Lancelot's Hangover: The Quest for the Holy Booze

by Jean-Baptiste de Clerfayt

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    1. Missing avatar

      low_seb on

      hoooo, didier :)

    2. Paul Cook

      just an awesome update!

      slightly insane (current pressure notwithstanding - giving me great confidence in your creativeness!) and choc full up to the brim with nostalgic references of classic past adventuring done (been there, done it!) = does bring a tear to my eye = great stuff...

      Seriously, Good Luck for the fun ride to the finish line!

    3. Jean-Baptiste de Clerfayt Creator on

      @Paul: Oh thanks so much Paul for these kind words. You really give me the extra energy to make this happen! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!!!!

      @Seb: yes, this is Didier, the nude model (note: @Seb and I made our art classes in the same time :)

    4. BigD on

      Another awesome update. How your sainthood wasn't confirmed is beyond me.

    5. Sven_Q45 on

      Nice key of Crete! :)

      I liked those letters they sent you back.

    6. Martin O

      Oh yeah, I remember when I had to mix Sodium Thiosulphate, Metol, Potash Metabisulfite, Hydrocholic Acid, Boric Acid and other romantic-named liquids like it was yesterday! Good ol' days!