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Realistic single-player RPG set in the medieval Europe. Open-world sandbox with period accurate melee combat. Dungeons & no Dragons.
Realistic single-player RPG set in the medieval Europe. Open-world sandbox with period accurate melee combat. Dungeons & no Dragons.
35,384 backers pledged £1,106,371 to help bring this project to life.

Some boring statistics

Posted by Warhorse Studios (Creator)

This is not the combat update – we are working on it and will post it soon.

In the meantime, I was thinking that it might be interesting to share some of the information from behind the scenes that we can see as the project creators (actually, before the project ends, we cannot see that much, but I'll share what we have).

The following graph shows the split between pledges made directly via Kickstarter and pledges made by people who came to Kickstarter from other sources. As you would expect, only minority of people goes directly to our Kickstarter project page, and even 25% seems a lot. Part of these 'unreferred' links are due to the URL shorteners (like the one we have on our Facebook page) , part may be due to people who block 'referrer' field in their browser. 

Going back to the backers, whose browsers provided the referrer, where did they come from? The following picture shows top referrers as provided by Kickstarter:

Users by country

Another interesting topic is comparing backers by country. Firstly, I have to point out that Kickstarter does not share any details about backers before the end of the campaign. All that we know about you comes from the public profiles and only about 25% of our backers share the information about their location publicly.

Nevertheless, about five thousand backers that do share this information provide an interesting sample. The following graph shows the composition by number of pledges (inner ring) and total amount pledged (outer ring):

 You can see that most people come from US, followed by Germany and Nordic countries (Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland and Finland). Another possibly interesting tidbit of information is that backers from Czech Republic tend to go for higher pledges, while backers from Germany tend to take the lower ones.

However, it's quite understandable that most backers come from countries with large populations. A better measure would be the number of backers per 1,000,000 people. This is the next graph:

I was really surprised to see how popular our game is in Nordic countries. We were sort of assuming that, beyond fans of RPGs, medieval history, grown-up storytelling, etc., there might be local interest from gamers in Czech Republic, Austria, Germany – countries that at one time or another belonged to the Holy Roman Empire. But the actual numbers do not support this theory; and we are glad of it: we never wanted Kingdom Come: Deliverance to be a history lecture and we believe it will be interesting experience, regardless of your personal background.

In closing, let me once more emphasize that this analysis only takes into account about one quarter of our backers. We are going to share more accurate numbers once the Kickstarter campaign closes.

Meanwhile, stand tuned for the combat update!


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    1. Missing avatar

      Naomi on

      Any chance we could have the updated version now that kickstarter has ended?

    2. Erendyl on

      no, we are 2 at least :P

    3. Lalabel on

      I am the only Italian??

    4. Missing avatar

      Joshua Lapointe on

      Wait a sec, how did New Zealand end up on a graph?

    5. Missing avatar

      fil-cat on

      Interesting. And it fits my observations.
      From what my experience shows me from other game and internet contacts, Scandinavian countries have a surprisingly strong RPG and LARP base. The rejoice in medieval reenactments or medieval markets/fairs. They seem to maintain and cherish also a strong lore and mythology culture - think Beowulf, Edda, the Nibelung/Niflung.
      In medieval times, Scandinavian kingdoms, such as Denmark, Sweden or Norway, represented another strong group, appart from the Holy Roman Empire and the Carolingan kingdom of France or the British Kindom or ... with a long tradition - remember the Viking age in the early middle ages and later the Kalmarer union.
      Scandinavians played their part during crusades and had some close links to chivalric orders.

    6. twincast ~ Mangy WoOS-DOoD Mage

      It is indeed pretty interesting how I'm pretty sure I've never heard or seen a debit card mentioned in U.S. fiction, although they do supposedly exist. Pretty much the very opposite of our situation. On the other hand, you guys pretty much get credit card contracts thrown at you every other step you take, which is all kinds of weird/wrong.

      And for anecdote's sake, in Japan (over half a decade ago ... *sob*) I had about equal use for my credit card and my Japanese debit card. Not to mention the plethora of other card-based payments they have over there.

    7. Ninja on

      Only 2% russia (((

    8. Ahmad Khan on

      @Wayne G: how many of them get slapped,that's the most pertinent question i think.

    9. Wayne G.

      Darnit! I was hoping the information would tell you how many backers were gay or even bi-sexual or possibly how many are bards! Now we'll never know how many bi-sexual bards are backing the campaign.

    10. Typisch on

      I am also from germany. So far I did not need a credit card, but through Kickstarter I got myself a prepaid virtual credit card. And soon I will own a sword. ;)

    11. Missing avatar

      godfather on

      @Wolf, thanks for explaining the "EC" card system. Maybe if we had it here, fewer people would be in debt.

    12. Ben Finlay on

      Nordic Countries you say. maybe Act 4 can take place in Sweden/Norway? :D
      Im from Australia. and for 5% of the community it's interesting that we pledge more per pledge than other countries... USA has alot of pledges but on average pledges less.

      I see now why game companies like to gorge on Aussies, we pay more...

    13. Missing avatar

      BlueEyedGator on

      I find the U.S. support incredibly interesting despite this statement on the 12/18/13 blog entitled The Art of Waiting, "One of the biggest blows was being turned down by a very promising, international publishing company. Although the U.S.-based wing of the corporation seemed very excited about the project, their European representative let us know that they didn’t think the game would fly with Americans. We’ve faced rejection from other companies, too, of course, but that one was perhaps the most painful." I would hazard a guess that they were wrong, huh?

    14. William Littlejohn on

      I'm from New Zealand and Kotaku brought me here. Interesting statistics.

    15. Missing avatar

      Kogi on

      It's sad that there is no Poland in the statistics, but not surprising. From what I see kickstarter community here is quite small.

    16. Missing avatar

      Wolf Neumann on

      That's not what their FAQ states:
      "We’re creating the game in English and with English voiceovers. We would like to make French, Italian, German and Spanish versions of the game as well."

      But yeah, with this kickstarter success it will probably be translated. On the other hand good voice acting is very expensive.

      Cash and "EC" cards.
      It is just a different system, your bank account will be charged within 1-5 days, there will always be a micro chip on the card and most of the time you have to enter your PIN.
      Cash will be withdrawn from ATMs by using your EC card.
      [ and next time I will introduce the payment method "Lastschrift" to you ;) ]

    17. Jakub Žižka on

      godfather: well, credit cards are not that popular in Europe. Me and all my family use only debit cards....

    18. Missing avatar

      godfather on

      What do Germans use instead of credit cards?! In Canada, I do not know a single person with fewer than two credit cards.

    19. Missing avatar

      Dane Barrett on

      New Zealand got into the "per capita" stats, but probably because we have less then 5 million people here, lol

    20. Missing avatar

      godfather on

      Not boring at all. But then again, I am a geek.

    21. Missing avatar

      Freix on

      @Wolf Neumann german language translation is 100% guaranteed. Germany is the second biggest market for the game according to warhorse, so there is no way not translating it to german.

    22. Edwood on

      I love boring stats.
      The clearest conclusion that I make from these stats is that there is a very distinct correlation between the location of the developer and the geography of the backers.
      More backers come from the Czech Republic than the next three highest countries combined!

      I also wonder what this says about the speed of viral marketing... The Czech Republic obviously hit a critical mass and took off. Perhaps other countries are a bit slower on the uptake as the word is getting around... perhaps the temerature means more people play games than in warmer places where we go sailing / surfing / running / flower picking / etc...

      So many hypothesies...

      I look forward to seeing the complete stats when they come out.

      PS: If you weighted for distance from developer as well as per head of population, New Zealand would be the winner! Haha... lies & statistics :)

    23. Missing avatar

      Wolf Neumann on

      Though every pupil in Germany has to learn English in school the Germans prefer to be adressed in German.
      A game (still in development) advertised in English which will probably but not guaranteed to be translated to German will discourage potential backers.
      Well kickstarter by itself probably seems daunting ;)

    24. Dawn_

      As always Italy isn't even in the stats lol.

    25. Missing avatar

      risa2000 on

      France has probably one of the most penetrated population with the *cards in Europe, but does rank quite low. So I do not think there is clear dependency on the support and *card availability in particular country.

      The differences could come from the fact that bigger nations (Germans, French) do not really care much about anything outside of their territory, while smaller countries are more easily getting excited about some interesting stuff even though it does not have their native origin.

      The surprise for me is lack of Poland. After the success of The Witcher, I would expect that the community would be much more interested.

    26. Perro|Verde on

      wow, there isn't Spain in any of the graphs. It's sad that in my country, people only buy FIFA, CoD and Just Dance... So disappointed.

    27. Ranger Raphe on

      As long as Norway beats Sweden.. Keep pledging fellow nordmenn!

      As for the CC DB debacle.. In Norway most has a debit card, that usually comes with VISA or Mastercard on it, so you can use it anywhere in the world that accepts those. Ofcourse, we do have creditcards too, but from what I've seen, not many likes those.. Due to the insane interest rates :P

    28. Thomas Bernstorff Aagaard on

      In 1403 it was all part of the Kalmar Union under the Danish Margaret I...
      so just change "scandinavia" to "The Kalmar Union" and everything is fine.
      (off cause the swedes might objects...)

      Personally I just love the fact that you want to make a historical game where the history, and clothing, buildings and arms and armor is not "raped" by idiotic script writes, costume designers and armorers as we see in a TVseries like "Vikings"...

      And offcause as a medieval archaeologist (and live roleplayer and ) this game is pretty much perfect.
      And supporting this game is giving the finger to the traditional publishers... just like Star Citizen is.

    29. Ian Elliott on

      In Ireland most people I know use debit cards rather than credit cards. In fact when you open a bank account you get a DC if your over 18

    30. Christoph Deyerl on

      Another German here like Lukas i dont know someone (family or friends) who own a creditcard.
      In germany the most people dont use creditcards. I also have a prepaid card that i have only for kickstarter.

    31. LordCrash on

      There is soon a Kickstarter in Netherlands. I'm curious what they will use for payment. At least it will charge in Euro. :-)

    32. Missing avatar

      Lukas Henkel on

      German here. I guess we would have scored higher if Kickstarter would accept anything else besides credit cards.Of all the people I know, there is only one with a credit card. And even I only own a prepaid one that I only use for Kickstarter.

    33. twincast ~ Mangy WoOS-DOoD Mage

      Gotta admit, grouping Scandinavia like that stands out as a bit weird.

      Still, I love me some statistics. And as always, I get a bit of glee out of when the historical oddity that is our little Austria beats our larger German sibling in something. ;P

      As for Germans and Austrians using debit cards a lot while not having much use for credit cards domestically and nary an offline store outside centers of international tourism even offering the option to use the latter: Well, that *is* a fact, but yeah, credit cards are a lot of use (and debit cards no use at all) when traveling or ordering from abroad, so most people not pathologically stuck in their ways from decades past should have one.

    34. Richard Toman on

      @blackout24 Supporting local business and projects sounds good. Maybe it's just that I don't know all details about it because from here I can't exactly imagine how I would withdraw my money in differents cities or states when travelling and how I would pay for my train tickets and basically everything I buy on internet.
      The debit card I have is only tool how to access money on my account from everywhere and I can't find actually any negativum about it.

    35. Zombra on

      Fun numbers! I enjoy statistics.

    36. Missing avatar

      Freix on

      What does "will post it soon" mean? Today, tomorrow?

    37. LordCrash on

      Tbh only in certain social groups credit cards a bad conotation, often the older generations. When you look at university students for example in my own experience 3 to 4 out of 5 people have a credit card. And these are also the people much more interested in tech, internet and international orders. ;)

    38. LordCrash on

      The average German is also not a PC core gamer. I don't speak about the average German. I'm not interested in the 40s-to-100s target group for example. Core gamers who inform themselves about games on the internet and even participate on kickstarter and stuff are also the ones who most likely use credit cards. They are tech nerds.
      The usual Joe who only use an EC card and his Sparbuch is not the target customer here. That's just a fact.
      And in my own experience the people who complain about credit cards are exactly the same who also complain about PayPal. They usually use neither. But they wouldn't use kickstarter as well...
      As I said: Paypal is a good idea. But you would be wrong to expect too much from that. I experienced A LOT of kickstarter video game projects and in not a single case Paypal contributed a lot to the overall sum. You can expect perhaps some 5-10% at the absolute maximum. Everything above that would be a great surprise. Of course you can get more income over time but that is only natural when PayPal is the only option left.... ;)

    39. Missing avatar

      Gevaudan on

      Next step after the huge success of Kingdom Come, new game with a Scandinavian/Viking theme :)

    40. Missing avatar

      blackout24 on

      @ Richard Toman
      Nope it's actually a quite robust system. Anything that is related with credit and debt has a bad conotation and our local banks didn't burn our money in the US housing market. Instead their role is to finance small and medium sized businesses and and other regional projects. We are doing pretty good with it.

    41. Missing avatar

      Timtaalik on

      Only one asian country managed to break into the stats.

    42. Richard Toman on

      @blackout24 sounds like the stone age we experienced here in Czech before the Iron Curtain's fall.

    43. Missing avatar

      blackout24 on

      @ LC - Ordo Draconum | OOoE | WoOS

      The average German doesn't order stuff from outside of Germany regularly. Even if they do there is still PayPay which can do a simple withdrawl on your bank account. In general a credit card in Germany is as useful as a stone, apart from a few corner cases. Guess why there are extra financial services that let you pay your WhatsApp fee through the PlayStore with the need of a credit card. Some larger private banks like Deutsche Bank that give out debit cards, but the reality is that the average german got a "Sparbuch" from his parents when he was born and your local Sparkasse isn't interested in international money transfer and global investment banking. You get your Sparbuch and EC-Karte and that's it.

    44. chumppi on

      Slumping Finland together with Scandinavia.. not impressed!

    45. Thomas Toledo on

      The world united for good gaming experiences!

    46. LordCrash on

      "A credit card simply doesn't make any sense and doesn't provide any benefits."

      That's simply not true, sorry. Google Play and Kickstarter UK are just two examples that prove the opposite. Everyone who orders stuff from outside Germany from time to time profits from a credit card. There are many credit cars available in Germany which doesn't cost a single euro. You don't have to use a credit card in everyday life but it's good to have one, even in Germany.

    47. Lalabel on

      I am very sorry that there is Italy among the various nations

    48. Missing avatar

      blackout24 on

      Some proof that almost on one in Germany has a credit cards since they aren't accepted by most businesses anyway and EC cards are more popular.