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Realistic single-player RPG set in the medieval Europe. Open-world sandbox with period accurate melee combat. Dungeons & no Dragons.
Realistic single-player RPG set in the medieval Europe. Open-world sandbox with period accurate melee combat. Dungeons & no Dragons.
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Do you know this man?

Posted by Warhorse Studios (Creator)

In this update we are going to talk about something else then development itself: the black art of selling the game, and why we need your help again.

The outcome of the Kickstarter campaign was a great vindication of our effort and it made possible an option we only dreamed about before: to go directly to market, without a publisher that funds the development. This is a very attractive proposition but there are several things we need to consider. Firstly, there is no such thing as going ‘directly to market’. At the very minimum we will have to deal with Valve, Microsoft and Sony – all of these companies are very nice to deal with, but they still are an intermediary between us and the players. Secondly, publishers do lot of useful things and could allow us to bring the game to more players, for example by providing more localizations or by increasing awareness of the game among the gamers. 

Since the end of the Kickstarter campaign we have been approached by several distributors or publishers, with different offers, some seem very good. As we were pondering these, we came to realize that this may be a skill we are missing: Dan knows a lot about design and what makes games fun, I, hopefully, know something about production and about keeping the development on time, but neither of us is a real salesman. 

So this is where you come in. We are looking for a person that would join our team as a Chief Commercial Officer. This is a fairly senior position and we are looking for somebody who has experience with games business. It can be somebody from a game publisher who wants to come over to the Light Side, it could be somebody from a game developer who is looking for a new challenge, it could be anybody who has skills and experience in doing business with games.

Formal description of this position can be found on our LinkedIn page.

All our backers are people interested in games, many of you work in the industry and even if you don’t, I bet you know somebody who does. If someone’s name flashed across your mind when you were reading the last paragraph, please do us a favor and point them in our direction. Or, if you are interested yourself, of course do not hesitate to get in touch. This position is a tremendous opportunity to join our team and shape our policy toward publishers and distributors from the ground up. We are still small studio, our management structure is very, very flat and you will not be burdened by cumbersome bureaucracy.

Let us know. 

Martin Klíma, Executive Producer

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    1. G. Marc Dwarfen - Weresheep of Sin on

      i agree with gluon, i was really scared when i read about the publisher thing i thought "with my luck it will be ea". but i am glad you search for someone that can help you with things you are not experienced in. i really hope you find someone that will benefit you in the long and short term.

    2. Missing avatar

      David Schlebusch on

      Just hire devinsupertramp to make a cool video for marketing that would be awesome.

    3. Thom Wong on

      Someone is about to get a very cool job.

    4. Missing avatar

      Alexey on

      I think people like Markus Persson, Chris Roberts can give you good advice.

    5. Alvin Zhang on

      Congratulations!You have made it this far. When it comes to comercial, rather than creating there is usually some misleading facts: comericial or business is full of darkness and negative energy. perhaps it is the dark side of the moon, a successful marketing strategy and oversea campaign is always a big fact. Here are my suggestions: You have to list the main obstacles and objects first. Developing a strategy thinking of your game product. What is your target maketing area? North America, EU or Greater Asian(Chian, Taiwan, Japan etc.) Kingdomcome is a historical gener one, then it should fit europeans' taste. However, once you decide to market into another continent, for example US. Which companies and puplishers have made such comercial success with same genre? Then you can follow the track and find your right guy. My oppinion is to gather clue first, once clear enough it will help you reach the source.

    6. Missing avatar

      James Fullerton on

      do not lose control of your IP, no matter the deal

    7. Wim Jansen

      @sam Oh, I got your point...

    8. SirRight on

      Recently a very senior person from Blizzard, Rob Pardo, has left and is looking for his next challenge; maybe this is the guy for you?

    9. Missing avatar

      Sam Jones

      @wim I appreciate your sentiment but you may have missed my point haha. The title seems to (I hope unintentionally) exclude female applicants

    10. Wim Jansen

      @Sam: the light side is more progressive; unfortunately the dark side is not :-)

    11. Johnny Houlind Berggreen on

      I doubt the applicants would appreciate their names and CV made public, so no. A horrible idea.

    12. Stewart Peverill on

      I REALLY wish I had experience in the industry, I'd be all over this! Best of luck guys, if I meet anyone with relevant experience I'll be sure to point them your way

    13. Missing avatar

      Isip V. Nicolae on

      You know what would be a cool thing to do?

      Submit a poll to all backers with the names and C.Vs you receive and let us also give our thought and make a pick. Of course it is your decision, and your only, at the end of the day who you feel is more well suited for the task, but just for the fun of it, let also the community have shot at it. :)

    14. Missing avatar

      stef vanoppen on

      I wish i could join the warhorse studios team , shame i studied the wrong thing x) , keep up the good work guys ! :D

    15. Missing avatar

      Sam Jones

      Do I know this *man*? I though the 'light side' might be a little bit more progressive...

    16. Nicholas Boyd on

      If it will help your studio prosper and make more money, then by all means, do it. Just don't let their marketing over hype the game or take too much money away from you guys!

    17. luffen on

      Well Philippe, sometimes it isn't that bad for the business if you are not directly involved in the industry. See Bobby Kotick. Go apply! :D

    18. Missing avatar

      Gluon_From_Hell on

      when I read this: ►Secondly, publishers do lot of useful things and could allow us to bring the game to more players, for example by providing more localizations or by increasing awareness of the game among the gamers. ◄
      I got really scared that you'll go to publishers. But when I read the last paragraph I felt great relief

    19. Ryan Dietrich on

      Didn't you promise that your next update would include a video? I was super excited to see an update on progress.

    20. Morrandir on

      A difficult situation for sure. Hope you guys will solve it! :-)

    21. Philippe on

      Waouuu...I would love to jump in! I'm sales manager for years in Europe but not on gaming industry...what a pity really, Good luck to find the good one...I've seen you've already have 22 applications ;)

    22. HungryCats on

      I like your approach to the problem: Recognize that you need some in-house skills you lack, advertise for a person with those skills, all while keeping your backers looped in. I personally am confident that you'll make a great game that will receive plenty of critical acclaim and word-of-mouth references, but you're probably right to consider the pros of working with a large publisher. Best of luck!