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Realistic single-player RPG set in the medieval Europe. Open-world sandbox with period accurate melee combat. Dungeons & no Dragons.
35,384 backers pledged £1,106,371 to help bring this project to life.

Your forum badge


Hello and thank you again for backing our game! One of the rewards common to all backers is access to our forums. These are already up and running and many of our backers have their accounts there. It’s time to make sure everybody has the right badge according to their pledge.

The Kickstarter have kindly provided us with the email addresses of our backers and we shall be now matching them to the ones on forums. One of the following things can happen:

  • You used the same email address on Kickstarter and on our forums: you don’t have to do anything, your badge will be updated to reflect your pledge.
  • You used a different email for Kickstarter and forums: please send an email to to the effect “my Kickstarter email is someone@somewhere and when registering at I used someoneelse@somewhereelse” and we shall match the emails manually.
  • You haven’t registered on the forums yet and you can use the same email you are using on Kickstarter: we can match your pledge automatically and you just have to register on the forums (the matching process may take some time though, don’t be worried if your badge does not show correctly during first fifteen minutes or so after the registration)
  • You haven’t registered on the forums yet and for some reason you cannot use the same email address: please register and send an email to, like the one described above.
We expect the matching process to be finished within next 24 hours, we shall let you know when it’s complete so that you can verify your badge. See you on our forums!
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    1. Creator Warhorse Studios on February 25, 2014

      You can leave the 'Kickstarter Code' field blank.

    2. Creator Linus Boman Anderberg on February 25, 2014

      No KS code for me either backed at baron level

    3. Creator bdo7 ☆ SoSR 3.93 ☆ Mighty 1100 on February 25, 2014

      I registered (did not put any sort of code in) and got the activation email instantly. I am now registered. No badge yet, but they said in the update that they are still matching their database with Kickstarter. Patience!

      We don't need no steeenking badges anyway.

    4. Creator Brandon Baecker on February 24, 2014

      I know it says they will still get linked up, but it's taking awhile so just curious what the process is. Thanks.

    5. Creator Harry Mitchell on February 24, 2014

      Haven't gotten my KS code yet, most people don't. So I guess we wait...

    6. Creator Brandon Baecker on February 24, 2014

      How does this work if you registered your forum account after this post? Will they still get linked up? Thanks.

    7. Creator zach Wilson on February 24, 2014

      Just got my activation code for website forum, but no code yet. Should update it soon!!

    8. Creator ArthurM on February 24, 2014

      Don't have any KS code I'm baron.

    9. Creator Naeem Toorabally on February 24, 2014

      Can't see my Duke title or badge and I did not receive any code

    10. Creator Wim Jansen on February 24, 2014

      Is there a reason why the forum names are in ALL CAPS?
      It actually wraps my forum name onto the next line and makes it impossible to see my pledge level.
      Still not sure if it works...

    11. Creator Elwyn Round on February 24, 2014

      no activation mail here. Provider Yahoo. I guess the servers are flooded

    12. Creator Alois Vacík on February 24, 2014

      Jak se registrovat na fórum, když mi nepřišel od Kickstarteru žádný kód? :)

    13. Creator zach Wilson on February 24, 2014

      I sent an email as I am too having problems receiving an auto- email to verify my account.

    14. Creator Linus Boman Anderberg on February 24, 2014

      Same as Richard below here and several others. I have not received my automatic activation email after signing up on the forums.

    15. Creator Matthew Brown on February 24, 2014

      Thank you, but you didn't include a link to the forums. I'm sure I can find it (and will look momentarily), but it would have made sense to include the link right here in the update.

    16. Creator Richard Jordan on February 24, 2014

      Same as several others. I have not received my automatic activation email after signing up on the forums.

    17. Creator Tony Irving on February 24, 2014

      Same as Ladwin and Tom... no activation email

    18. Creator Ladwin63 on February 24, 2014

      I had the same issue as Tom Coudyzer : no activation mail.

    19. Creator John Schmid on February 24, 2014

      For those wondering what the "Kickstarter Code" is: it's only visible to the people who started the campaign. It is not visible to backers.

    20. Creator Tom Coudyzer on February 24, 2014


      I've created an account and it was stated i would get an activation mail but nothing arrives

    21. Creator LordCrash - OD | OOoE | WoOS on February 24, 2014

      LOL, I guess their inbox is full.... :D

    22. Creator Christian Sommer Lopez Azuaga Neerup on February 24, 2014

      If I upgrade form Earl which is my current pledge will it then also be updated later if I upgrade again through the web shop?

    23. Creator Martin Chobot on February 24, 2014

      @Angel Docampo, Peter Czyz - same problem here :-/

    24. Creator Claude M. on February 24, 2014

      What about #5: You haven't registered on the forums yet and for some reason don't really want to do so either? :P

    25. Creator Thomas on February 24, 2014

      If we already accidentally typed something into the KS code box, do we just wait for a confirmation email?

    26. Creator Cristari on February 24, 2014

      E-mails will probably bounce for a bit as there will be possibly 35k people e-mailing their inbox. Wait and you will be able to get through to them.

      I would like to know however is there any benefit to the forum total or is this just a pure vanity item. As far as I know the forum for this is limited to backers anyway so we all know who we are is there any need to know what level we invested at?

    27. Creator Angel Docampo on February 24, 2014

      Like others, I cannot send you my forum email (is not the same than my kickstarter email) Doručení těmto příjemcům nebo skupinám se nezdařilo:
      Vaši zprávu nelze doručit, protože doručování zpráv na tuto adresu není povoleno.


    28. Creator Westy on February 24, 2014

      Email bounced, I'll try again later.


    29. Creator Jonathan Nock on February 24, 2014

      Hey guys,

      Leave the Kickstarter code box blank when you register for the forums - that's what I did and it worked fine. Then just wait to be matched with your pledge email address and receive your badge!

    30. Creator Mike on February 24, 2014

      Hey Warhorse, I've tried to register several times using my backer code, but I still haven't received the "automatic" activation email, even days later. My forum and KS email addresses are identical. Help? :)

    31. Creator Peter Czyz on February 24, 2014

      I used the kickstarter code when registering... and now I wanted to send you the mail about the differing email addresses but I get this:

      Doručení těmto příjemcům nebo skupinám se nezdařilo:
      Vaši zprávu nelze doručit, protože doručování zpráv na tuto adresu není povoleno.

      Which seems to translate to something like "nope, you can't send a mail to this address".

      So what's up guys? ;)

    32. Creator Rizal Repin on February 24, 2014

      Yeah same, so I just left it blank and it worked. I assume there will be a manual link or something in the future.

    33. Creator Francesco Casula on February 24, 2014

      Same here, no kickstarter code. We need to leave it blank?

    34. Creator Ben Rosemberg on February 24, 2014

      Same question here...I don't have a kickstarter code :S

    35. Creator Imban on February 24, 2014

      When I went to register, it asked me about a "Kickstarter code". I... haven't gotten one, though. Should I just leave that blank?