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Cody Jepson, fresh from a collaboration with G-Shock Premium and recently featured in GQ Magazine launches his first collection.
Cody Jepson, fresh from a collaboration with G-Shock Premium and recently featured in GQ Magazine launches his first collection.
184 backers pledged £20,026 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Terrytwn on

      Are you still around? I just placed an order via your website back in November and have not heard a peep from you after you already collected my money. Please give me an update.

    2. Missing avatar

      Terrytwn on

      Received mine bag and everything else. Impressive! I've received several comments for my bag already! Great job!

    3. Amami Haluka on

      Got mine. The belt is really good.

    4. Missing avatar

      Patrick Flinner on

      Hi Cody. Still waiting on my order. Don't suppose you sent the parcels via registered post or have some sort of tracking number?

    5. Amami Haluka on

      Hi Cody, I'm living in London and I still haven't got my bags and belt. Could you please look it up for me?

    6. zephyrsaidwhat

      What's next for Cody? Handmade leather shoes, perhaps?

    7. Rowan Graham on

      Cody, I've been wearing the Alfie for a few days now now and and It is by far the highest quality belt I have ever owned. I though these were going to be something special and I thank you for proving me right. Perfect fit, perfect look, heavy duty quality. It may be just a belt but it is the best of all possible belts. NO WORRIES on what was, I felt, a very modest delay. I hope you can parley this into great success. Good luck mate! Sincerely,
      -Happy as a belt can make me.

    8. Jay on

      I got my Ozzy in almond and Whitworth in Oxblood. The Oxblood was not entirely colourfast and a bit dusty but a quick clean with some Saphir Renovateur (mink oil) and it was looking great. Thanks Cody!

    9. Missing avatar

      Wen Jun Lim on

      Still no news on my satchel so far :(

    10. luciola on

      Just received my satchel! Soft, beautiful and classic, exactly what I anticipated. Thank you Cody! Btw, how do I maintain the leather? Do I have to avoid rain?

    11. Sulaiman Jaafar on

      Received my Whitworth today. Thanks Cody!

    12. Ingo Schweers on

      Awesome work! You are a real craftsman. That wallet is great. Thanks a lot Cody

    13. Missing avatar

      Rohinee on

      Hey ... I just got my satchel - and I loved it . It's soft , beautiful and clearly artistically made... with a rustic appeal . Thanks for such a good job :)

    14. Ellen Ng on

      Hi Cody, just received my bifold today. Thanks!

    15. Missing avatar

      SARA B

      Just received satchel. Soft, beautiful, durable & genuinely hand-made. Absolutely love it. Thank you Cody!

    16. Missing avatar

      Morten Frederiksen on

      Hi Cody, I just received my full set and i am generally really pleased with both the leather and craftsmanship. Well done! However, the satchel seems to have been completed in a bit of a hurry: stitching is crocked and stitches are missing in some places, rivets are not properly aligned, the leather has jagged edges here and there. From a project named Slow made leather goods, this is not what i expected.

    17. Missing avatar

      Chris Yeung on

      Just received mine today. Thanks Cody!

    18. Missing avatar

      Guy Doo on

      Still waiting for my full set here.........

    19. Stacia Alexis Yong on

      Hi Cody!
      I'm still waiting for my wallet as well. Haven't received it from months ago.

    20. Sulaiman Jaafar on

      Hi Cody,

      Was there any shipment notification for the reshipment of our wallets? Need to know whether you've resent the stuff for those of us who never got the first shipment. Am wondering on how did you get a list of the names that didn't get their shipment in the first place.

    21. luciola on

      Hey Cody, my reward is 4 months late now, would appreciate at least an update. Thanks.

    22. Missing avatar

      Humayon Kabir on

      I'm fed up with this guy. I've been waiting for my wallet for so long. No communication at all. This is a poor campaign

    23. Missing avatar

      Guy Doo on

      Hi Cody

      When do I expect my full set to be delivered ?

    24. Howard C on

      Hi Cody, I sent you a PM but please respond. I am moving soon and if my Whitworth is not shipped I would need to change the address. Thanks.

    25. Missing avatar

      Humayon Kabir on

      Any idea of when I'll get my Ozzy wallet in brown?

    26. Romin Nabi on

      @Floriano Colasante

      Relax my friend. This is the nature of a kickstarter and you should have been aware of it when you pledged. After all, it is a "pledge", not a purchase. Nothing is guaranteed. Throwing a temper tantrum will get you nowhere.

      That being said, I have read Cody's updates and am confident he is working diligently to get everyone their items. A little patience goes a long way. Cheers.

    27. Missing avatar

      Yuhan Chong on

      Hi Cody,

      Do update on the Alfie belt which was supposed to be due in May. Thank you.

    28. Missing avatar

      Humayon Kabir on

      Any idea on when I should receive my wallet?

    29. Missing avatar

      Bruce on

      I know it's only just got to June but am super excited to get my Alfie Belt which was due in May... Any update?

    30. Missing avatar

      Chris Yeung on

      Hi Cody,

      Any news on my items?



    31. Cody Jepson Creator on

      @Sulaiman Jaafar:


      Yeah if course I can...I'll check it now for you.


    32. Sulaiman Jaafar on

      heya Cody, can you check what's the status on my Whitworth as well?

    33. Floriano Colasante on

      Aight... Till now... Nothing arrived and no information about my order.

      If i don't receive my "early-bird" purchase within the next ten Days I don't want to have it anymore. That's the first time I have to ask so many times and stress out about having my order. Sorry to say that but that's not the way it goes.

    34. Missing avatar

      Guy Doo on

      Hi Cody

      I have ordered satchel plus ozzy, any update on shopping date?

    35. Cody Jepson Creator on

      @Stacia Alexis Yong:


      I will check for you but I think it's been sent. I will get back and let you know asap


    36. Missing avatar

      Drew B on


      No stress but still haven't received mine!

    37. Sulaiman Jaafar on

      an update on the overall shipment status is much appreciated.

    38. Missing avatar

      Yuhan Chong on

      Same here. I will be leaving the UK in July and wish to know if the Alfie belt will be delivered before that? Thanks.

    39. Missing avatar

      Humayon Kabir on

      Any updates? Haven't heard anything for a while

    40. Stacia Alexis Yong on

      Hey Cody!

      Like Floriano below, I haven't receive my Ozzy yet which was an early bird "purchase". Was just wondering if it's shipped yet! No rush. :)

    41. Floriano Colasante on

      Hey Cody!

      Really don't want to stress out but till now I have received nothing!! Can you eventually check if something went wrong? Have you already sent out my wallet??

    42. Deborah Merriam on

      Cody, my Tate keyring arrived in the mail here in the wilds of Canada last week. It's gorgeous. Thanks and all the best to you.

    43. Missing avatar

      Greg B on

      Would be great to hear what's up. No updates since March 27th

    44. Ellen Ng on

      Hi, could I check if my almond Whitworth has been shipped? Would be great if we can get some updates!

    45. Howard C on

      Hi it would be good to get an ETA as well. Don't mind if it takes longer as its hand made and I'd prefer quality over time, but still would be good just to know. Thanks!

    46. Missing avatar

      Drew B on

      Nothing in for me yet either

    47. luciola on

      Any updates? Just curious on the satchel. Can't wait.

    48. Sulaiman Jaafar on

      Nor me my Whitworth :(

    49. Stacia Alexis Yong on

      Hi I still haven't gotten my Ozzy yet. :(

    50. Carl Artman on

      The Billy wallet came today. Looks and works great.

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