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Realistic single-player RPG set in the medieval Europe. Open-world sandbox with period accurate melee combat. Dungeons & no Dragons.
Realistic single-player RPG set in the medieval Europe. Open-world sandbox with period accurate melee combat. Dungeons & no Dragons.
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Video Update #3: Horses and horse riding

Posted by Warhorse Studios (Creator)

Welcome to our third video update!

This time we are going to talk about horses. Our gameplay programmer, Michal Hapala, who works on making horses easy to control, nice to look at and smart when they need to be, will walk you through canter and gallop in this video.

Thank you for watching. Be sure to let us know what you think!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Hasengott on

      This is astounding... wonderful. I don't think of myself being someone who attaches high importance to graphical issues in a computer game, but this time I'm really impressed. Some scences are hard to distinguish from reality... If the overall gameplay of the final product will match the graphics, then this game will be the one I've always waited for.

      Wonderful job so far, folks... thumbs up!

    2. Germán Rojo Eguren on

      It's great!. I've been riding horses for three years now, and jumping with them, and this is, by far, the most realist depiction of a horse in a game. A couple of hints/suggestions (note that I'm not requesting that the game has these features, because you are not doing a hardcore "horse experience" simulator, only hints for the developers, just in case they might consider them useful):

      - Horses should react in fear depending on the training of the horse. An untrained, young colt could even run in panic from a branch moving suddenly behind him (it could be a predator! A wolf!). A seasoned, war trained horse wouldn't flinch for the same stimulus, and could stay its ground in front of a wolf (provided there's a rider keeping him in place... if not, again, horse would probably flee).

      - They read body language (even humans) very well and are able to distinguish when someone comes with obvious bad intentions (keyword here is obvious and evident, unless the human is smart and disguises those bad intentions). This could trigger a "flee" response, if the horse is too young/inexperienced.

      - Jumps. Optimum jump capability is, usually, when going at medium speed. Too slow, and the horse doesn't have enough inertia to jump. Too fast, and the jump trajectory would be too flat to jump over a high obstacle. You can see abundant jumping videos in youtube, and see how the highest obstacles are usually jumped at medium speed. I don't know if you plan to add this in game, but it could be nice to have to adjust the speed of the horse if you want to jump over a high obstacle.

      - The best way to jump is perpendicular to the obstacle. Say you are trying to jump over a wall, and you come at it in a too oblique path. The horse doesn't know you want to jump that wall. For him, at a too oblique path, the best path is simply avoid the jump and keep running on that side of the wall.

      - Horses cannot gallop forever. You can obtain "sprint" like speed probably for 3 or 4 miles; above this you can force him to run for longer, but you risk to kill him, and it's a real risk. But at trot or light canter, you can virtually go for hours.

      - That being said, horses have different temperaments. A hot horse with open space, he is going to feel "the joy of running", and you're going to use all the strength in your arms just to get him to moderate speed. A cold/lazy horse with a wide open space, and you can destroy your own legs spurring him to go a little faster than walking. This could be modeled.

      - Loss of inertia when "charging". See this video.… If you go to 1:25 you are going to see in a couple of seconds what happens when a horse "charges" against a not-light person. It slows... a little bit (and I feel the horse was slowing a little bit even before hitting the guy).

      - Also, in last video, you can see what happens when a horse is in fear. Other horses around and near are going to be nervous and uneasy, because they see a horse in panic (that's the reason all the horses are being held by hand). They think that if the other horse is in fear, then there must be a reason for that. There could be a predator (an evil wolf!!!) around, but they haven't seen it. This is, in horses, fear is contagious. Suddenly, a horse falls in panic for whatever (sometimes stupid) reason, and since they read body language very well (it's their main way to communicate), in less than a second all horses around know that that horse is in panic, and of course, they begin to feel fear too. I've been in a lot of horse riding classes in which, out of five or six horses (and riders), the last horse suddenly feels afraid of whatever (for example... a plastic bag flying around, yeah, sometimes it's as stupid as that), and way before any rider knows nothing, the FIRST horse in the column has jumped because he has felt the fear in the last horse, and has unseated his rider (and then, depending on the horse, you could spend up to several minutes trying to catch/calm that horse).

      I don't know if this is going to be useful or even if it's going to be added somehow in the game, but I felt it was worth sharing it. :)

    3. Jan En.Kidu Prudky on

      Coool! Thanks Dev guys for video updates! You're really doing a great job!

    4. Neil Gossell on

      Can't wait for MLP:FIM mod : p You know it's coming.

    5. William Littlejohn on

      oosh! I get more excited with every update. Horses already look really good, better than Skyrim already for sure. I like that the horse has a little bit of its own Ai. All the features mentioned sound great. I think it would not be a bad idea to allow the player to switch to 3rd person view while riding if they choose to though. Either way looking amazing, super excited! Keep em coming guys :D

    6. gandalf.nho

      Looking great, and want to see the mounted combat too

    7. Radovan Fendrich on

      2:03 poor peasant :D

    8. Missing avatar

      Jiri Smutek on

      Your name is Warhorse Studios, so why not warhorses also in game :)
      I am not sure, the horse would struck down walker in real as is showed in video, better would be the horse will try to avoid the walker when walking or cantering...Also the walker would like to jump away rather to be overrided ;)
      Thx for this game ;)

    9. alkopo on

      Awesome. Looking good so far.

    10. Helena on

      I like the idea of horses having their own minds, rather than just blindly riding into fences or walls because the player tells them to. I also liked the part where you bumped into another character and knocked him over. :-D

    11. Ernest Scribner Weresheep of Sin on

      F'in-A. That is sweet! Best horseback riding I've seen.

      I wonder about the third-person view too (as Ian asked). I know you said first person only.

    12. James Brainerd on

      nice work! I like to see that there is more to the horses then a mindless people carrier. Looking good so far

    13. Wayne G.

      Will horse armor be sold as a separate DLC :)

    14. Ian Williams on

      Wow that was great but I'm really excited to see a motion captured horse!other people have said and I agree the placeholder movement looks odd with the short strides. Also you guys are showing riding in third person...will this type of third person be possible in the actual game? I wouldn't mind if the whole game is first person but I could switch to third when riding horses because I'd get a chance to see my character and horse in all their glory. Thanks for making such an awesome game and asking the opinions of your fans! Can't wait wait to see the combat update :D.

    15. Aerouge

      AWESOME SHIRT! Love Ghost in the Shell :)

      also great video < 3 < 3 < 3

    16. Missing avatar

      Megazver on

      Will the horses have any gameplay mechanics beyond "press w to ride forward", like stamina & spurring in Red Dead Redemption or something similar? I find that horse riding tends to become rather boring without those, because it doesn't have the kind of innate inertia-calculating physics-based fun that driving cars has.

    17. Leewelo Lorekeeper

      Now to add oxes, camels, lamas and emu ^^

    18. Louis-Philippe Bourret on

      Very cool, looks great for "place holders"!
      I notice that when the horse collided with the NPC, it blocked its motion a bit. It is something I have seen in other games, I think the NPC should be tossed / bounce on the side, and maybe the horse decelerates, but it should not stop for a fraction of a sec and continue its motion at full speed.
      I like being able to write this to the developper directly :) Rock on guys

    19. LordCrash on

      Great update! :)

      But the mane looks really bad although it's a pre-alpha footage.... :D

    20. Vitus Hoffmann on

      Collission Detection confirmed ;) Awesome update, looking forward to the combat video even more though! ;)

    21. Missing avatar

      Clay on

      It's great that the horse developer recognizes that it works much better in 3rd-person.

    22. USM-Valor on

      Looks great so far. Keep up the good work.

    23. Missing avatar

      James Williams on

      @Dustin D
      Why not a 360 controller?

    24. Missing avatar

      P177 on

      Hope I will be able to ride on white female... eh... horse.

    25. Missing avatar

      Peter on

      Awesome laughing man shirt boss man Dan. Also, the dev team must sweat bullets while you do the rounds carrying that sword!

    26. Missing avatar

      Dustin D on

      Awesome, but why a 360 controller?

    27. Missing avatar

      Gabriel Simon on

      Awesome! Can the horse kick and/or fight on its own? For example: if you are not mounted on your horse can your horse still fight alongside kind of like Skyrim? Looks great. Can't wait for the combat update.

    28. Jan Vogel on

      If you want to change the animations and these are only placeholders, it's going to be great!

    29. Missing avatar

      Ricardo Mendes on

      I simply loved it! Nice to meet another element ofthe dev team and I really liked the horse system. What about horse breeds? Are there going to be more (different stats and sizes)?

    30. Lasstmichdurch on

      Steps are a little bit to short and to frequent...
      Beside that...looking good...

    31. Ahmad Khan on

      i want mindless drones :-(

    32. Missing avatar

      adveres on

      Pretty thrilled with the updates so far. Good communication!

      Horses look great so far.

    33. Andy Linea of Sin - DOoD on

      Great update, keep on the good work, guys!
      Regarding horses there were some things which I didn't like in Assassin's Creed and Skyrim: it was a bit stupid that the horse came too close by calling, so I turned around and it was right in my face. Other thing if I called a horse during running, it run through me to the place where I called it even if it was farther away.
      And please don't let the horse following us like a dog, ok? It is so annoying in Skyrim, to be honest I sometimes killed my horse to get rid of it. :D
      So it would be cool to leave greater distance by calling and the horse should "update" on the actual position.

    34. Hyunki Kwon on

      I'm very happy to see this video!
      keep up the good work!

    35. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    36. Missing avatar

      John Bernhardt on

      The horses are looking great! Can't wait to see the combat video update!!!

    37. Eliot Lteif on

      How about the horse's life and stamina. And will the nxt video also cover horseback fighting. One more thing u r awsome thx for the game.

    38. Robert Nieuwkoop on

      I would like to know the range of the whistle and what path the horse will prefer? If possible. And will you be able to train your horse into something like a warhorse so it will not stop for any danger at all? If the horse also has a clothing option, how many layers will be applicable and will there be plate armour for the horse?

      Awesome updates of you, every time I turn my head away from this game, you snap my neck and make me look at it again with the awesome stuff you give us. Best of luck!

    39. David W on

      BTW, I TOTALLY want that shirt at 0:23, that is awesome.

    40. Marc on

      yeah now we can DRIVE around ;)

    41. David W on

      Everybody sing it with me!

      Aaaaa horse is a horse of course of course...

    42. Soopy on

      Horse animations and system look great! Love the nudge you gave that guy while riding the horse.