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Side shelf, wine glass holders, and chairs

Posted by Chad DeShon (Creator)

One of the best things about Kickstarter is the feedback from backers. Now, we have to be careful to filter what we hear. To make sure we are not over-committing ourselves. But you all have had some really good ideas.

Friday I was down at the wood shop (in Jasper, MO) to talk to our woodworkers about what new features we can offer.

Wine Glass Holders

Standard cup holders have a stainless steel pocket that the cup sit in. This can work in a pinch for wine glasses, but it is a little awkward since they are so top heavy.

Thanks to input from your fellow backers, you'll be able to add specialized wine glass holders with a little slot for the stem to slide through and a circle for the bowl to sit on. 

They will be the same price as regular cup holders.

Side Shelf

Need just a little extra space? We'll be offering a "side shelf".

This shelf will extend your gaming (or writing, or snacking area) by attaching to the long tongue-and-groove attachment point under the arm rest in the middle of the long side of the table.

What do you see yourself using these for the most? How big do they need to be? Offer your feedback in the comments so we can make sure we design the best possible side shelf.

A little more design work needs to be done before we have a final price, but we are estimating they should be similar in price to the wing shelves.


Yep. Chairs.

Here's a picture of an early prototype. Please note this is not final. And this chair is obviously not stained and finished. But that is what the general design is going to look like.

I don't have pricing for the chairs yet.

There's a Catch

You will be able to add any of these new accessories to your order in the pledge manager after the campaign.

However, I can't guarantee that these new accessories will ship at the same time as your table. We have set a table production schedule and we are going to do everything we can to hit it. That means that we can't let new ideas (as great as they may be) jeopardize it. This is a common trap that Kickstarters often fall into and we want to make sure we avoid it.

When possible, we will ship these accessories with your table. However, we expect many of these new accessories (wine glass holders, side shelves, and chairs) will need to be shipped after the Kickstarter tables are shipped.

I hope you can appreciate this compromise. It allows us to keep our promise on the table schedule and still offer these extras you have been asking for.

First Jaspers Shipped Yesterday

On Tuesday, the first two Jasper test shipments were shipped. This will provide an early test of the boxes. And the recipients of these tables will be posting their thoughts on the tables in the comments section.

More tables will be shipping by the end of the week.

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    1. Jeremy on

      is there a ball park estimate on chair prices?

    2. Missing avatar

      Robert on

      I don't get why people are asking for wine cup holders. They could just take out the steel cup and use the same cupholder.

    3. JusitnKase

      Sounds like nice additions. Would adding the side shelf preclude the ability to add cup holders on that side?

      If it would take that space, is there the ability to add tongue/groove attach points to the far left/right of the long side?

    4. William

      Please be sure to mention (in the pledge manager if nowhere else) if these accessories are compatible with the Duchess :)

      I own a Duchess and I'm going to buy at least a wing table in pledge manager, and possibly more.

    5. Chad DeShon 4-time creator on

      Yes. Most test tables shipping this week.

    6. Missing avatar

      Harrison on

      “More tables will be shipping by the end of the week.” What does this mean? I thought December was when shipping was starting.

      Just more tests? Not for consumers I guess.

    7. Adronson on

      Side shelf sounds good. But I would most like to see small end-mounted shelves on which one could mount, for example, light-weight articulated task lamps.

    8. pagoda79

      Great news on the side shelf!

    9. Missing avatar

      Tim Downing on

      I'm really interested in the wine glass holders. Do you have pictures of them? An update that includes pictures of all these additions would be nice, something like your cell phone videos would be perfect.

      Also - (and this will be answered by the video/pictures probably) - will you be able to put a normal cup in the wine glass holder and/or put in a metal insert to turn it into a normal cup holder?

    10. Missing avatar

      Les Carpenter

      I think a 10" by 12" or 10" by 14" side shelf would be great as an option. Really looking forward to getting this table for our new board game cafe.

    11. Nam Nguyen

      These are all great additions even with the later shipping. Where are the LCD lights option? 😀

    12. Scott & Mindy on

      Very stoked for the chairs. Do we know how much they will cost and if there's a break for buying four or more?

    13. Russonc

      .... we'll be on the look out for the test shipped table..hehe....

    14. James on

      I'm in for 2 wine glass holders, 4 cup holders, a wing shelf, and maybe the accessories shelf, and am ok with them shipping later.

      You can ship my table & topper and ship all the other accessories together later if that helps.

    15. Joe Kerkhoff on

      How do we get to be one of these "extra" early receipients of tables shipping in September? ;)

      Really hope the campaign goes into high gear for you these last couple of weeks. Can't wait until January to get my table.

    16. Andrew Lydiard on

      I am super excited for the possibility of chairs. It has always been the biggest question for me. Can't wait to see where we go from here!