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The Home Stretch

Posted by Chad DeShon (Creator)

This Kickstarter campaign isn't quite over, but we've already started working on the process of getting tables to you.

Test Shipments

We've shipped out ten Jasper test shipments now. All ten also included a dining topper. And all ten arrived in great shape. One had some very minor damage that wouldn't have even required a replacement.

We are keeping an eye on that spot in the packaging, but so far I think no changes are needed. If we did need to reinforce that area, it would be an easy change.

Eight Lucky Backers Get Test Shipments

We still want to send out 8 more tables to test the packaging. But of course we need some people to send them to. As soon as this campaign is over (well, the next morning) we will pick 8 lucky backers to get their Jasper right away. These test shipments will ship out as early as October 15.

(Of course, you can opt-out if you are selected and aren't ready to receive your table yet.)

Wood Ordered

I have finalized the wood order for tables. No need to wait two more days for that.

New Accessory Design

As mentioned in the previous update, we will be adding the option for three new accessories in the pledge manager: wine glass holders, side shelves, and chairs

  • The wine glass holder design is ready to be sent to get CAD drawing made.
  • The side shelves have an initial design, but they still need to be prototyped to make sure they will be strong enough at the attachment point. If they aren't, we will add a support board underneath the shelf to give it more contact with the table and a stronger connection.
  • We are still finalizing some of the details of the chair design (back height, seat width, etc).

The wine glass holders will cost the same as normal cup holders ($14 ea). The side shelf will probably (not quite final, final yet) cost the same as a wing shelf ($79). I don't have pricing on the chairs yet.

Pledge Manager Details

The first Jaspers are scheduled to ship in December. We should have the pledge manager up and running around mid-November. To recap some common questions:

  • You can add toppers and cup holders in the campaign or in the pledge manager. Whatever makes sense with your finances.
  • You can add wine glass holders, wing shelves, side shelves, and chairs to your pledge only in the pledge manager.
  • If you are a $1 backer, you can add a table and accessories in the pledge manager. Everything will cost the same there as it does during the campaign. However, backers who back for a table during the campaign will get their table before you.
  • If you are a $1 backer and you update before the end of the campaign, your table will be delivered based on the date when you became a $1 backer.
  • Anyone can add additional tables to their order in the pledge manager, but the discount for 4-packs won't be available there.
  • You will pick your color (dark walnut, natural, or unstained) in the pledge manager, and you should be able to mix and match.
  • Duchess backers who want to order Jasper accessories to use with their Duchess, please pledge for $1 so that you can access those accessories in the pledge manager. Please note that the color won't match your Duchess, but the accessories (except cup holders and side shelves) will fit.
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    1. David Hooker (Agentdave7)

      I hope international backers are included in the non-bribed, random/luck draw.

    2. JusitnKase

      Awesome update - can't wait to see what the wine glass holders will look like. Once the CAD drawing is done will it be posted here?

    3. Colecago

      Came here to bribe, looks like others beat me to it!

    4. Chad DeShon 4-time creator on

      Melissa Calvi,

      Topper and cup holders will be included. Other accessories will have to be delivered later.

    5. Melissa Calvi

      If you’re selected to be a test shipment will it just be the table for now or will the extra accessories purchased be included?

    6. Chad DeShon 4-time creator on

      The 8 backers who get the test shipments will be randomly chosen. So you all can stop PMing with your bribes :).

    7. clifford layne on

      Backer 8 here. I'm willing to get one of those test shipments, if you need volunteers.

    8. Missing avatar

      Darryl Shannon

      Very cool indeed! As I live in a more northern location in Canada I would love to be a test shipment to see how well it does coming to the north. Cheers! Darryl

    9. Russonc

      Thanks for the update!