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Realistic single-player RPG set in the medieval Europe. Open-world sandbox with period accurate melee combat. Dungeons & no Dragons.
Realistic single-player RPG set in the medieval Europe. Open-world sandbox with period accurate melee combat. Dungeons & no Dragons.
35,384 backers pledged £1,106,371 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. twincast ~ Mangy WoOS-DOoD Mage

      Mind, what I'd really want in my life in regards to real weaponry is what I'd consider a complete set of four Japanese blades especially forged for me using the most advanced technologies and highest quality craftsmanship available, but I'd love to top off that hypothetical collection with an authentically medieval-style European sword or two, and those specimens do look sweet indeed. Sadly, I can't afford backing a game that high nor buying such separately.

    2. Anders T.N

      Wow. I wish I had more money to spend

    3. TheVrViking on

      Awesome swords! And awesome t-shirt! Dark Throne FTW

    4. Khalaq on

      @Kynetic: Yes, standard clothing options. Hoodie, t-shirt, sword, polo shirt... D

    5. Missing avatar

      Daniel B on

      Awesome! Great to see there are still people in the world who do real blacksmithing, though its sad it is a dying trade.

    6. Missing avatar

      Hector Maclean on

      In the UK the media views gaming still as a kids activity. The tabloids would go crazy over a story of swords potentially being sent to gamers. But, as this is not COD maybe it will slip under their radar.

    7. Andy Linea of Sin - DOoD on

      Regarding swords: I don't know how law handles swords in different lands, but in Hungary for example folks only need license for fire-arm. I didn't have to get license for my bow, swords are no problem as well.
      But please check local law before shipping the swords AND it would be better no to sharp them. For decoration not needed, if someone wants to fetch, will find a way to prepare.

    8. Missing avatar

      BaboonCZ on

      Váš smysl pro detail a autentičnost je velice příjemná a vítaná změna. Myslím že to nemá šanci být propadákem. Jinak gratulace k 800 000 :) myslím že tohle jste nečekaly :)

    9. Kynetic on

      Those coins look amazing! You certainly have some amazing connections, Warhorse!

      Are you planning on making any of these physical rewards available as "add ons" to our existing pledges? Perhaps some standard clothing options (Hoodie, t-shirt, polo) of various designs as well?

    10. Missing avatar

      Produno on

      And everyone knows the zombie apocalypse is inevitable.. Right?? Im just glad ill be prepared for it now.

      You guys will have a pretty big armoury before they all get sent out. I hope we get to see some pictures :).

    11. Nekator

      "Such a worthless trinket will of course break when a zombie apocalypse comes and you try to use it to decapitate an undead one."
      That´s exactly the reason, why i pledged this sword level.. how did you know?? :9

    12. Shub Niggurath aka Cerberus on

      Nice update as always, guys.
      And Dan very good taste in music.
      Darkthrone ftw! :D

    13. Kate Wendt on

      Pretty damn nice!

    14. Missing avatar

      Richard Jordan on

      I would dearly love to get the hand and a half sword but like others can't afford any of the sword tiers. I have a Johann Schmidberger sword; a second to mount crossed with a shield would be a perfect display. And who knows about the apocalypse... ;)

      But you have convinced me to move up a tier just to help support the whole endeavor.

    15. JuhoL - Virtuous Cossack Captain - WoOS on

      @Hector Maclean The only unusual thing about these swords is that they are attached to a game (though even then it's not unheard off, as you pointed out). I have replica Scottish Broadsword hanging on my wall, but if I wanted a proper one, it wouldn't take much of a google search to find shops to buy such an item, or crafted Katana's with an authenticity certificate. Man have I drooled after one of those.... :D

    16. Patrick on

      For those still considering: another reason to want one of these swords over a cheaper replica is the nice full tang you can see being hammered out near the end of the video. While I imagine not many would actually be hitting things with these expensive items (though nice to know you could), many replica's wouldn't even hold up to light swinging around (and you know you want to!) and could send the blade flying straight out of the hilt!

    17. Missing avatar

      Salegan on

      @Hector Maclean These are most certainly real weapons made for killing people, but I don´t get why is it so suprising? :) All the forges and their swords you can see in the pics and video are made just for the basic level of demand for real swords people do buy, it´s nothing unusual to own one.

    18. IamHowie on

      Not that I can't afford it, it's just going to get confiscated by the customs where I live. XD

    19. Missing avatar

      Timtaalik on

      Can't afford any of the tiers with the sword :(
      Even so, it will probably face difficulties passing through customs where I live.

    20. Missing avatar

      Hector Maclean on

      Real swords are you kidding? Don't you think the media might go a bit crazy over that. I remember huge outcry over a special edition hatchet for COD.

      Maybe I am misunderstanding here. Are you really giving out weapons?

    21. JuhoL - Virtuous Cossack Captain - WoOS on

      I have to confess, I don't dare open that video, at least yet. Because I know that if I do, I will end up trying to think up ways to get one, and I'm already as high as I can go... -_-' Looking forward to the figurine (no, bad, you can't paint it! (bad habit from being a 40k player for more then a decade, I paint every mini I get my hands on...)) and the coin though, and I agree with Patrick, the regard for authenticity is highly appreciated. :)

    22. LordCrash on

      SWAG :P

      Now let's talk about the actual game again.... :)

    23. Patrick on

      Awesome, I really appreciate you guys' regard for authenticity!

      I tried looking this up earlier, but can someone perhaps educate me on the coins? Were brass coins used as currency in the period? I also noticed references to medieval brass and copper 'counters' on my search, are that some kind of tokens or game pieces (which would make sense in combination with the dice)?

    24. Helena on

      So many people fail to take the crucial issue of zombie apocalypses into account when crafting their swords. I'm glad to see Warhorse are an exception.

    25. Missing avatar

      SebastianVW on

      @MF According to the "Tiers and Rewards" description at the bottom of the front page, the box will be metal.

    26. Missing avatar

      TJ Bretzer on

      So will there not be any more reward tier at £600 to get the sword? Haha

    27. Pavel Stangel on

      Now I really wish I had more money available so I could get that sword. Looks great, and you never know when that zombie apocalypse happens :)

    28. Seid Dark on

      These looks absolutely top notch, especially the coins. Too bad I'm on lower tier so I won't get any of these rewards.

    29. Giovanni Gelio on

      Finger slippes. I was saying that I'm using a Kovex right now, and it's a good choice.

    30. Giovanni Gelio on

      I do use a Kovex! Good chiic

    31. Missing avatar

      SebastianVW on

      Erm, have to say, that's not an action figure, it's a figurine. Action figures typically have points of articulation that let you move them around, put them in poses, fight other toys, etc; hence the "action" part.

    32. Missing avatar

      flekmatik on

      I think you got almost everything in bonuses ... but Bible is missing ... i think it would be wonderfull to get authentic version of those-days Bible.

    33. Missing avatar

      John Bernhardt on

      I really like how you guys don't do things half assed!

    34. Justin Veverka on

      well done! if only the other companies put as much thought and elbow grease into their CE's. can't wait to play your game!

    35. Missing avatar

      Uncontested on

      While I am pleased with almost everything... I don't know if I'm happy about "wood engraved" as opposed to the promised copper. I will be frank, I don't know anything about wood engravings.. but everyone knows the quality of copper ones.. I for one am willing to sacrifice a bit of 'authenticity' to keep the copper engrave print and peace of mind. I love the tin figure, sword and coin though!

    36. Mortain on

      WOW! You guys really put a lot of work into everything! Love it! Thank you for being so awesome!

    37. MF on

      Thanks for the update (we are sunday and you are working …)
      What about the Special (wood ?) box edition for EARL backers and maybe dice ?
      It will be interesting to see theses things ;)