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A raw and reflective romantic comedy that portrays a generation in love at a time of diminished expectations. Read more

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A raw and reflective romantic comedy that portrays a generation in love at a time of diminished expectations.

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A raw and reflective romantic-comedy, "100% OFF: A Recession-Era Romance" paralles two relationships; one coming apart in private despite a well-finished facade of romantic perfection, the other driven closer and closer by adversity and their own opportunism at a time of vanishing opportunities. On the eve of her graduating recital, Jessie’s boyfriend’s delinquent best friend comes over to crash on the couch after one of his routine shoplifting expeditions goes awry. Worn down by her friends’ dysfunctional habits, she is forced to confront the realities of coming of age amidst the Great Recession.

Relevance for Today

The film is intended to portray a generation of young people, in love and inspired, at a time of diminished expectations—a  generation that started high school with the destruction of the Twin Towers, enrolled into college during two unpopular wars, and entered young adulthood confined to the pernicious parameters of a collapsed global economy.

One of the less commented-on aspects of 2008’s financial crisis was the effect it had on young people in love, and in relationships. In past generations, couples graduated from college with the expectation that gainful employment and home ownership were just around the corner; people who came of age in the late 2000s, however, were born into an economic climate characterized by scant job prospects and a toxic housing market. As a docu-drama, 100% OFF: A Recession-Era Romance gives a picture of young people who must grapple with timeless questions of morality, ethics, love and lust and at the same time reckon with the reality of a depressed society in their own time.

As filmmakers, we seek to fill a gap in the library of independent film. All too frequently it seems, independent films focus on middle-aged people dealing with the realities of their age with either an implied or explicit nostaglia. Few films actually focus on young people taking themselves—their age and their day—seriously. From the most sophisticated to the most banal, 100% OFF: A Recession-Era Romance explores what it is to be a young adult with complex emotions and perspectives in a time of murky societal mores. Our intended audience is wide, including the national and international film festival circuit and we intend to have equally extensive screening and distribution.

Many have spoken of a “digital revolution” that enables sprawling, exhaustive shoots; by contrast, we will proceed with a material—celluloid—that recalls a cinematic epoch characterized by narrative conciseness and precise visual story-telling. We’ll take our 16mm Éclair NPR Camera to prime dramatic locations: a grocery store to depict adolescent petty-theft in an era of Wall Street graft; the landfill to portray the absurdity of scarcity in a land of abundance; the University to animate the struggles of our generation burdened with the task of correcting our forbearers’ missteps.

The US Government’s 2011 Tax Code has proclaimed donations and investments to motion picture projects to be tax-deductible, Section 181 write-offs; this is because of the stimulative effect films have on the same struggling economy that serves as the dramatic backdrop of “100% OFF.” Investors in every other walk of the economy expect returns on their investments and this project is no different. In addition to the write off, contributors can look forward to a variety of rewards, ranging from merchandise large and small, to limited edition pre-sale DVD copies of the film, to producer credits. 

Please review the rewards section to see the range of incentives available with your contribution.

Thank you warmly,

Cast and Crew of “100% Off: A Recession-Era Romance”


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