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Realistic single-player RPG set in the medieval Europe. Open-world sandbox with period accurate melee combat. Dungeons & no Dragons.
Realistic single-player RPG set in the medieval Europe. Open-world sandbox with period accurate melee combat. Dungeons & no Dragons.
35,384 backers pledged £1,106,371 to help bring this project to life.

Video Update #2: Our Character Customization System

Posted by Warhorse Studios (Creator)

Welcome to our second video update!

In this update Dan talks about the character customization system we have built on top of Cryengine sandbox. It allows us to create hundreds of different NPCs by few simple clicks. And of course, it also allows the players to customize their characters. We hope you are going to like it as much as we do!

 Let us know what you think!


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    1. Missing avatar

      Darryl Grant on

      Just backed today and am looking through these additional vids. VERY nice system. I always wanted games to layer clothing properly. Love the idea of wear and tear and grime. Love it!

    2. Lasstmichdurch on

      Oops...slipped in the wrong video... :-)

    3. Lasstmichdurch on

      Steps are a little bit to short and to frequent...
      Beside that...looking good...

    4. Missing avatar

      Jeremy f Porter on

      Love the variety! Will we be able to belong to different groups? Such as a member of the nobility ? Otherwise I'm not sure how a peasant blacksmith would even be allowed to fight as a knight or lead men in battle.

    5. Wayne G.

      I hope that little people (4' 0'') will be in the game! They exist as much as my bi-sexual bard. Even if like my bi-sexual bard they were discriminated against T_T

    6. Missing avatar

      Moerf on

      Really, really nice. I also love to see that there will be totally different kind of body types and not just "ideal" men and women.
      Will there be also small and tall people (not dwarfs or children)? So that you will have to look up to some people and can look down on someone?
      It may add a lot of sense of realism which is missing in many RPGs these days (with the exception of MMORGPs and RPGs with totally different races of course).

    7. Johannes 'Waldgeist' Rebhan on

      When it comes to character creation there is hardly any game that beats EvE Online, even though they don't use it for anything useful really. But I really like the clothing system. Great work. Keep it coming!

    8. headshotd on

      Cannot say I have seen better character customization. The envirnoment looks fantastic too! Really good job, guys! :)

    9. Nekator

      Looking very good, customization is a big part of the feeling for me.
      Will it maybe even be possible to create new clothes with the modding tools?

    10. LuckyLuigi on

      This looks excellent in every way, can't wait for the next installment !

    11. Missing avatar

      Matt on

      @Dan Andersen: the answer is in the FAQ: "Cryengine supports Oculus Rift by default, so general answer is: yes. We plan to support this awesome hardware gadget."

    12. Missing avatar

      Dan Andersen on

      I was going to write a comment in the previous week regarding you intentions with modding. I thought it best to give it some time and then ask, after some of these videos. Glad to know I only had to wait until your next one to find out :D

      In lieu of asking about modding, I was also wondering if you guys are looking at Oculus Rift support?

      Keep up the great work!

    13. Warhorse Studios Creator on

      Thanks all for great feedback!

      @David W: No worries, gloves and gauntlets will be in the game, they are just not ready yet. You can see a slot for them (empty for now) in character screen UI at 1:13. Thanks for the reminder tho, we already had a feedback regarding this topic and forgot to mention it in the video...
      @Phillip Smith: Then look again! :) There are already hundreds of different clothing parts, but anyway, the main purpose of the video was to show the system. All clothing so far was made by two guys only and they needed to develop the system for it first. System is ready and with almost two years of development (in greater numbers) ahead, I wouldn't fear there is not enough variation in outfits.

    14. Perro|Verde on

      @Phillip Smith

      Don't worry about that, I trust they will add much more clothing, but if not, there will be tons of skin-mods solving this hypothetical problem. I'm sure.

    15. Roccondil on

      So far what I see is a lot of repetition of clothes... almost like everyone bought them from the same tailor, just with different dyes. Hopefully by release there will be much more variance in styles so that you get the illusion that there is an infinite number of clothing choices...

    16. Baron von La Monte on

      Really stoked on that beautiful armour

    17. Wayne G.

      It does look great. But I have to side with StrangeCat. Even if when "released" it may not contain full nudity having it made with this in mind would be helpful for modders. It has nothing to do with the pornographic side (which is likely to come from any realistically made game.) for me it has to do with aesthetics and roleplay. For instance gambling with someone and you take everything he has. Mugging a man and doing likewise. Passing out drunk and wondering what happened, going to take a bath, going for a swim in the lake. Shocking people by running around town uncovered (likely leading to being arrested) So making the models with this in mind and making the game with this in mind. Where if you don't released the game with nudity (which I hope you do. I always wanted to see how well a developer creation could come out instead of mods) you can apply the same effects to the permanent undergarments.

    18. Missing avatar

      Robert zöbisch on

      This is so amasing!
      Finaly a good medival rpg

    19. Missing avatar

      StrangeCat on

      Quite Fantastic guys! I hope there is full nudity and the game is more adult!

    20. William Littlejohn on

      So nice! So so nice. The clothing system looks fantastic. Game graphics look amazing too. The only thing about seeing this is it kind of makes me wish for a 3rd person mode as well as first, to be able to see your character. But I guess you get to see him in the cut scenes and inventory menu. Such a great update though. CANNOT WAIT TO PLAY IT!

    21. Mauritz Nordlund on

      1) I hope the player can be nude in the game. Totally nude. Everyone who have pledged is over 18 years old so game ratings should not be an issue.
      2) Please think about the helmet problem. A player wants a helmet because of stats. At the same time we want to see the head of the player person. Especially if you talk to people in the game. Let the user use preferences for "magical" helmets. Magical in that sense that they are equipped but you don't see them on the head. (Like Mass Effect and modded Dragon Age)

    22. Missing avatar

      Mike Wootton on

      @Helena I know, but you cant customise your body/face/hair/facial hair etc like they were showing off for their NPCs. Not that I mind, The Witcher series sticks you with Geralt as they see him, and it's one of my favourite RPG franchises.

    23. Ivan Veselý on

      Will be in the game some special items or posibilities to improve them like in Fallout or in Baldours Gate?

    24. Maggie Evans on

      Will armour affect how tired or thirsty a character is? (If thirst is a thing in the game)

    25. Missing avatar

      Andreas Arvidsson on

      @EndreX: Once you've watched the video you'll know you don't have to worry about that ;)

      It looks amazing Warhorse, it really shows that you pay attention to the details =)

    26. Andy Linea of Sin - DOoD on

      Tomorrow I'll check out the video, but one thing for now:
      It would be nice to see many different NPCs, not only some types repeating. If there is an army of hundreds of people and you only see 5-6 faces, it is a bit boring...

    27. Missing avatar

      Anonene on

      Dělám středověk, shodou okolností dobu Václava IV. a musím říct že oblečení je opravdu podařené a věrohodné... u mě máte za 1++
      Díky jen tak dál.

    28. Benjamin Apfelbaum on

      Just great, love the idea of layering!

    29. Helena on

      @ Mike: you will be able to customise your clothing, armour and I think hairstyle (in-game).

    30. Missing avatar

      Mike Wootton on

      Amazing :) Only critique would be showing us all the customisation options yet it actually being a redundant factor, since we can't alter the character we are playing :P

    31. Zombra on

      The clothing system looks fantastic. I'm especially excited by clothes getting gradually dirty and needing to be washed. That is a really good idea that will help immersion immensely.

    32. LordCrash on

      Great update! :)

    33. Ebu diGriz on

      David W: Answer is quite simple - gloves wait to be done. No worries though, they have about 2 years to make them :)

    34. Ian Williams on

      Oh my god I almost wish I didn't watch that because it made me want to play the game right nowwww! But I know I have to be patient so you guys can make exactly the game you intended in all of it's glory. I know waiting that long will be worth it.

    35. olpika on

      "The difference between RPG and any other games is that character can dress and undress in RPG"
      You sure you don't confuse RPG with doll playing?

    36. David W on

      One thing I've noticed is one is wearing gloves, even when they ought to be.

      I'm seeing fully-armored knights with bare hands! Are gauntlets not going to be part of the equipment and costuming in this game, or for whatever reason are they just not being shown in the videos (FYI: I'm not where I can watch this video with the audio turned on, so if that's addressed please forgive me, I'm not where I can hear it right now)?

    37. Emirhan Ekşioğlu on

      Beautiful. Nothing else to say really.

    38. CosmicMeeting on

      This looks so good I think I had a heartattack. I feel proud to be part of it and I'm certain I will enjoy your hard work immensely.

    39. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Jerkins on

      @ Norza

      Actually, bras have been found dating around the late 15th century.

      See here:

    40. MichiGen - Weresheep of Original Sin on

      The characters and every piece of clothing looks really great, and I also like the idea of clothing getting dirty. It wasn't a long video update, but an interesting one for sure, and the ending was great! :)

    41. Missing avatar

      Norza on

      Bras don't exist back then right?

    42. Helena on

      Finally got to watch this video with the sound on. Looks awesome! Having to wash clothes sounds like an interesting idea, though I hope it won't become too much of a chore.

    43. Stiler Orion on

      Left this comment on the video, figured I'd post here so you guys might see it:

      Just a bit of info that might be helpful to you guys.

      They didn't wear full chain under plate armor, especially in the early 15th century.

      They would instead have the chain only in certain area's where plate armor was vunerable, the joints (armpit, groin), the neck, etc. This part of the armor was referred to as a Gousset.

      Plate protects better then chain so there's no reason to wear full chain under the plate, especially the chest and other area's where it isn't vunerable. You would just be adding extra unnecessary weight and wear on yourself.

      This would provide the best protection until later plate armor that got better at protecting those weak points.

    44. Ben Lehman on

      Looks amazing. I'm hoping there will be a third person view that way i can see my knight cutting down his foes in all of his glory. Good job so far! :)

    45. Missing avatar

      James Pottinger on

      Looks great, I can tell I'll spend a good couple of hours customizing my character before even starting the game ;) Definitely looking forward to the mod tools as well :D

    46. Missing avatar

      Mark Davenport on

      Looks like a really cool system and really easy to make everyone look different.

    47. Khalaq on

      Loved the video. The big "Thank You" banner in the background made me laugh when I saw it. It was unexpected. )

    48. Missing avatar

      pavold on

      will be able to make offsprings? :)

    49. Michał Cieciak on

      Why is december 2015 so far from today?