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Roll dice to build a route across the USA. All players share the same rolls. Your choices make the difference. Great 1p, 4p, 12p+.
Roll dice to build a route across the USA. All players share the same rolls. Your choices make the difference. Great 1p, 4p, 12p+.
Roll dice to build a route across the USA. All players share the same rolls. Your choices make the difference. Great 1p, 4p, 12p+.
3,230 backers pledged $104,758 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Brian Perkins just now

      Any word on which genre won the vote?

    2. Missing avatar

      Elliott Rinke 3 days ago

      Thanks Katy! I’m really excited to hear what comes next!

    3. Katy Adams Collaborator 4 days ago

      We are back from Gen Con, and Chad is preparing an update to share-- stay tuned!

    4. Missing avatar

      Derek 5 days ago

      So much for good communication with the backers.

    5. Missing avatar

      Maik Künzel 6 days ago

      Wehre is the Link to the plege Manager?

    6. Missing avatar

      Delano 6 days ago

      Any updates ?

    7. Jonathan Bohlmann on

      Forgot to ask earlier, are you going to be at GenCon? Wondering if you had a demo copy with you for us backers to preview?

    8. Clarisse

      They will update us after GenCon. :)

    9. Des Lee on

      Sooo..... any update on the PM? :)

    10. Clarisse

      Any updates for us?

    11. Missing avatar

      Diego Vos on

      When will the pledge manager be available?

    12. Melissa D. on

      @Jared - not so far; at least I haven’t seen one.

      I’m excited to play this for sure.

    13. Jared Johnson on

      Have any of the pledge manager/backer kits ever get sent out?
      Really looking forward to playing this game.

    14. Bryan Salazar on

      @Tony Speltz, you should be able to apply the extra money you pledged towards the boards you wanted in the pledge manager.

    15. Missing avatar

      Tony Speltz on

      Hey, sorry that i didn’t notice this, but I accidentally contributed additional moneys in my original pledge when I was trying to get extra boards. Apparently I needed to wait until the pledge manager for that. Is there any way this can be corrected or could my order still be completed the way I want it?

    16. Brian Lewis

      Any multiple of 4 boards will get one of each, if you get an extra 1-3 on top of that they will be random but each be different.

    17. Karanaida

      My apologies if this has already been asked but, during the pledge manager, if we buy more boards, do we get to choose the genre, or is it “you get what you get”? lol

    18. Chad DeShon Creator on

      @Quyen Hoang It will fit with sleeves.

    19. Missing avatar

      Robert Ludlow on

      just want to add an "other" vote for a ska map. Horns and checkerboard patterns would be a rockin' art aesthetic.

    20. Fred Tortonesi on

      When is the pledgemanager being sent?

    21. Missing avatar

      Quyen Hoang on

      @Creators: Can you please make sure that the insert of the box will fit all sleeved cards since many geeks like me prefer to sleeve everything?

    22. Missing avatar

      Sakchai Tiyapanichakul on

      When we can add some stuff in PM?

    23. Missing avatar

      Marc Drebing on

      I haven’t received an email for the pledge manager, has anyone else received one?

    24. Chad DeShon Creator on

      @David Sims, I'm not sure. Depends on when we get it open and when we need to send the manufacturer a final print quantity.

    25. David Sims

      How long will the PM be open for?

    26. Chad DeShon Creator on

      Getting the podcast episodes out may have been the biggest failure of this KS. I'll do at least a few more.

      I'm not sure when the Pledge Manager will be out. Sometime between now and Gen Con (July 31).

      Yes. Pay for shipping in the PM.

    27. Missing avatar

      Commodore Erickson

      When we going to get episode 11 of the pod cast? You cant leave the pod cast with "I will tell you this next thing, in the next episode" then not give us another episode.

    28. Missing avatar

      Bryce Garrett on

      When will the pledge manager come out?

    29. Des Lee on

      Just to confirm... shipping will be applied and paid for in the PM that's coming soon?

    30. Chad DeShon Creator on

      @Steve B., If you order in multiples of four, you will get even numbers of each map. If you have odd ones out, they will be random but different from each other.

    31. Steve B. on

      For additional maps we are purchasing, will we be able to choose which music type they are?

    32. Claire


    33. Missing avatar

      Robin Pryor

      Woohooo!!!! Congrats on the successful fund. Can't wait to play!

    34. Will H.

      Did you give any additional thought to a PnP for the cards? would love to be able to play asap :)

    35. Brian Lewis

      Congrats! Over a hundred k!

    36. Missing avatar

      Peter on

      Jazz vote here

    37. Elizabeth Lees on

      Awesome to see something so fun looking come out of Kansas! I have to admit, it’s part of the reason I backed the game; I’m originally from Leavenworth. :)

    38. SammyJ76

      Congratulations on a successful and fun campaign. Looking forward to rolling those dice and hitting the road with this game. Just wish we were getting this sooner.

    39. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Hansuvadha on

      I didn’t know that the voting options were based on the comments. I strongly support *reggae*, but I’d also vote for punk, metal, ska, or Motown.

      Thanks for listening!

    40. Chad DeShon Creator on

      That's a wrap. Thanks again. Pledge manager details will come out in a few weeks.

    41. Scott C


    42. Alex Tufano

      @Kevin if you don’t get a multiple of 4, the boards you’ll get are random - but they will be different from each other.

    43. Missing avatar

      Kevin Garber on

      I am planning on getting 2 additional boards as 6 is the most I see myself playing with regularly. Will I be able to choose in pledge manager when I add them which boards I get? Skimmed the comments and didn't see this one answered, sorry if it already was.

    44. Dr. BCool on

      Such a great looking game! Congrats on the successful campaign and breaking $100,000. Can’t wait to play this with my family!

    45. Sir Geekjeff, Somnambulant Doomspeaker on

      Woo, cracked 6 figures! Grats, creators.
      If we actually are voting for the 4th board here, put me down for Jazz.

    46. Omar Little on

      Im definitely supporting Jazz Tour for the 4th map, as I thinkbit was suggested at some point. :-) Cant wait to get the game!

    47. Scott C

      @Creator - so 12 boards fit in the box. What happens if you only have 4 boards? Does everything just slide all over?

    48. Missing avatar

      Adam Vandeven on

      Congrats on 100k!! Really looking forward to getting this game.

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