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Tables Under Construction

Posted by Chad DeShon (Creator)

Thank you

Thanks to everyone who made this project possible. I'm so excited to ship your tables to you.

Pledge Manager After Prototypes

We are working on getting the pledge manager set up. It is impossible for us to finalize the setup until Kickstarter finalizes the credit card processing, which happens this Friday.

We are also going to wait until we have pictures of prototypes for the new accessories that we didn't have pictures of during the campaign.

  • Wing shelves
  • Side shelves
  • Wine glass holders
  • Chairs

We will also have a picture of the natural and unstained table in the pledge manager. However, there are some accessories that we only have one of, so we will only have dark walnut pictures of those.

Shop Visit

Wednesday I went to the shop, and things are rolling. Tables are being made. We aren't at full speed yet, but we are heading the right direction.






Early Shipments

We've shipped out all 20 of the early shipments. I think we have results from all of them now (maybe 1 or 2 ourstanding).

Early results are good, but not perfect. We have a few changes we are going to make to the assembly instructions, a few items to add to our quality control checks, and a few improvements we are going to make to the boxes.

A vast majority of the tables are arriving without any damage. Here is an example of one report of a damaged topper.

And here is the worst damage we have seen. A cracked arm rest.

That looks bad. And it is. That backer needs a replacement piece before they can finish building their table. We are sending them one right away.

But this is really good news.

We could make no changes at all and 90% of you would get a table with no damage. And most people with damage would just need one replacement piece, and we will be keeping them in stock so that we can send replacements right away.

Even better, this is exactly what we were testing for. We have enough data to know where we need to improve the packaging, what parts need reinforcement, the final boxes will take that into account, and we are confident that the changes we are making will significantly help.

I think the packaging is in a great place. We will be placing the order for the boxes this week.

Real Wood

I want to make sure we are all on the same page on what you should expect when you get your table.

Your Jasper Board Game Table is made of real, solid wood. That means it is going to have a little character.

In woodworking, different woods are selected based on personal preference, desired effect, and what is possible based on the characteristics of the trees.

For example, our custom cherry tables are very smooth and have only small smooth knots. This gives them a "fine furniture" feel. Knotty alder tables on the other hand -- as you can guess from their name -- have large knots that are rough to the touch and left unfilled. This gives them a "rustic feel".

The Jasper won't have the rustic look of knotty alder, but it will have some variation. I think this is a great, "real" look.

The wood will also have a "butcher block" look to it. Again, I think it is a good look. There is no veneer being used. Solid wood all the way through.

If any of this surprises you, and you aren't happy about it, don't worry. Remember, we have a 100% refund policy at any time before your table ships.

And if you had never thought about this and aren't really sure if you should be worried or not, don't be. You are about to get a sharp looking table. I am just trying to make sure no one has a picture in their head that is different from what you are getting.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Matt Spurgeon on

      FYI - there's some updates/comments from BGT in the general comments section of the project (rather than on this post individually). I didn't realize, but ya may want to check there for some answers and/or to post additional questions.

    2. Missing avatar

      Derek Buxton on

      Payment charged to my card quite some time ago ... when will pledge manager be available?

    3. Scott & Mindy on

      Um...I haven't seen a response to any of the comments and questions below. What gives? (also, happy Thanksgiving!)

    4. Missing avatar

      Matt Spurgeon on

      Happy Thanksgiving! Just noticed we're about 4 weeks from the last update. How's everything coming along?

    5. Bill Strait on

      I don't think I've seen the pledge manager email yet. I'm expecting my table in a couple weeks; hoping to get a new update soon.

    6. Missing avatar

      Doug Taggart on

      Just getting a bit nervous, card is charged and supposed to have December delivery for our table (first batch of backers). Can you give us an update on when the pledge manager will go live, since we want to select the natural finish and some add-ons [realize they won't ship same time as table]?

    7. Missing avatar


      Was happened to Malaysian Oak?

    8. Missing avatar

      David Wuggazer on

      Thanks for the update! The tables look great, and I am even more excited to get ours now than I was before!

      Do you give tours of your shop? Just wondering if we could stop by if we happen to be in the area?

      Thanks Again!

    9. Missing avatar

      Kevin Tavares

      So impressed by your careful planning and shipment quality control strategy

    10. Missing avatar

      Kyle on

      Hi Chad,
      We were contacted to be one of the chosen Jasper prototype receivers however, after we received the tracking number the status never changed from "label created" and it has been 10 days now with no sign of any table arriving. I am worried something has gone awry with UPS so any info in your end would greatly help. Thanks for everything as well!

    11. Russonc

      Thanks for the update!