The Jasper: A Board Gaming Table

by Chad DeShon

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    1. Russonc

      Nice update, Thanks!

    2. Addison Dowd on

      Even if $1,000,000 isn't hit, will there be different colored play surfaces offered in the future? Really wanting that navy one!

    3. JusitnKase

      Now just tell us your daughter's name is Jasper and we will have come full circle ;)

      Great story, and I really enjoyed reading through the process - I feel even better about choosing the Jasper over other options I had!

      Oh - and I am shocked we don't have a jasper colored topper option ;)

    4. Matthew Soffen

      Great story and I'm backing (at $ 1 level) because I'm a happy Duchess owner but I want to replace the 2 piece topper with the 3 piece topper.

      The 2 piece topper is unwieldy for my wife to handle alone, but the 3 piece will e a snap :)

      Thanks for a great successor to the Duchess.

    5. Missing avatar

      Robert on

      Congrats! Great update and campaign...cute kiddo. Looking forward to the family time we're going to have sitting around our table with our boys someday soon!

    6. Joe Kerkhoff on

      The "Jasperseption" picture was cool and had a good laugh at it. Can't wait to get my table. I've upped my plead to include the topper. Since it is going into a dedicated game room (which we are just finishing as we speak, so the timing of this Kickstarter was perfect for me. The Dutchess Kickstarter was when we had just moved into this house for financially it wasn't perfect timing at that time.) I wasn't sure about it but I think it would still be good as then we can always have a game in progress and if it goes over the game night group we can just play on the topper instead. It will add versatility to the table for us.

      I was also hoping for additional mats but doesn't look like we will be getting to the $1million level. :(

      Can't wait to see production photos/videos as this campaign starts to fulfill.

    7. Johnny D on

      Thanks for all this insight Chad, I really enjoyed the read. I can really appreciate the thought process behind all this, and love the fact that you decided to manufacture them in the States (Even though I'm Canadian). My only gripe is that Jasper the dog was not staring at a jasper stone on a jasper table in jasper the town. Good luck with the end of the kickstarter and I'm looking forward to enjoying the table.

      Just wanted to say that I got into the board gaming hobby about 4 years back. For two of those years I really enjoyed it, starting a gaming group, and did quite a bit of gaming. After having children, the time I have to game has been reduced considerably. I've always wanted a board game table purely for the ability to "save state" on a game when parenthood "gets in the way" (not the right term obviously, lol, but I'm sure you get it.)

      But tables are expensive. This was affordable, and will really let me enjoy that hobby again which I haven't been able to fully enjoy for some time now. So, thanks!

    8. Missing avatar

      Brandon Love on

      Love it! So excited to have a gaming space it’s been hard to get everything out on the table with most games because of our small space and this is going to help so much! No more game extras laying on the floor next to the table with the risk of being stepped on but needing it close for different parts of the game!

    9. Dave Hackman

      Thanks for the great update Chad.
      I wish I had room for the Jasper & the Duchess at least not for now maybe after we move.
      The Jasper looks great.
      Our Duchess is working fantastic for us as well though.
      Waiting for On Tour too.
      Take care Chad thanks for the story.

    10. Freebooter Toys

      Perfect update.