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Monkey Island meets Monty Python's Holy Grail (in a point-and-click adventure game with an attitude!)
Monkey Island meets Monty Python's Holy Grail (in a point-and-click adventure game with an attitude!)
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Nobel Peace Prize for fun (74% and 71 hours left)

Posted by Jean-Baptiste de Clerfayt (Creator)

Hey you sweetest sexy backers!

71 hours left, and still €2,600 to find!

I won't lie: the stress is at its highest peak right now for me!

Thanks again so much for allowing me to make my dream a reality! The goal is so close! I'm scared and exhausted, but confident: we're gonna make it guys! I can feel it :)

Thanks so much for all your kind comments and emails you sent me about my previous "OMG! It's 1992 again!" update. 

I'm so glad you identified with my words. It's the biggest reward for an artist to feel that you really care about what I do!

Thank you. I really mean it: Thank you. Thank you so much.

Nobel Peace Prize for fun

I had also lots of questions about the "Nobel Peace Prize for fun" I mentioned in the campaign's "Who's Jean-Baptiste?" section. 

OMG! What an amazing opportunity to go back in the past, when getting the street cred on The Internetz meant pimping your MySpace profile to make Tom proud! 

Here we go! 

The year is 2004, and I'm a 24-year-old student in a visual arts university in Belgium. 

Basically, my daily routine was: 

1) Drawing naked people

2) Making weird arty videos

3) And making even weirder 'conceptual art installations'

This last one was pretty funny.

I've build sort of a hut with bed linen. Then hanged portraits of me as a baby with some Hitler mustache (don't ask me why - weed works in mysterious ways)

Those portraits were drawn in the dark on home-made photographic paper, and a garden sprinkler watered some toxic fixer and developer liquids to make the drawings appearing. 

Funny stuff: I got inspiration from the 1993 fantastic French adventure game, Shadow Of The Comet

Remember when you had to mix Sodium Thiosulphate, Metol, Potash Metabisulfite, Hydrocholic Acid, Boric Acid and other romantic-named liquids to develop photograph glass plates?

Easy stuff when you look at the game's manual. 

But when you don't (because you didn't buy the game - naughty, naughty), you had to phone every local photographers, go the the library and learn about the chemistry of the XIXth century vintage photograph techniques to solve this dawn puzzle. 

Hey Jean-Baptiste! I don't care about how you ruined your health with some extremely toxic liquids, I want to hear about that Nobel Peace Prize for fun!!! 

Hold on, it's coming.

For my final art student year, I had to make an exhibition before a jury of professional artists.

The only reasonable idea I got was getting the Peace Nobel Prize thanks to a clever 3-step World Domination plan

Step 1: Become a saint 

Easy stuff: I've sent by post to all the major Catholic pilgrimage centers a self-portrait I drew, with a letter asking them to send it back to me.

Why would you actually physically go back and forth to Rome, Lourdes or Santiago de Compostela when the good-old post can do it for you?

NOTE: This is the letter I got from St. Francis Upper-Church in Assisi. As you can see, those guys know about marketing! They sent me back the self-portrait, AND some tourist brochures! 

Step 2: Fight the tyrants thanks to voodoo

Fighting Adolf Hitler, Julius Caesar, Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong, Augusto Pinochet, Benito Mussolini or Francisco Franco was a bit more difficult. 

They were all dead in 2004 - and I couldn't find any working time machine on eBay.

The solution? Voodoo! 

I drew portraits of those tyrants and put needles into the paper sheets! 

That's what I call bad-ass politics

NOTE: I don't know where I've found inspiration for that voodoo thing? ;) 

Step 3: World leaders lobbying

Of course, what's the point of being a Catholic saint and fighting the tyrants if the World doesn't know about? 

So I wrote to all 2004 World leaders, members of parliaments, religious and academic leaders I could find and ask them if they want to help me to apply for the Peace Nobel Prize.

(yes, it means I wrote to George W. Bush, the Pope John Paul II, Vladimir Puttin, Tony Blair, Jacques Chirac, Gerhard Schröder, UN leader Kofi Annan, amongst others)


I had tons of amazing replies!

The coolest one went from Pope John Paul II. Although I studied Latin in school, I'm a bit rusty, but hey! "Resurrexit, alleluia!" looks encouraging!

Tony Blair's staff reply was more interesting. 

It looks like a lot of people asks him to get the Peace Nobel Prize, but he decided "to lend his support in cases only where he has some close personal connection"

So, if any of you guys has some "close personal connection" with Tony Blair, do not hesitate to ask him if I can get the Nobel Peace Prize. That would be very kind from you! 

What? I've just got an email from a backer telling me getting the final 26% within the 71 last hours left is way more urgent than getting the Peace Nobel Prize!

Yes, you are right, my dear sexy backer!

Now it's time to fight and getting funded!

And I can only achieve this thanks to your help.

So, as John Paul II said: "Go, go, go Lancelot's backers! It's the final line. It's now or never!"

Do not hesitate to spread the word on social media, tell your friends - or even visit aged parents, grow a mustache or wash your neighbour's car to get some extra cash and raise your pledge.

This is the moment!



TRIVIA: No, I am not obsessed with Indy 4. I am not obsessed at all.

I forgot to mention it in my previous update! 

For 26 years now, I hold my keys with a Knossos' Horns keychain my sister gave me.

Yes, I only need one single key for my apartment. 

And yes, I'm holding tons of useless keys, like my high school's locker key and my teenager’s bike padlock key (even if I don't have this bike anymore)

And yes, I'm also holding my apartment spare key on this keychain with my main key.

Which is completely stupid.

But you know...


Look behind you, a three headed monkey! 

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    1. Martin O

      Oh yeah, I remember when I had to mix Sodium Thiosulphate, Metol, Potash Metabisulfite, Hydrocholic Acid, Boric Acid and other romantic-named liquids like it was yesterday! Good ol' days!

    2. Sven_Q45 on

      Nice key of Crete! :)

      I liked those letters they sent you back.

    3. BigD on

      Another awesome update. How your sainthood wasn't confirmed is beyond me.

    4. Jean-Baptiste de Clerfayt Creator on

      @Paul: Oh thanks so much Paul for these kind words. You really give me the extra energy to make this happen! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!!!!

      @Seb: yes, this is Didier, the nude model (note: @Seb and I made our art classes in the same time :)

    5. Paul Cook

      just an awesome update!

      slightly insane (current pressure notwithstanding - giving me great confidence in your creativeness!) and choc full up to the brim with nostalgic references of classic past adventuring done (been there, done it!) = does bring a tear to my eye = great stuff...

      Seriously, Good Luck for the fun ride to the finish line!

    6. Missing avatar

      low_seb on

      hoooo, didier :)