    2. Matthew Baldo on

      I wish you guys all the best on all this. I can't wait to see how it turns out and I hope you will post updates to the campaign when you have updates elsewhere.

    3. tinyBuild 2-time creator on

      @Emo Thanks! :) It's the least that we can do for our fans!

    4. Emo Chapington on

      Thanks for the quick reply :)
      Giving a free copy of the game to 498 people must cost a lot: it is extremely generous of you, especially how we already got our full-refund, same applies to soundtracks.

      I personally don't mind at all about the behind-the-scenes content being made public, as long as I still get to see it I am still getting to enjoy it all the same :)

    5. tinyBuild 2-time creator on

      Hi Emo

      Will backers who gave $10 ("Treasure Chest" tier) and up still receive copies of Jet-Getters, or will they have to buy it still?

      - yes!

      @Soundtracks - you will receive them as well

      Will the beta-access still be exclusive to backers who gave $26 / $50 ("Secret Stash" tiers) and up; or will it be for anyone that signs up to it?

      - this will probably be expanded, the beta test itself. no details on how exactly we'll do it, but you guys will definitely be included.

      Will the behind-the-scenes content remain exclusive to backers $26 / $50, or are you making this public, or even not doing it all together?

      - it will probably be made public, I hope that doesn't disappoint anyone

      Hope that answers your questions :)

    6. Emo Chapington on

      Just for sake of clarity:
      Will backers who gave $10 ("Treasure Chest" tier) and up still receive copies of Jet-Getters, or will they have to buy it still?

      Same as above, but for "No Time to Explain" and "Jet-Getters" soundtracks.

      Will the beta-access still be exclusive to backers who gave $26 / $50 ("Secret Stash" tiers) and up; or will it be for anyone that signs up to it?

      Will the behind-the-scenes content remain exclusive to backers $26 / $50, or are you making this public, or even not doing it all together?

      Again, thanks for all the honesty and transparency (Too bad investors aren't quite as keen on the idea :P).

    7. Missing avatar

      magichorseking22xxad on

      Anytime on both accounts.

    8. tinyBuild 2-time creator on


      Thank you very much for considering backing us more. Really appreciate your interactions with us over the last month! Been quite a ride :)

    9. Missing avatar

      magichorseking22xxad on

      You're so awesome! I was going to put more money in to get that reward, but didn't get it together in time. Now you've upgraded my reward anyway and refunded me.

      p.s. I did have a prophetic dream.

    10. tinyBuild 2-time creator on


      Thanks so much for your support! Really appreciate everything you said :) (Obviously we can't share the investor info, they tend to be all secretive for some reason)


      /bow Thanks a ton Kevin. We will still be as open about the game development process as possible. Getting people videos and information about what we're doing. Seems as you guys love that sort of thing :)

    11. Kevin Malloy on

      What I loved most about you all is that you remained honest throughout your whole development process. I thought it was pretty amazing that you offered us a chance to try an early build. What was best with this Kickstarter among the many other videogame ones was the fact that you demonstrated that what you were doing was possible and actively worked on. I'm hoping the rest of development goes well, Only thing I'm sad about is not getting to see all the behind the scenes stuff.

      Also thank you for offering the bundle regardless, once again you guys are the best.

    12. Emo Chapington on

      You said "We will be in a better position to release on all the consoles", so I am curious to know, how much money are you receiving from this investor?

      This is the first complete project I have ever backed (The only other thing I backed was an expansion to another game I already own and enjoy), and I am very happy with my decision to back you: you have been entirely honest throughout the kickstarter funding-period, and have given us back our money, but still giving out rewards AND making the game; something I doubt many companies or developers would go as far to be honest. very glad you are the ones making this game and I hope this goes as well for you as I imagine it will be :)

    13. tinyBuild 2-time creator on


      We will be in a better position to release on all the consoles. Our first game No Time To Explain is going on consoles in a few months and we'll have a much better understanding of how the entire process works.

      Yeah, when we get the beta up and running we'll let everyone know how to sign up and participate.

      Thanks for understanding! Take care and talk with you soon!

    14. Missing avatar

      Matthew Sterritt on

      I can only hope that with this cancellation you will be better positioned to release a Wii U version. Also, will there still be a way for us to get in on the beta testing?

    15. tinyBuild 2-time creator on

      @Daven You can think of it as just a delay still, either way the game is still being developed, and you'll still get a key when it's released :)

    16. Daven Bigelow

      Sad to hear it was cancelled, I would have preferred to have a delay :( Good luck on the game though!

    17. tinyBuild 2-time creator on

      @Jason -- Thanks so much. PAX was indeed the moment in which we knew this game was going to be great. As developers we always have these ideas in our head, these "What if" scenarios. Then we put something together and see how the fans respond. That moment when each new player first grappled onto their first Jet and that smile went from ear to ear, we knew we had something special.

      Thanks so much for being a part of the journey so far. It's only going to get better form here. We'll definitely be updating everyone as we move forward so they can keep track of the project.

      @Michael Thanks!
      I imagine that everyone that would like to be a part of the beta when we get there can participate. We'll come back here and make another post for people to join our newsletter which gives out the beta information, that way we have one central location to inform everyone about it.

    18. Michael Hernandez on

      Wow! Great news! Can't wait for the game to come out!
      Question: Will any of us be able to play the beta of JetGetters, whenever that may come about?

    19. Jason Roop on

      Thanks for the explanation. I had hoped this was the case, rationalized it in my head even, because I played the game at your booth at PAX and it was awesome. I even backed the project while on the show floor just because of the impact it had. So glad you are continuing this and very much appreciate the gift of the bundle. I would very much like to compensate in some way in the future, so I will stay on the look out for any future endeavors from you!

    20. tinyBuild 2-time creator on

      @Young_Gangrel -- I don't even know what to say. Thanks very much! We have several interesting projects coming up that I hope you will all love and will get keys for as soon as they release!

      @MeatPie - You're most welcome! We're completely blown away by the positive reception! After all this is the internet :) You all ROCK sooo hard.

    21. Ryan on

      Thank you for the updates, guys! You are one of the few developers left that seem to understand what really matters to consumers, total transparency and consistently good service and products. I hope this move works out well for all of you!

    22. Young_Gangrel on

      I for one love the idea. This company has proven to produce interesting games and be honest with its loyal fanbase. They can count on my support in future that is for sure XD.

    23. tinyBuild 2-time creator on


      Thanks David! It's one of the traits we try to strive for in everything we do. Transparency to our fans is a huge deal!

      Thanks for the support!

    24. Missing avatar

      David S. on

      I appricate you guys being completely transparent. And I find it extremely interesting that rather than taking the backing and investor you are sacrifcing the backing because you know that taking the investor delays you and prevents you from giving rewards when intended. Can't wait to see where this goes <3

    25. tinyBuild 2-time creator on


      Thanks so much for the comment. We really try to make the best possible decision for our fans. You guys are why we exist and continue to do what we love!

    26. Backer on

      You guys are generous with your fans as always. I got speedrunners for free on steam for signing up for the beta and now I'm getting all 7 of your games just for backing your cancelled project. I feel spoiled. lol I'm sure JetGetters will be fantastic when you finish it. Keep being awesome tinybuild! :D

    27. tinyBuild 2-time creator on

      Hi everyone!

      Some interesting news which we hope is as exciting for you as it is for us.

      We've decided to cancel the Kickstarter due to a delay in the JetGetters development cycle

      JetGetters is still coming out with a few month delay

      You keep your money and everyone gets the tinyBundle (all 7 of tinyBuild's games 3 of which are currently released)

      The full detailed post is in the Updates section

    28. SecretlyCanon on

      "canceled by the project creator 1 minute ago"


    29. Jason Roop on

      What happened?!!

    30. Missing avatar

      magichorseking22xxad on

      Dreamed you met all the stretch goals last night. Fingers crossed it was prophetic.

    31. Fabsy on

      Yaaaay \o/
      Congratulations for the kickstarted game, tinyBuild!

      Too bad the stretch goals :(WiiU): seem a bit out of reach right now. WiiU could REALLY benefit from a game like this.
      Oh well! The worst is over now, and hard work is ahead. Looking forward to the updates!

    32. Sebastian Miller

      Congratulations on getting funded!

      now if only we can get the xbox one stretch goal!

    33. Pierre Laporte on

      Yes ! I'm very happy ! Congratulations ! :)

    34. Missing avatar

      magichorseking22xxad on

      Congratulations! Almost 10,000 in one day? Looks like PAX worked out great. We just got to keep this trend going to meet the Wiiu goal.

    35. tinyBuild 2-time creator on

      thanks Backer :D it's so super exciting. I'm about to fly back to the Netherlands so we can do a proper rundown of PAX East and where the game is going based on feedback

      - Alex

    36. Backer on

      Congrats on kickstarting the game. Keep up the good work tinybuild!

    37. tinyBuild 2-time creator on

      In discussions about perks, there has been some mention about anti-perks where you can equip traps to your jet.
      The idea is giving yourself a handicap to surprise hijackers, just like you said. A cage that stops you from ejecting, for example. Needs more discussion before we decide whether or not it's a good idea.


    38. Tucker Holder on

      Would there be any opportunities for some kind of sabotage-focused play? Like, for example, a character hijacks an enemy jet, but instead of using it, it just rigs a bomb inside of it and sets it on a sort of autopilot, with no shield. Someone could jump and hijack the shell, blowing themselves up in the process, or just shoot it to detonate it in midair. Stuff like that?

    39. Matthew Bowie on

      Hey everyone! I just backed the game and I really hope this gets that Wii U stretch goal! It sounds nearly ideal for the gamepad if there was an optional gyroscope control scheme. It's just an idea though, nothing more! ^-^

    40. tinyBuild 2-time creator on

      Thanks everyone!


      We lowered our stretch goals after signing the Ouya deal, so the stretch goals still apply to consoles, We need to plan out the actual development of the game, and Ouya's support makes building the game cross-platform from the start much easier. If we hit the Wii U stretch goal, there are multiple possibilities for the controller. I'd love to use it as a mini-map or a radar for example.

      Local multiplayer is also a great idea!

      Control-wise though the game would play similar on all gamepads. We'll have a demo of it at PAX East where we'll see how well people get the controls on a standard Xbox 360 controller :)

      @Matthew - yes, the music will be back to original one. We just had issues with Youtube where the music we licensed for the trailer caused a bunch of red flags and several trailers got taken down. Youtube isn't great with dealing or verifying copyright :(

      - Alex

    41. Missing avatar

      Matthew Sterritt on

      Is there a reason why the music in the trailer was changed? It seemed to me that the original trailer was tailor fit for the original song. The song really seemed to match the feel of the game. The new music doesn't at all and feels extremely out of place.

    42. Fabsy on

      Looking good! I just want to clear something up: if you reach your 50k goal, Ouya gives you another 50k? Does that count into the console stretch goals?

      Some ideas for the WiiU:
      -Easiest is off-TV mode I guess.
      -Gamepad acting as a rear view mirror.
      -Aim rockets with the gamepad (like a separate turret)
      -HUD and other data moved on the gamepad to remove clutter from the TV.
      -Cockpit view on the gamepad, move the gamepad to look around.
      -Radar or map for the support class on the pad.
      -Local multiplayer, one player on the pad, the other on the TV with the pro controller.
      -Class specific features on the pad, some are mentioned.

      What are some of your gamepad ideas? :)

    43. Daniel, Phil, and Nicole. on

      Awesome work! I hope you guys meet your goal! If you like our Kickstarter to grow algae at Breweries, please help us spread the word! http://kck.st/1pT4zGp

    44. Sebastian Miller

      Oh well you got me there, that's a pretty good idea actually and makes more sense having a shield.
      Thanks for answering our questions. And keep up the good work guys!

    45. tinyBuild 2-time creator on

      Good question Seb, but we've done a lot of design work on JetGetters already!
      In the final game you'll have to crack a players shields to hijack them. This is just a safety measure to stop people from infinitely jacking back their own jet on the way down.

      HorseKing you are one of my favourite guys!!
      I don't think this game is built for racing, and I'd hate for players to have to sit still or slow down in any game modes, but having a nuke-jet is a cool idea ate been brought up in the office a couple of times.
      Draining gold from someone by riding hem is very very cool. Actually, having an effect on someone in any way by riding them is a cool, interesting idea. I like it, we'll keep it and ink about it.
      I love the idea of infecting other jets, these 2 are both so built for this game, it's pretty exciting.
      I'm excited, thanks a lot guys!!


    46. Sebastian Miller

      Nice early build.
      I was thinking, shouldn't there be some sort of power up or special ability to be able to break someones hook line? just a little added protection so players don't constantly just hijack jets without ever actually fighting in them?
      Just a thought =P

    47. Missing avatar

      magichorseking22xxad on

      I was thinking about game types.

      Racing: You could set aerial waypoints in maps. It could be almost like mario kart double dash for the gamecube when you piggy back on teammates if you lose your jet. Being killed means you need to respawn, losing precious time, and many waypoints are close to the water making them very dangerous.

      Bombing run: Defending team has one or more spawning air strips. The attacking team has a slow propeller driven bomber with turrets and lots of health. Winning conditions are pretty self explanatory.

      Battleship: Each team has a boat with powerful cannons and must destroy the enemy's battleship or provide air support. Kinda like space battles in Star wars: Battlefront II

      Pirate king mode: Each team has a king. He's slightly powered up. If he dies it randomly crowns a new one. You only score points by killing the king.

      Steal the treasure: Like capture the flag, but each team has multiple hordes. You can steal booty from multiple hordes, but each time you do you slow down and drop gold leaving a trail (even when you ride with a teammate) It's a high risk high reward variation of ctf.

      Scurvy Infection: You win by infecting the entire enemy team. Each team starts with one infected player. They jump on enemy players jets to infect them. The closer you are to victory the more dangerous the other team is. ... I am well aware scurvy isn't spread by jet.

      Nuke: Attacking team needs to assemble a makeshift bomb. They need to capture all the materials needed and crash a jet into the enemy base.

    48. tinyBuild 2-time creator on


      Thanks very much for backing the project.

      There is a decent amount of additional development that needs to be done on the Wii-U especially if we try and do something super cool with the extra screen. So this is one of the reasons it has a higher stretch goal.

    49. tinyBuild 2-time creator on

      @Matthew Baldo

      Thanks very much for spreading the word. If there are locations that you think we should be posting about the kickstarter, please let us know. Just because we make games, doesn't mean we know every single place we should be spreading the word.

      So if there are some cool sites out there that like to promote kickstarters let us know and we'll jump on it!

    50. tinyBuild 2-time creator on

      @Sebastian! Thanks much mate! Fantastic to have ya on board the tinyBuild game train.

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