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First Batch Almost Shipping

Posted by Chad DeShon (Creator)

Making Tables

We started making Jasper tables in bulk as soon as the Kickstarter ended. Right now we have about 150 tables (with toppers and cup holders to go with them).

So why weren't we shipping tables?


We did three rounds of shipments to test out the boxes and some improvements we made to them.

Then we had to order the boxes and wait for them to be delivered. Each table comes in two big boxes, each topper is another big box. We ordered 1000 boxes. It takes a little bit of time for them to make that many boxes.

Most of the boxes were delivered right before Thanksgiving, but we were still waiting on the extra edge protectors. They arrived about a week ago, so we are now all set on boxes.

So why aren't we shipping tables?

Pledge Manager

This is what you all have been asking about, and this is why this update is later getting out than I'd like (we aim for an update every month).

We are using a new pledge manager (different that what we used for The Duchess). We're really excited about it because it is going to make it easier to integrate the pledge manager into our online store and shipping label printing process. When we ran The Duchess campaign, the integration wasn't as smooth, and we spent countless error-prone hours manually making sure the right stuff was being shipping to the right people. I am excited that we will have an improved process for these fulfillment integrations this time. It will mean a much smoother and error-free process once we get going.

"Once we get going", is the key part of that sentence. There have been some technical hiccups getting the pledge manager set up. I am in contact with the company.  This is nothing that can't be overcome. But it does mean the pledge manager didn't get out when I thought it would.

I am still hopeful we will have the pledge manager for you this week. I kept delaying this update because I kept thinking I would have that link for you in just a couple days.

On Schedule

These bottlenecks are frustrating, but they are not surprising. We had accounted for some back and forth getting the boxes. None of these issues have slowed down table production.

We are still on schedule. I still anticipate shipping out the first 165 tables before the end of December and having 300 tables shipped out by the end of January.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Matt Spurgeon on

      Well it be easy to see our 'real' backer number for those of us that ordered tables in the pledge manager? Just curious, I know I am not in the first few batched but not sure how accurate my final number is.

      Thanks for the update btw, looking forward to the process cruising along and what looks to be a great table!

    2. jeremy

      What is the timeline for people picking up in person

    3. Missing avatar

      Bradford Benn on

      Thank you for giving proactive updates. It is quite a nice change from the silence most kickstarters have.

      Can’t wait to see the chairs

    4. Chad DeShon 4-time creator on


      I do hope to get some table to people by Christmas. But I can't promise that. I don't know who I am going to have to bribe at UPS to get all this stuff picked up. :)

      We are planning on shipping tables, toppers, and cup holders asap. Other accessories are probably a couple months out.

    5. MentatYP

      Will there by any chance be an option to expedite shipping of the table first and accessories later on? AFAIK the accessories will have to ship in separate boxes from the tables anyway, so maybe for a small admin surcharge we could get the tables shipped first as soon as they're ready. My backer number is under 100 so I'm definitely in the first batch, and it would be great to get the table in before Christmas since that's the biggest gaming time in our family. An "I'm in the first batch, send the table now" option would be amazing if it beats the holiday.

    6. Chad DeShon 4-time creator on


      We now we are making a topper and 5 cup holders for every table. We will refine that ratio after we get results from the PM.

      Wing shelves, chairs, side shelves, and wine glass holders will be shipping later.

    7. Missing avatar

      John Buczek

      I'm backer 185. How are you going to know to make me a topper (and cup holders, and Wing Shelf) and ship it in January? These are all things I planned to add in the Pledge Manager.

    8. pagoda79

      Right is better than fast. So what you need to and know we’re supporting and excited

    9. Russonc

      Thanks for the update! Looking forward to seeing the PM, but as a fairly early backer I'm hoping not to have my table delivered in December as I'll be gone much of the end of the month. (But I don't anticipate that being a problem).

    10. Missing avatar

      Mark Chandler on

      Thanks for the update, looking forward to finalizing my order in the pledge manager once it’s ready!

    11. Missing avatar

      Doug Taggart on

      Yay, an update. What's the earliest you see tables actually arriving to customers at this point, early January if you ship end of December? I'm only asking to see if we'll be home when the table arrives. I'm starting to worry about that a bit.

    12. Jason Frisvold

      You do what you need to and make the process smooth and error free. I’ll be here cheering you on. :)