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Realistic single-player RPG set in the medieval Europe. Open-world sandbox with period accurate melee combat. Dungeons & no Dragons.
Realistic single-player RPG set in the medieval Europe. Open-world sandbox with period accurate melee combat. Dungeons & no Dragons.
35,384 backers pledged £1,106,371 to help bring this project to life.

Video Update #1: Our World

Posted by Warhorse Studios (Creator)

Welcome to our first video update!

This is the first of the series of video updates we want to bring to you, delivering more information about the core features of Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

 Please let us know what you think. What would you like to see in the next updates?


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    1. FrenchyUS on

      Great video. Looking forward to the next one

    2. Timothy Stanton on

      Very good video, amazing how good the game is looking already.

    3. Connor Spaulding on

      Great video, really looking forward to this. As for what I would personally like to see in an update? Maybe more about the main character. Other than being a blacksmith's son, who is he? Can he read and write? Is he particularly religiously zealous? Age? Etc.

    4. Chris J Capel on

      Excellent. Interesting new information, pieces of history compared to how they are in the game, and gameplay. Keep these video updates up and I will be a very happy backer!

    5. Didier Delhaye on

      Great video, great explanations, thanks for the visit!

    6. Vojta Franče on

      Talmberk castle: (turn on photos)

    7. Vojta Franče on

      google map view of Rataje village: + u can use google street view

    8. Missing avatar

      lyon on

      For those interested in finding the place it is a town called Rataje nad Sázavou, 40km southeast of Prague.

      Also, I believe the in-game story is based on a real story of a nearby castle Talmberk (hopefully appears in the game as well), whose owner Diviš was forcefully imprisoned in 1390 by a guy called Havel Medek who occupied the castle for the next 7 years until a court set Diviš free a the property was returned to its rightful owner.

    9. Missing avatar

      Thomas Haden on

      This looks awesome! This is the first project i backed, and i am very excited to play it when it's done. I am looking forward to the next updates! Keep up the awesome work :)

    10. Missing avatar

      Robert Silesius on

      I love the historical accuracy. Hope you will put in a "history teacher" mode where you can just walk around and observe life around you!

    11. Missing avatar

      Achim on

      wow, this is really one of the best videos i've seen so far from any kickstarter update!
      That game will just be amazing.

      One wish i have for future updates: could you maybe introduce other members of your team, so we get to know them a bit?

    12. Vojta Franče on

      Great video, its good care for backers. Show us creating of a character and its develompment.

    13. Daerdor on

      Amazing video update, the link with actual history is impressive!
      Keep up the great work, I'm looking forward to more updates!

    14. Missing avatar

      Adam Przepiera on

      Hi Warhorse Studios, looking forward for more updates. This is a first project I gave money to and I am really thrilled to see what will come out of it. P.S. I really would love to see full 40+ minutes update about historical background of the game, I know, I know I can read a book about it or read on the internet ( and I probably will ) but I think it would be interesting to see you talking about it, for various reasons. In my opinion it would be even better than talking about actual plot and saying to much.

    15. Nigel Morris on

      I am really impressed with the quality of the work shown.
      Equally impressive is your open communicative stance, with frequent & interesting updates.
      It is a really fascinating insight into the processes involved & the games development.

      You are doing great, please continue as you are. ;0)

    16. Capuano Maxime on

      Really interesting video, that's really cool from you to show us how you work !

      To my mind, continue to show us how you work, what you have studied will be interesting and help us to understand your vision, where you want to go with your game and probably involve us more than we are actually.

    17. Missing avatar

      Santtu Luopajärvi on

      I'd be interested to see how cutscenes, quests and conversations are constructed and structured. Among other things...

    18. Tim Kofoed on

      This is such a great project!

      A friend of mine and I, have long tried to get started on a small medieval game production also, and we wanted to do it as historically accurate as possible also!
      We'd be just like you guys... if we had an office, 20x the people, etc. etc. :P ...but great work! Keep it as factual as possible and use as much real life photography as textures as possible (but if you do a little fiction, that's fine too)
      Can't wait to try the beta!

    19. Michael New on

      This was perfect. I'm even more excited than before. Looking forward to the next video!

    20. Missing avatar

      Phil Kirby on

      Superb video guys! Keep up the great work! :-)

    21. scar1971 on

      Wow, amazing video, i love it.
      Im looking forward to the next very interesting video updates.

    22. Jiří Žlutický on

      Pekne video. Moc se tesim.
      Priste by jste mohli k videu o soubojovem systemu (pokud bude teda dalsi ono) treba pridat 5 minutove video jak to u vas ve studiu vypada a seznamit nas s dalsimi lidmi co se na ceske hre cislo 1 podileji :) Pridat trosku vic te "lidskosti" at pro lidi ve svete nejste jen studio nekde ve stredni evrope ale skupina zapalenych lidi do sveho cile.

    23. Lorien Green on

      LOVED this video! I like text writeups too, but some things, like locations, or the motion capture for fighting, are just so much cooler to actually see.

    24. Missing avatar

      Tomas Bazala on

      I wonder, what are your sources of informations? Are you consulting everything with specialist (archaeologists,historians, etc,)? What literature are you using (Wagner, Klucina, what else)?
      Something different: Who will be performing in Motion Capture? Did you already choose any group? Will it be some medieval fencing master? What school of fencing?

    25. Missing avatar

      Andreas Arvidsson on

      The amont of work you put into the historical accuracy of the locations is amazing, keep it that way! Looking forward to video #2 =)

    26. Andy Linea of Sin - DOoD on

      David: I didn't say everyone was dirty in this age, but some for sure. :-P
      It's depending on many things. Which layer of society we are talking about, and where was the village, what were their circumstances. If there was peace or war, if the lord was a pain on the neck or better. If you see people in their working clothes in the evening or on Sunday going to the church... If you have two peasants for example: one with a family and another alcoholic without wife and they still look the same (in the game) even if washing clothes may not be prio one in case of the second guy...

    27. Simon Potter on

      Great video! This games is shaping up to be something truly special :)

    28. David W on

      @Endrex: Ah yes, the myth of the "Dung Ages." People in the Medieval period weren't the dirty greasy slobs pop culture makes them out to be. People replaced their clothing as regularly as they could, (either by sale or making it themselves) and were pretty well-practiced at keeping them clean. Eating utensils were used, and while forks were still a novelty until the late-15th century, other things such as skewers WERE available.

    29. Louis Harrison on

      Great video, loving all the historical details, Keep up the good work and put multiplayer in the game :D

    30. Zuloom on

      @ Pavel Hilser

      One is physical copy and one is digital distribution.

    31. Ryuuosa on

      Aww yeah, I'm ready for more videos like this. Loved it.

    32. Warhorse Studios Creator on

      Hello, backers. Don't worry we have a list of forbidden vegetables which weren't present here in the olde tymes and potatoes are on it. Along with maize (corn), mexican beans, pepper, tomatoes, cucumbers, even cauliflower and more. Seems Dan just wished he could store his own potatoes there :-)

    33. Missing avatar

      Pavel Hilser on

      Why is there 2x the price of £20 and 2x of £25? What do the people get, when they pay the price? Isn't it weird? :D

    34. Jan on

      Those are great ideas EndreX! I'm sure houses and clothes wont be clean as they are now :)

    35. Andy Linea of Sin - DOoD on

      Hello, just get here, great project!! As I saw the graphics, I like it, but it would be more realistic if the clothes/armor and the houses won't be so clean. I mean they didn't have Ariel and worked on the fields, battled, many people ate like pigs... ;-) In case of the houses it would be also nice to see some rests from past battles, houses built on the ruins of old buildings, some burned walls, repaired holes on the roofs, especially regarding the forts. Or to have a place where they collected the broken things, rubbish.
      I would advice not to make a too big map, like Skyrim or so, it is simple too big. I played more than 100 hours and didn't see everything. Better to make it smaller, but full of content. Maybe you could use random events, meet hunting men in the forests, or others trying to kill a 'witch', or whatever. Here you could use the same place, where nothing was earlier, and the player would think: 'ok, I killed the bandits here last time, nothing will happen now'. And now maybe comes a pack of wolves or thieves to the bodies, or the rest of the bandits and they are mad because of the others and want to kill anyone they see...
      Such kind of things.

    36. Missing avatar

      Peter on

      I will just chime in and say I also enjoyed the historical tour with all the explanations! It is a very good way to talk about the game without spoiling to much

    37. Ahenobarbus on

      Nice video. More historical details please :)

    38. Missing avatar

      Beriol on

      The video was awesome! It would be even more so if the next one would be the one focused on combat!

    39. Missing avatar

      Vojtech Lacina on

      Realy nice making of, like it! Love the attention to historic details! Very patriotic :)

    40. Missing avatar

      Julien on

      Please, please! Don't ever put that song in loop for 15 minutes again xD either no music, or some variety. It's a great song, don't get me wrong, just not for the whole video.

    41. Vojtěch Novák on

      Nicola: Jenda, you can spel it Yenda :)

    42. Vojtěch Novák on

      Franz: Jenda, you can spel it Yenda :)

    43. CosmicMeeting on

      Best Kickstarter video I've seen to date. Hands on and with Daniel Vávra as guide can only have one outcome, Epic! I smell upping of pledges! :D

    44. Vitus Hoffmann on

      wohoooo big update. Thats what we want to see!

    45. Missing avatar

      Nicola Peroni on

      Video is amazing! I realy enjoyed to see the real location and what they look in the game =) only one question... dog's name? =)

    46. Missing avatar

      Franz Außerstorfer on

      damn crazy stuff guys... lets show those damn publishers that they are not really that big brains as they think!

      me too wish you another 500k ...

      i truly believe that with the attitude you show this will be an freakin awesome experience of a game!!!!!

    47. Albius on

      Video is just grate! Thanks!
      There are only 2 points:
      1. Top secrete potato storege — that was unknown to all europe untill 16th century, and...
      2. Please, name of camo jacket :) Its really badass!

    48. Jan Paluska on

      Good job Dan, very good. I have just one wish! Please do a czech subs for us. You are czech studio, do a game inspired from czech history and geography a a lot of czech people give you their money a wish you the best luck with this game. I believe that czech subtitles are the least what you can do .)

      Wish you the best, proudly Baron :)

    49. Filip Nowak on

      Thanks a lot, Dan! I love our czech history so I very much enjoyed this video. I'm looking forward to the next video update.