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Realistic single-player RPG set in the medieval Europe. Open-world sandbox with period accurate melee combat. Dungeons & no Dragons.
Realistic single-player RPG set in the medieval Europe. Open-world sandbox with period accurate melee combat. Dungeons & no Dragons.
35,384 backers pledged £1,106,371 to help bring this project to life.

Video Update #5: The Living World

Posted by Warhorse Studios (Creator)

Welcome to our fifth video update!

In this video update we would like to invite to you to come to explore our world, the world that comes alive with activities of NPCs that go about their daily routines as believably and intelligently as we can make them. Other characters react to your actions and even to actions of other characters – creating a truly emergent world.

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    1. Ranger Raphe on

      I had to watch this video twice. This is what the Oblivion "radiant AI" should have been.
      One Q tho: that poor bugger that you just robbed, will he starve now that he's broke and penniless? :P

    2. Missing avatar

      Jeremy f Porter on

      This game is shaping up to be everything I hoped for. I am going to be buying every game you ever make if they're like this.The best part is this game will only improve as time goes by. In between steam workshop and dlc this game is gonna make Skyrim look antiquated. I can't wait to see what later titles will look like. Thank you so much for ignoring those fools who turned your project down.

    3. JP Trudel on

      Is it possible to get jobs, like let's say being a guard ? Let's say one of the quest is to have a prisoner escape prison. An interesting solution may be to become a jailer and just help him out on your shift. May get you fired... or worse, but that would be awesome ! Also, is there protected NPC ? I know protecting NPC's may be a solution that make sure the player will not screw up the game. But it's far less immersive. Great work guys !

    4. graylobo on

      I love the vedio and the man hurting himselfat 8:22 had me damned neer pissing myself I would love to see more like this.

    5. Missing avatar

      Baron Von Deuze on

      I get more excited with each video update. What amazes me is that this game almost never saw the light of day.

    6. Missing avatar

      Freix on

      @Per R. - They said they are aware of that, but also said they probably can't let player to kill children due to rating agencies, so I'm curious how they'll solve it.

    7. Missing avatar

      Per R. on

      The medieval world was a world of young people. People seldom became very old and families had many children.
      Are you going to reflect this in the game. Are there going to be a lot of young people/ children in the game?

    8. Missing avatar

      zakernak on

      Seeing this video I just upgraded to Viscount, amazing work here guys, wish you best and can't wait, the last good immersive synthetic world I can remember was in Gothic I and II with fairly good NPC scheduling and interaction, and this seems to go way way beyond, I'm particularly curious how will the animal NPC interact, Stalker overpromised and never delivered in this area (as in many levels), none game to my knowledge so far, Far Cry 3 was a joke, I seriously hope that you will succeed, so please don't ever give up on making this game a reality

    9. Léo Paulus on

      You guys are doing an astonishing work with immersion. Backing your game feels like it is very well-spent money, keep it up.

    10. Gerald Heidrich on

      It's wonderful to look behind the scenes and how you introduce more and more developers in the videos. Interesting to see that every third member of the team is called Peter. Hope you don't name the NPCs after all the members of the team ;) If you know what I mean.
      I can't wait to take hands on it. With every video I realize that you do a wonderful job and will produce a great game.
      I like the idea of adding attributes to a NPC and he/she behaves this way. The whole game looks like a dream for modding.

    11. Missing avatar

      Freix on

      @perry - they usually add subtitles one or two days after video release.

    12. Martin Vitek on

      With this level of interactions it would be great to have "Bard" job posibility in the pub :D . Imagine whole pub singing the songs you play!!

    13. Perry on

      Could we get a proper caption/transcript. Some things were hard to hear. I understand it's sometimes hard not having English as your mother language but I can't make out everything you guys say.

    14. Dany Stuchlík on

      I would like to know what happens if u kill somebody, did somebody similar spawn, or u just did something you cant take back and for example blacksmith for that town is dead, period? .)

    15. Jan En.Kidu Prudky on

      Dobře, vy! Dneska Vás zvu na pivko, odečtěte mi to z příspěvku :-)

    16. Tiberius Thorn on

      Man, Viktor is the best haha...Chickens FTW!! ...Awesome update guys. AI looks really impressive, well done Petr's :D

    17. Pavel Stangel on

      Princess Erimemushinteperem forget it, not gonna happen. They are not gonna make two games in one.

    18. a on

      Still hoping for a playable female character throughout the whole main campaign... Maybe the 1 million goal?

    19. Missing avatar

      Dane Barrett on

      With what you're done already its still hard to believe a publisher is making you prove there is demand before supporting you. I understand that non-fantasy medieval games face a similar challenge to Space sims in that they are considered to be unpopular by publishers, but you just have see how much you've done already to know how great this game could be.

    20. Missing avatar

      Lionel Sun on

      Awesome T-shirts! Haha :) Another great update.

    21. Moshe Bergman on

      This is amazing! if this one comes out with those features, I will gladly donate another $40.

    22. John Cobb on

      Love the level of realism that you're striving to put into the game - combat and AI NPC behaviour. Best quote of the video: "We don't have dragons, but we have chickens". I'm assuming we aren't going to see a chicken kicking contest in this particular game? ;-)

    23. Helena on

      @ Lee:You will have a place to stay, but will not be able to build your own house. See the FAQ on the main page.

    24. Lee Gardner on

      Good Video - game is looking good!!! (skyrim) looks to have been a good impact on your thoughts of development except you at Warhorse are developing this further which will make it awesome. NPC's with own personalities seems cool as a character will you settle down like skyrim Build a house concept, except build it your own size style layout??

    25. Marcio Araujo on

      Incredible, really amazing. Impressive..... great job guys!!!

    26. Missing avatar

      jim w castor on

      Is it possible to climb the tree of success by hiring NPCs to help farming or being troops. Game is really looking good.

    27. Missing avatar

      jim w castor on

      Saw this last video, had to increase my pledge. Best of luck.

    28. Perro|Verde on

      Spread the word, we have chickens! -->

    29. Missing avatar

      Libor Picmaus on

      Vypadá to nádherně. Myslím že mě bude bavit i jen to chodit po vesnicích a koukat co lidi dělají :) To vypadá víc jak na 30 hodin herní doby. A ta krajina. Klaním se

    30. Peter Wiegersma on

      whoaw peter the second (scripter) has very black eyes. he needs to sleep! give him another behaviour, a behaviour go to bed and stay there for a day or two, three, four, five,.....
      Nice video update but my attention stayed at peter. Good work although.

    31. William Littlejohn on

      This was perhaps the most impressive video update yet. Very excited for this game. What a fantastic team Warhorse is for being so open with us.

    32. Chris J Capel on

      Hmm, that's strange. After watching this video, my pledge went up. I wonder how that could have happened? :)

    33. Missing avatar

      Lukas Mikuska on

      It sounds and looks really great. I just hope the final game will be so good as it is presented to us. I am really curious to play it and see it on my eyes!

    34. twincast ~ Mangy WoOS-DOoD Mage

      A big yay to NPC's playing the same crafting mini-games the player does. =)

      And for some reason the animals having day/night behavior cycles has me grinning like a madman. XD

    35. Missing avatar

      Hofstetter Christian on

      Did i hear right: playable build!!?!!

    36. Helena on

      Looks stunning - assuming it can be pulled off. (I can't help remembering all the overblown claims about 'Radiant AI' in Oblivion.) I'm getting really hyped to watch the gameplay video and see all this cool stuff in action!

    37. Missing avatar

      Luke Effa on

      Question: Can we seduce farmer's daughters? (and barmaids, fisherman's wives, princesses, noble ladies, etc., basically everyone, can you add a seduce-able AI lego block to just about everyone?) Cause that would be awesome.

      Also, is it weird I'm really excited now about just running around and chasing sheep in a field? That looks really fun, strangely enough.

    38. Brinnan Sutton on

      Every video update just makes it that much easier for me to convince others how great this game looks. The AI system looks fantastic. I wouldn't mind a little more detail on butterfly effects like other backers have asked. Keep up the great work!

    39. Roccondil on

      It would be interesting, on the minor quests like the mentioned delivering a letter, if you neglected to take it, the quest-giver was to delegate the task to another NPC... "Oh sorry I needed it delivered a while ago so I sent it with another person!" That would really help with the PC not being the *center*, per se, of the game world.

    40. Ahmad Khan on

      Say hello to peter,peter,peter and peter to me, love these guys ^_0

    41. Missing avatar

      Freix on

      @Stormcry Well, you simply don't just go home to sleep when your boss is marching around with a sword..:)

    42. Missing avatar

      Patrick Müller on

      Pretty sweet! I really like your idea of simulating the whole world around you with all possible interactions between npc's, changing behaviours, reactions towards other entities (Other npc's, the player, animals or even an overcrowded pub) and so on. I could imagine that this sometimes results in unexpected situations. This will be of enormous help to make the world feel alive. Something othe RPGs couldn't achieve. However, I think that with all the simulation going on, I will need to get new hardware for the game :D

      Good job guys!

    43. Missing avatar

      Wolf Neumann on

      Wow, sounds like the best and most ambitious AI I have ever seen in a game.

    44. Stormcry on

      Please give the second scripter Peter some time to rest, he looks a bit nosferatu atm, it's great to be dedicated to your job but humans need sleep at some point :)

    45. LordCrash on

      Why are people always so eager to kill everyone? I don't get it... :P

    46. Missing avatar

      Freix on

      @Shane Taylor u wont cause famine by killing all farmers on 9 square killometers area. :D

    47. Filip Nowak on

      Awesome! What if I kill the innkeeper? Will be the inn closed?
      The villagers probably starts hunting me.... :-)

    48. Ennio De Nucci on

      Impressive! I love the modular behaviour scripts!