The Jasper: A Board Gaming Table

by Chad DeShon

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    1. Missing avatar

      Christian Lemon on

      It's hard to know where in the queue you are. Kickstarter tells me I'm backer 865. You say 606 tables have been ordered. That makes it hard to have any clue where I am.

      Not a complaint, and I'll be ordering some shelves (yaay), but it's just a weird scheduling limbo.

    2. Pearl

      If you're 865, and there's 870 backers(according to the top of the page), I'd hazard a guess that you're pretty far back in the line right now. We can't necessarily say that that will stay the same though, given that some of those $1 backers might pledge for a table sometime in the next 26 days, which won't change their backer number and will probably put them ahead of where you currently are in the table build list. Either way, seems like you have a really good chance at March, maybe early April assuming everything stays on schedule and goes according to plan. *knock on wood*

    3. Dylan B.

      What are you thinking price-wise for the wing shelves?

    4. James on

      If there are any Dutchess backers here, can they say what they use their wing shelf for? What are the people buying one planning to use it for?

    5. Wesley on

      @Dylan B.
      Wing shelf is listed at $79 on the main page.

    6. Wesley on

      Duchess owner here. Didn't get a wing shelf but wanted one and will be ordering one here. We have done much gaming on our Duchess and I have seen many possible uses for it since. Some personal examples: For Mansions of Madness to set up the computer at one end for all to see, for snacks as has been mentioned, for all the card decks when playing big games like Eldritch Horror, for KDM to have a little writing area for character sheets, grids and all that bookkeeping, or even to place down the center to section off two separate playing areas for four players to play smaller two player games simultaneously such as Magic or Dice Masters, etc, tournament style, then switching up opponents. There are many more but that's just to name a few.

    7. Missing avatar

      Robert on

      Wesley... +1 for the DiceMasters suggestion!
      My question is, if I'm getting the topper, why wouldn't I just use one end of that as the "wing shelf?"