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Monkey Island meets Monty Python's Holy Grail (in a point-and-click adventure game with an attitude!)
Monkey Island meets Monty Python's Holy Grail (in a point-and-click adventure game with an attitude!)
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OMG! It's 1992 again!

Posted by Jean-Baptiste de Clerfayt (Creator)

My dear sexy friends,

Running a Kickstarter campaign is such an emotional roller coaster, so when Lancelot hit 50% a few days before mid-campaign, I was speechless

But hey! It's 2016 and our modern technology from the future (like ripping YouTube videos into compressed GIF animations) allows me to express my feelings with some Wayne's World clip! Huzzah! 

You know Lancelot means so much to me and without your incredible generosity, it would be impossible for me to ship the final game. 

So again: Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! 

Now we're intimated friends, I owe you some sincerity and I cannot hide my terrible dirty secret anymore. 

A secret even more shameful than being sexual attracted to IKKEA wodden furniture.

DISLAIMER: backers with heart problems , pregnant women and young impressionable children should stop reading. 

Ready for the terrible secret? So here we go.

I am not an English native speaker! 

I guess some of you had some suspicion about it (maybe my typos or grammar mistakes betrayed me a bit), so after you regain consciousness, let me tell you how:

  • I learned English thanks to point-and-click adventure games
  • Why November 3, 1992 was the best day of my life 
  • And why February 17, 2016 (Lancelot's launch on Kickstarter) was the climax of a 24-year-long dream

Ready? So let's take the GarthMobile and go back to the 90's

The year is 1991. Yours truly is 11 years old. And 3 events even more important than the fall of Soviet Union or the first Gulf War in Iraq happened that year! 

1) My first PC 

I got my first PC: an incredible 286 AT, with 1024Kb of RAM, 5¼-inch and 3½-inch floppy disk drivers and an amazing 10 MB hard-disk. 

I don't know why my parents bought me that one-month-salary-worth machine (I guess because they thought 'It was the future' and they wanted me to be 'Year-2000-ready' or something), but I surely owe them a lot for this gift! 

2) MTV Europe 

When MTV came in Europe in the early-90's, it was a cultural phenomenon

When I wasn't on the computer, I've spent countless of hours watching it. 

All those crazy videos, all those incredible rock bands (Nirvana, Sonic Youth, Rage Against The Machine, The Smashing Pumpkins, Radiohead to name a very few).

It was our generation's summer of love and freedom

3) Joystick Magazine

Every month, I read Joystick (a French magazine about gaming) - I read every word of it, even the commercials. 

I remember this crazy non-sense humour, very inspired by the Monty Python

I remember their rock'n'roll attitude, close to Rolling Stones Magazine back in the 60's.

Joystick Magazine is by far the most intense influence on Lancelot's humour. 

It may sound silly or cheesy, but when you're a 11-year-old Belgian half-autistic kid, stuck in a Catholic school, living in a town with 30% of unemployment , PC gaming + MTV + Joystick Magazine were like taking cocaine, LSD & heroin in the same time. 

It was the most ultimate escape mode. It was discovering a whole world of freedom. It was the most joyful and enthusiastic experience ever

I played a lot of video games at the time, but one day a friend of mine gave me a very legal (cough, cough) copy of Indy3 in French. 

I never played adventure games before, and it literally blowed my mind

The atmosphere, the humour, the adventure, the incredible graphics for that time: I was completely amazed by this game, and I've spend countless of hours on it, alone in my bedroom. 

I never felt more happier in my life

One year later, Indy4 was there. Joystick gave it 94%. The VGA graphics were gorgeous

It was the first days of summer. I had 2 months of holidays in front of me and a bit of money after the June exams. 

Everything looks good for an awesome summer, right? 

Err... not really actually. 

The game was only available in English - and, at the time, I didn't speak a word of it

I bought the game anyway and borrow my sister's French/English dictionary. 

C'mon! Playing an adventure game in a language you don't understand won't be that difficult, doesn't it? 

The truth is: it was a real pain in the ass

Remember the stone puzzles, when you have to read Plato's Lost Dialogue to know how to set those stones and open the doors? 

Remember the sentences like: "To approach Atlantis itself a Worldstone was required as well, with the darkness ruling the old city without challenge"

My "favourite" one was: "Final entrance yielded only to contrary minds"

Imagine this: 

  • You're a 12-year-old kid 
  • You've spend all your 2 months of summer holidays, trying 15 hours a day to solve all the game puzzles in a language you don't understand thanks to brute force and a French/English dictionary. 
  • Now it's the end of August and after dozen of hours, you're finally at the entrance of Atlantis, and you've got only a weekend left before returning back to school. 

But you can't enter into Atlantis because you don't understand "Final entrance yielded only to contrary minds" means you have to set those bloody stones the opposite way to enter final door. 

So I ragequit Indy4 and I went back to school with the peace of mind of a kid with a backpack full of Uzis and machine guns ready to express his frustration against his classmates. 

Hopefully, the NRA doesn't exist in Belgium, so I choose instead to go thug-life mode and write a letter to Joystick Magazine asking them when Indy4 will be available in French. 

2 months later, on November 3, 1992 - they published my letter. 

It reads: 

Hi Joy! 

1. I've got a 286, can I add a CD-Rom player on it? 

2. When Indy4 in French? 

J-B (Mons, Belgium)

1. Sure, you can, but frankly I don't see the point of it. You'll get nicer games on CD, but your PC will slow down. Keep your money to get a more powerful machine. 

2. The game is scheduled for November. 

This may look silly, but reading my own words in Joystick Magazine after crying tears of blood on Indy4 a whole summer long was the best moment in my life. 

I hanged this page on my bedroom's wall for years (and I finished Indy4 about a million times afterwards) 

Want the cherry on the cake? 

The day Lancelot launched on Kickstarter, Joystick Magazine (now called Canard PC) published a full-page article about my game! 

If I could go back in time and tell this story to the 1992 Jean-Baptiste, I surely faint, then scream like a teenage Japanese schoolgirl, then faint again and then cry of happiness (and finally faint again). 

Once again, thanks so much to help me finish Lancelot

You know I put so much of myself into it, and without you I couldn't make it happen. I really, really, really owe you one guys! 

Again, thanks a million! 



TRIVIA: Was Kurt Cobain an Illuminati member? 

Tim Schafer said Guybrush in a woman dress in the first Monkey Island game was inspired by Kurt Cobain

My teenage longhair have been inspired by Kurt Cobain too. 

All the puzzle pieces finally fall into place: Kurt Cobain was an Illuminati member who tried to pervert the vulnerable youth thanks to point-and-click adventure games!

 Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption

In the 90's, I was a huge fan of "Quest for Glory", published by Sierra. 

The deep storytelling, the medieval atmosphere, the complete freedom: everything hooked me so much for dozen of hours

Thanks to Kickstarter, Corey and Lori Cole, the designers of the series, are making a new RPG called Hero-U

My wish is: please, please, please, don't release it before October, please don't! I've got Lancelot to finish and I won't resist to spend one hundred hours on Hero-U! 

 Bolt Riley

I remember very well when Bolt Riley came out on Kickstater. 

I was working on the very first Lancelot's demo and a friend of mine sent me the campaign's link. 

"Become a Reggae legend in a 2D point and click adventure game that takes place in 1970's Jamaica" : isn't it the best pitch ever? Don't you want to play this game RIGHT NOW! 

Plus, the graphics and the atmosphere look awesome

I'm feeling so flattered Oded, the creator of Bolt Riley, was one of the very first backers of Lancelot. Buddy, I seriously can't wait to play your game. 


Again, this is a game I'm urgently waiting for. 

Demetrios shares a lot with Lancelot: it's an adventure game based on cynical humour made by one single guy

Plus, Fabrice is French! Sacrebleu! C'est fantastique!

The very cool thing is that Demetrios is a remake of a previous game Fabrice made when he was 15. I'm amazed how fast and how hard he works! And I'm really, really excited to play the final game.

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    1. Sven_Q45 on

      I must say it again here. Great update. :)

    2. Jean-Baptiste de Clerfayt Creator on

      Thanks to all you guys for the marvelous feedback I got for this update! I wrote it with guts and love :)

    3. Missing avatar

      low_seb on

      OMG , best update ever

    4. COWCAT on

      Merci pour la pub lol
      Moi aussi j'ai appris l'anglais grâce aux jeux d'aventure (Leisure Suit Larry 2 en tête)

    5. frederic tarabout on

      Haha tres fort, moi aussi je lisais joystick quand j'étais gosse. (Puis je suis passé a joypad :p )

    6. Steven "Blackthorne" Alexander on

      This was a great update; I identify so much with it. We're close in age, and I lived through similar moments in pop culture and adventure gaming - it's amazing to see the perspective from your end.

      You really have the kind of passion I love seeing in developers and game designers, and it's infectious. Thanks for taking the time to post all of this - this kind of stuff is important. It's the passion that fuels us all in whatever we do; I think many people can relate to that!


    7. Missing avatar

      Ana Sprague on

      That was great fun to read! You rock!