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Realistic single-player RPG set in the medieval Europe. Open-world sandbox with period accurate melee combat. Dungeons & no Dragons.
Realistic single-player RPG set in the medieval Europe. Open-world sandbox with period accurate melee combat. Dungeons & no Dragons.
35,384 backers pledged £1,106,371 to help bring this project to life.

Questions, more questions, thousands of questions and some answers

Posted by Warhorse Studios (Creator)

When we were readying our Kickstarter campaign we were wary of announcing stretch goals and stuff like that. We didn’t want to be in a situation where we announced £2,000,000 stretch goal and in the end did not manage to raise more than £200,000. We wanted to wait until the project was on solid footing before announcing more about our ambitions.

We didn’t anticipate needing to raise our target goal in less than two days. We’re humbled and deeply thankful to our supporters. However, we are simply overwhelmed at the moment! Consider the following: the Kickstarter ‘Comments’ forum has almost 9,000 posts in five days, we got almost 1,500 private messages (mostly questions), our Inboxes are overflowing with hundreds extra emails, and of course there are questions on our Facebook page and on Twitter. All our designers are working around the clock to answer all the queries, but they are still lagging behind. We’re doing our best, but as this is our first crowdfunding effort, we’re learning as we go along. So, to hopefully get a bit caught up and answer the most pressing issues, we’ve created this update and summarized the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

There is also FAQ section down on the project description (Home) page of Kickstarter and this update repeats some of the material there, however, we think it may get more attention here.

To our supporters: if there are things the FAQ, doesn’t address, please continue to keep the inquiries coming!! We WILL get back to you. Thank you everyone!


Lot of people would like to pay through PayPal. Unfortunately, we are not able to set up new payment methods, this is fully controlled by Kickstarter and they chose not to support that platform. Once the campaign ends, we will continue with pledges on our web site with more options. We are doing everything we can to launch our PayPal store as soon as possible. So if PayPal is your only option of backing us, it's going to be possible in near future.

Character customization

There are many questions about possibilities of your character customization. Our game is story-based and the hero is a specific character, whose background, personal history, etc. are already developed. You cannot change his gender, voice or face. However, you can change almost everything else – we have a very sophisticated equipment/clothing system, you can change hair styles (in-game, not before starting the game), there are no class limits on attributes.


A specific type of character customization question is the one about option to play as a female. This is unfortunately not possible, as explained above. However our stretch goal will allow you to take the role of a female character for a while.


We’re creating the game in English and with English voiceovers. We would like to make French, Italian, German and Spanish versions of the game as well. Our past experience also suggests there will be a Polish, Russian and Czech version of the game, not necessarily with voiceovers, though.

The other languages are matter of contracts with local distributors. We are not going to create the localizations ourselves and we do not know at this moment of time what are they going to be.


Many people wonder how much of a sandbox our sandbox is going to be. You will be able to solve quests in multiple ways, kill most of NPCs or influence their day/night cycles. We have a complex system of reputation, relationships and law. You can influence local economy to an extent (price of goods).

The player’s character is going to have a place to stay and live, but you will not be able to buy and sell real estate. Nor you can control other characters. Companions/henchmen have their own AI and they are quest-specific. Your character will develop relationships with NPCs.

Map size

Some people are concerned about our maps size and seem to think that 9 sq. km. is not enough. Please trust us that it is. Our map is bigger than the one in Read Dead Redemption. The population/point-of-interest density is going to be on par with RDR. We want the world to look natural.


There seems to be demand for multiplayer experience. Unfortunately, Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a singleplayer game only. We are thinking about cooperative multiplayer in some further future, but definitely not for Act I.

Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift captured the imagination of many players and you ask about it very often. Cryengine supports Oculus Rift by default, however we realize that the game has to be developed with Oculus in mind and we are aware of their recommended Best Practices. We shall try to stick to these recommendations, but VR is still an uncharted territory and we can’t guarantee ideal results from get go. To create horse riding experience that won’t give you motion sickness looks like a real challenge.

3rd person view

We are sorry, but we do not plan to allow you to control your character in 3rd person view (you will be able to see your character e.g. in cutscenes, dialogues or on the inventory screen, you can also see your body and hands all the time). We believe that FPV allows for better immersion in the world; we also think that we can make the FPV combat work.

Platforms, HW requirements and digital vs. physical

The subject of platforms, digital vs. physical distribution and extra licenses is complex and bit overwhelming. We’ll try to do our best untangling it:

Let’s start with hardware. We are developing the game to run smoothly on “good gaming PC” and next-gen consoles. If you have a PC, hardware-wise similar to Xbox One or PS4, you should be able to run Kingdom Come: Deliverance well.

We are using proven technology (Cryengine by CryTek) that runs on both PS4 and Xbox One, as well as on Windows PC, Mac and Linux. While we are developing on Windows, we definitely want to bring the game to other platforms, like Mac or Linux. On closed platforms we need to deal with the platform holders and we cannot prejudge their decision. In an ideal world, we would release the game on all five platforms at the same time.

In our world, we can offer you PC/Mac/Linux version in all tiers. From the Baron tier above, you will be able to choose our game on any platform you wish from those mentioned above (i.e. Windows PC / Mac / Linux / Xbox One / PS4), with the proviso that on consoles the game must be approved by the platform holders first. In case we are not able to finish or release the game on the platform you chose for any reason, you will be able to choose again (from available platforms) or demand your money back.

You don’t have to specify your desired platform in advance. Just choose a pledge that suits you. Your pledge will be filed and you will be asked to choose a platform once the release date draws nigh. You can change this any time later – we will inform you how to do that via an e-mail.

However, on lower tiers at least you have to decide whether you want physical or digital copy of the game. For Soldiers and Knights we are unable to give you both, so you have to choose the one you want.

While it may seem that from Baron upward you get two copies of the game, it’s important to understand the distinction between copy and license. On Baron and Earl tiers you will get both digital and physical copy, however, it’s just one license (e.g. the same Steam key). So you can play either one, but you cannot for example sell the box and keep the digital copy. Obviously, both physical and digital license have to be on the same platform. 

From Duke tier upwards you receive additional digital copy, meaning extra digital license. The physical and 'first' digital copy again have to be for the same platform, but the extra license can be for a different one.

To sum it up:

  • Soldier: Win/Mac/Linux, 1 license, digital OR physical
  • Knight: Win/Mac/Linux, 1 license, digital OR physical
  • Baron: Win/Mac/Linux/Xbox/PS4, 1 license, digital AND physical
  • Earl: Win/Mac/Linux/Xbox/PS4, 1 license, digital AND physical
  • Duke: Win/Mac/Linux/Xbox/PS4, 2 licenses, digital AND physical
  • … all higher tiers are like Duke in this respect 


We get many questions about DRM and whether our game is going to be DRM free. Frankly, we have to admit we are not sure at this moment. We are planning to use Steam on open platforms, so the game will be using Steam default copy protection mechanics. Other options including are being considered but can't be confirmed as of yet.


We definitely intend to release most of our game-making tools to allow the community to create mods for Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Part of our heritage are games like Operation Flashpoint and we realize how important the modding community is. We plan to support it as much as we can. It should be noted though, that the modding tools will be available for PC only.


The sword in higher tiers is a medieval European 15th century type of one-handed sword (for Emperor, Wenzel der Faule, and Pope tiers) or hand-and-a-half sword, also called bastard sword (Illuminatus and Saint tiers). It is a real-sized hand-forged weapon created by a local blacksmith, not a serial production. It can be used for combat or combat training; you can choose whether it's sharpened or not.

Delivering the sword should not be a problem to most countries (US, EU). There are countries where ownership of cold weapons is regulated (UK has ban on Katana swords, but normal sword should be OK). We are not able to verify the legal aspects of sword ownership in your country and therefore we have to ask you to check the appropriate regulation beforehand and if it appears that a life-sized sword could be a problem, we ask you to kindly select a different tier.

There are various exceptions, so to help you with the checks, here are the salient points: our sword is traditionally hand-forged, it’s straight (i.e. not curved), and we can deliver it with blunt edge. Our sword is not a toy! We cannot deliver it to persons under 18 years of age.

Act structure

This is a complex topic that is subject of many questions. We shall deal with it in one of the future updates.

Combat and Weapons

This is one of the key features of the game and one of the video updates will deal with it exclusively.


We shall be launching our own forum in the next few days. They will provide a better and more structured way of talking about game features, discussing various aspects, plans and expectations. We shall be sending you a message via Kickstarter about the details of creating your account on our forums with the right backer's badge.

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    1. Helena on

      @ IamHowie: The female character is a separate character with some additional quests, not a female version of the main character. She will appear as an NPC in the main game.

    2. IamHowie on

      Really like this update so far. What I concern about character customization is, what would the "female character" part like? I'm actually hoping for a complete different experience instead of just another storyline that wouldn't tell a difference if the main character is male or female. Different in not just petty flirtation, but given how women really had no place in medieval societies, it should be a really challenging mode that would require you to employ all kinds of strategies. If it's too much be done, then I suggest just leave this topic alone and focus on the male character. Do not let it distract the real meat and butter of the game.

    3. Mortain on

      A great example of PayPal usage was from the Mighty Nr. 9:…

    4. Missing avatar

      elyetis on

      You can add me in the " please add cooperative multiplayer in further act " bandwagon. It's something pretty much inexistant in the open world rpg genre, and really shouldn't. It doesn't need to be done from the ground up with coop in mind, the second character can be completly ignored by the story as to not impact the solo experience.

    5. Warhorse Studios Creator on

      @Vadim Peretokin - Yes, modding tools will be available for Windows only.
      @Erwin - Yes, platforms of Early Access and of the final release can differ.

    6. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      Please make a full Russian localization with voices!

    7. Zombra on

      It's OK not to have a third-person camera in gameplay, but it will be too bad to not have any kind of "vanity mode". Looking at my armor in the inventory screen just isn't that exciting. How am I supposed to take great screenshots of my character? Of him in his early rags in the blacksmith shop? Later in his awesome armor in the throne room? And so forth.

    8. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      I vote for DRM-Free and Linux! :)

      Please use Humble Bundle Store.

    9. Missing avatar

      Yahkem on

      I'm pretty sad i can't change the face of my character. Mass Effect games, for example, have a hero with a name and voice too, but you can change his appearance.

    10. Jani Jereb on

      Good and good. Be honest, be brave, don't promise the stars. That kind of attitude will make this game a reality.
      Also, if you can, make an effort to reach out to I make most of my game purchases there nowadays, but on the other hand I won't begrudge you if you will ultimately decide to goo all out Steam. That works for me too, in a pinch.

    11. Missing avatar

      Johnson Nguyen on

      Bravo. Magnifico.

      This post is simple, but pure brilliance. You have made one backer all the more confident.

    12. Karel Manda on

      good gaming pc? I am getting worried about what do you exactly mean :D I can run skyrim smoothly on my i3, but I didnt try any Cryengine games ...

    13. Missing avatar

      Maciej Kancerski on

      I am still a bit concerned about the map size. I know that Kingdom Come: Deliverance is not going to be another part of The Elder Scrolls series, but 9 sq. km looks not that big at all compared to the maps in Skyrim & Oblivion (each had a map size of around 41 sq km) or in Morrowind (16 sq. km). Not to mention Daggerfall which had over 160 000 sq km. Of course rather than size more important is to have a living world, full of points of interests and its inhabitants. The thing is that Red Dead Redemption you are referring to in this matter hasn't got that great population density from what I remember, the number of NPCs living in the major towns in RDR was rather disappointing...

    14. Missing avatar

      Mike Wootton on

      Steam is hardly as bad as Origin/Uplay and other DRMs out there, they've already stated "Other options including are being considered but can't be confirmed as of yet." stop getting your panties in a twist and await further info on the above quote. Yes, I can understand why some people would prefer an alternative to Steam, however all the hate on Steam and brandishing it as this evil DRM beast is something I can't understand.

    15. Missing avatar

      Stefan Giesen (Igor[Rock]) on

      Even though Steam is already much better than most of the alternatives, DRM is definitely a game breaker for me.

      Please clarify if this game will be available DRM free before the campaign ends, because chances are that I will cancel my pledge if it isn't. I don't want to support "Digital Restriction Management" in any way.

    16. Missing avatar

      Mike Wootton on

      "We shall be launching our own forum in the next few days. They will provide a better and more structured way of talking about game features, discussing various aspects, plans and expectations. We shall be sending you a message via Kickstarter about the details of creating your account on our forums with the right backer's badge."

      Yay :)

    17. Theobeau:OOoE\Mad man with a box/Exiled on

      Great update with detailed answers to the common questions of many backers (including this one).

      I for one don't have huge problems with Steam and can see advantages when it comes to rolling out pre-releases and patches but +1 for an eventual release on GOG as well.

    18. Missing avatar

      JW on

      Still a bit worried about the world map size, though. Did you perhaps mean 9 square miles and not 9 square kilometres? Because the actual (accessible) game world in Oblivion yields some 10 square miles, which would in fact be only slightly bigger than the one in Kingdom Come. If, however, you meant 9 square km the world is nowhere as big as Cyrodiil which, converted to square km, is about 26 square miles big. I.e. Cyrodiil is almost three times as big as the world presented in Act I.

      If you mean to have the same intervals between cities and towns like in Red Dead Redemption as you said, I figure that makes for some pretty tiny urban environments if you aim at keeping a "natural" countryside vs. urban environment balance.

      Addit: I only just noticed you got rid of "Our map is bigger than the one in Read Dead Redemption and about the size of the one in Oblivion" in the F.A.Q.

    19. Jan on

      I'm sure they will do everything so they can satisfy people like Helena who is awesome and she were (not sure if were/was :( ) suporting this project from start!

      I admit I really love steam because it really helps community with sharing mods and adding stuff into the games but I can respect others opinion about it. I were just surprised how many people don't want steam lately.

    20. Pavel Stangel on

      @Helena yeah that is fair. I mean, update breaking the game is rare (and when it happens, devs can fix it instantly since they have full control over it, not having to go through Valve), but wanting more control is fine. Most gamers prefer the convenience though. Hopefully Warhorse will be able to satisfy both Steam Fanboys and DRM-Free Warriors :-)

    21. Helena on

      @ Pavel: Thanks for the info. I can actually see how Steam is useful for alpha/beta versions, but since I very rarely play those anyway, it's not really relevant to me. As for modding and patching, I honestly prefer to do those manually; that way I have more control over the process (I'm constantly seeing people complain about Steam's automatic updates breaking their game, for example).

      @ Timo: Agreed, this is one game where purely 'cosmetic' gender is not an option. The devs can't claim they're going for historical authenticity and accuracy, then add "except for the part where a woman can become a blacksmith or knight as easily as a man."

    22. Vitus Hoffmann on

      Very important update! Keep up the good work in dealing with the loads of questions!

    23. Richard Toman on

      @Timo exactly. Ppl are all excited how this game is realistic and then they ask for 15th century woman blacksmith who also happen to weild sword well. What next? Robots shooting lasers n' shit?

    24. Pavel Stangel on

      "Not to mention that they can lock you out of your account on a whim, leaving you unable to play any of your games until the problem is resolved - and yes, I have heard of that actually happening to people."

      Just a quick correction, they stopped doing this long time ago. Now, if there is a dispute for whatever reason (for example you make paypal dispute to get your money back instead of contacting Steam support), they just prevent your steam account from buying new games. But you can still play everything you have.
      As for other points, they are mostly valid, but the battle was already decided. Vast majority of PC gamers love steam (myself included, admittedly). I want to see GOG release as well and I think they will do it, but maybe only after the game is released. Steam offers too many benefits when it comes to patching (maintaining separate alpha/beta on GOG in addition to Steam would be a lot of hassle), modding (Steam workshop is fantastic) and other stuff.

    25. Missing avatar

      Timo Hohkala on

      I'm glad they are sticking to the 'male only' protagonist. Some people seem to think that just 'slap on female mesh' and change few 'him' to 'her' will fix it.


      Warhorse would have to redo every single dialogue if they want to maintain their historical accuracy. Woman would get much more hostility trying to be a warrior or blacksmith, be denied of some possibilities all together and just generally receive different kind of acceptance.

      Slap in female mesh and they can pretty much add in dragons too.

    26. Missing avatar

      Jörg Schönknecht on

      Regarding the console release: So on Baron (Special Edition), I get both the physical and the digital edition. How do you manage that they are both the same license?

    27. Missing avatar

      Santtu Luopajärvi on

      Looking good & sensible. Having the game on Steam is a must (it's where the money is), and if they can get it on GOG as well (I can't see why not, as they are apparently self-publishing), then everyone should be satisfied.

      As far as Steam goes, it isn't as horrid in practice as it is (or could be) in principle. Besides, games are a privilege, not a right, and if they start being more trouble than worth, well, I'll just find another hobby...

    28. Filip Nowak on

      What's wrong about steam? I'm very happy with that service. I've all my games in one place. Whenever I reinstall or buy a new PC, I can select and install any game again and play. No more lost dvd's.
      Of course I respect the opposite view, but when I saw a lot of complaints about the Steam here I wanted to add a positive opinion :).

    29. Esther Zinn on

      @Ralph Mazza I assume they would also have to hire a female voice actor to play the main character and it may take additional hours/resources to accommodate that (sound mixer, editor etc.) Also, the height from the player's POV, hands, and other animations (esp battle) might need to be changed too. Which sucks, because I REALLY would like a female character, but they are also a smaller studio, so it might not be possible within the range of their budget & resources. Hoping we hit 600k and get the female character in the beginning though! :)

    30. Arhac, Hamster for Hire on

      Thanks for the updates and keep up the good work!

      Please consider making it available from GOG as well, I prefer this platform much more than steam.

    31. Ralph Mazza

      I don't understand the "not possible to have a female character" thing. You seem to think that having a female character means rewriting the game and game play. Just provide a female skin that plugs in and plays the exact same game you already she's a female black what?

      Besides the fact that it isn't really historically implausible to postulate a female blacksmith (there were lots of people of color in Medieval Europe too that have been whitewashed out of history), who cares? If someone wants to play as a female blacksmith...let them...

      The only thing you'd need to change are any character pointed pronouns from dialogue...done.

      So you'd have the only female black smith in history who was treated with the same respect and attitude as a man...I'm not really seeing the problem here.

    32. StiffWood on

      Convenience that pays off*

    33. StiffWood on

      The choice of DRM or non-drm version depends on the risk of illegal copies.

      In a SP game I think that risk is very real. The majority here might be fair and pay for the studios work, but rest assured there will be massive amounts of people downloading it illegal without any kind of DRM. It happened with Skyrim, although I think Bethesda kept the estimates for themselves. It also happened to Game Det Tycoon, particularly bad in that case.

      I for one like all my games on the steam platform. For me it's the consequence that pays off.

    34. Missing avatar

      Da Choppa on

      @Stephen: you can add non-steam games to the list of games in steam :)

    35. Missing avatar

      Hicks on

      Great to see the Kickstarter campaign going so well. Really hoping that a drm free release is going to be in the offering though. I can understand the utilisation of a client like steam for alpha/beta access but as for the finished product? Please don't shackle us to a drm client if it's possible - patches/updates could be an issue due to hosting costs if you weren't to run it through a drm client like steam I'd imagine :(

      Gog would be a great option for people looking to purchase digitally though. Backed one of the physical tiers so wondering how things are going to pan out. Hopefully not by being nannied by Valve and treated as though I need to be assumed a thief by default.

      I don't want this to be all negativity as this project looks to be shaping up to be something special. Absolute best of luck for duration of the Kickstarter!

    36. Stephen "Stoibs" D

      Ooh steam is a sure-fire thing? No need for some long, drawn out Greenlight campaign?
      Nice! Really prefer all my games on steam, hate having random, loose, clientless drm-free games scattered around on my pc which I literally forget I even own until I do my next cleanout ;)

      Oh and I guess this wouldn't be a true Kickstarter comment section without people bitching about having to use the most popular and mainstream PC platform :)
      Been quite vocal this last month actually on various projects, what with the amount of them being released as finished or on Early access.

      Perfect update from where I'm sitting ;)

    37. Helena on

      To people asking about Steam, my own problems with Steam can be summed up as follows:

      Firstly, I simply object to having to install a third-party client to install a game I've bought from someone else. I don't want my game tied to Valve's servers *at all*, let alone when I didn't actually buy it from Valve.

      Secondly, I don't want my entire game library tied to a service that could go down or be cancelled at any moment. It's no use telling me "oh, that would never happen!" - companies, even big successful ones, go out of business all the time, and I certainly don't trust them to unlock all their supported games if that happens. Not to mention that they can lock you out of your account on a whim, leaving you unable to play any of your games until the problem is resolved - and yes, I have heard of that actually happening to people.

      Thirdly, the idea of having the Steam client 'phone home' to verify my games makes me furious. Once I've paid for the damn game and installed it on my computer, that should be it - no more DRM required. If my Internet connection goes down, I still want to be able to play my games; if I want to sell them or lend or give them to a friend, I should be able to do that without forcing them to install Steam as well.

      Fourthly, I'm deeply disturbed by the way Steam-exclusive releases are becoming more and more common. I don't care how convenient it supposedly is; there's no way it can be good for any company to have that kind of monopoly power. I don't mind if other people want to use Steam, but it should be optional, even if it costs more to buy the game from other sources.

      I realise that most of these problems are theoretical, but since I'm not remotely interested in any of the 'advantages' offered by Steam (e.g. the social features and achievements), as far as I'm concerned it's all drawbacks and no benefits. GOG offers many of the benefits of Steam (low prices, unlimited downloads, etc.) without the obnoxious DRM and online requirements. If people find this 'inexplicable', fine; I personally find it inexplicable that anyone would want to give one company control over all their games in that way.

    38. Javier Begazo on

      SO SO SO HAPPY about this:

      There seems to be demand for multiplayer experience. Unfortunately, Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a singleplayer game only. We are thinking about cooperative multiplayer in some further future, but definitely not for Act I."

    39. Jan on

      Just do not pull your pledge yet. I'm sure people in Warhorse will do everything they can to satisfy everyone! :)

    40. Ebu diGriz on

      Let's hope that DRM free version will be a choice. Steam is a big no for me.

    41. Jan on

      @Oliver I think they said somewhere you'll be able to see your character while you'll be in your inventory. I'm sure there will be a way to see how your character looks like :)

    42. Zombra on

      I hope the main character's voice and face aren't some generic space marine type guy. I'm really sick of that guy.

    43. Zombra on

      I can see my body and hands all the time? Does that mean that I'll have feet? Please god let me have feet.

    44. Cheesey Feet on

      No third person please okay thanks bye

    45. Marc on

      I am curious if it will be possible to upgrade your place (since an advanced char wont live in a place of a blacksmith son) or buy furniture for your place.

    46. Oliver East on

      Must admit I'm actually let down by the 3rd person standpoint. To completely rule something out which would be fun to have is annoying at best. Take Skyrim for instance I don't use 3rd person for combat however when I get a new armour set I want to see what it looks like... Another side issue with this is the game face why bother spending so much time making it especially as we can't change it to then only see it in cutscenes? Just my two cents but I'd love to see a 3rd person mode as a stretch goal if it has to be.

    47. Jan on

      I'm wondering too guys, whats wrong with steam? It will be in my account's library forever, I could download it into my computer and play in offline mode. Also workshop is the best thing for modding community! :)

    48. Rosveen on

      What's so bad about not making it mandatory?

    49. LordCrash on

      What's bad with the steam client?