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Realistic single-player RPG set in the medieval Europe. Open-world sandbox with period accurate melee combat. Dungeons & no Dragons.
Realistic single-player RPG set in the medieval Europe. Open-world sandbox with period accurate melee combat. Dungeons & no Dragons.
35,384 backers pledged £1,106,371 to help bring this project to life.


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      samm on

      So great that you made it, and so fast! :D Also: Massive Kudos to your investor. Sounds like a very good person, especially considering people are not like him typically in this business, if your updates on his patience and decisions are true..

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      Harrison Joseph Charles Mellor on

      Whatever, I'm sure there will be another game in the future which could take a fully developed female option for those who really want it

    3. Lukas Kanik on

      I´m really not sure about 600k stretch goal. Music and Motion Capture are great, but to do female character with her own quest line will be like making new act. I am sure you don´t need 600 000 for "creating female character" (because investor will give you as much money as you need for anything) but it´s just stretch goal to interest more people to pledge. But remember that you can easily lost your original ideas and you will add too much content, just because you wanted do interest people in Kicstarter. I hope you really know what you do and to create original story for female character is not as hard as we think.

    4. Ludek Cejka on

      Czech dubbing as same great as was in Mafia games would be lovely! ;)

    5. Missing avatar

      Ondra Výmola on

      @Anežka It was just joke. Don't take it too serious ;)

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      Tim on

      Maybe a future stretch goal could be (if it's not already planned), a quest line where you take rebuild a castle, maintain it, upgrade it, get attacked and defend it, become a lord of your own castle. That would be bloody awesome.

    7. Savanna Scales on

      Yeah, playing as a random girl for a couple of quests isn't really the same as a female main character is it? Sorry ladies, you don't get to be the hero.

    8. William Rose on

      Ok... not the best thought out stretch goals...

      400,000 - Great: authentic high quality music is a very good idea.

      500,000 - OK: Two music stretch goals in a row is not so great and you can still achieve great sound without the need of a live orchestra.

      600,000 - Bad: Either give us a complete female playable character or don't bother. Spending money for a gimmick is a no-no. By gimmick I mean a half-hearted implementation of a female pc just so they can say they have one.

      700,000 - Good: Because it is.

    9. Missing avatar

      Anders Aktor

      Can we get some new pledge categories? I already pledged for the Digital Baron and would like to pledge more. However I'm not interested in physical copies, collectors editions, posters, artwork, dildo pattern for my horse or whatever. What I would like is access to Act II when it comes out without having to pay 125 pounds. Is there support to make categories for people who has already pledged, but would like to pledge more and still gain something?

    10. Zkaface on

      It would be awesome, if one of the additional aims is the possibility to mod the game for characters, quests or additional stuff?

    11. Missing avatar

      barbariank on


    12. Lucian Blight on

      It is à really good news ! You re idea is original and new ! I look forward to helping you through the Alpha version !

    13. Radek Kašpar on

      Divil bych se že už to Dana nenapdlo, ale když budu dobře vycházet s holčinou v savehousu, může urychlovat léčení popř připravovat lepší jídlo, určitě by takovej charakter postupoval v bylinkářství lépe než kovář. Mno a pokud by jednou za kapitolu omámila nějakou stráž, zabavila hlídku, nebo se prostě jen proplížila pro klíče od šatlavy a vytáhla bijocha z nějaké léčky, nebo jiného průseru, bylo by to pestřejší, a ještě by mohla nosit domu drby z trhu a vykládat a vykládat a vykládat... :))))

    14. Missing avatar

      Orius on

      Good goals thus far, just remember to not compromise your vision in an attempt to please everyone. Stick to your plan and focus on making a quality experience worth remembering on its own terms.

    15. Missing avatar

      stqn on

      Personnaly I don’t like orchestal music very much. The « live period music » sounds like a good idea however.
      Also, cutscenes suck. It’s much better to have things happen in-game.
      And I think the playable female character should come first :) (and the whole game should be playable as a woman.)

    16. Rosveen on

      Excellent. Any chance of modding tools as a stretch goal?

    17. Theobeau:OOoE\Mad man with a box/Exiled on

      Great goals, here's hoping we reach the £600K!

    18. Bele on

      @Marcos that is actually not true. Female blacksmiths and warriors were a thing, not a very common thing but they existed.

    19. LordCrash on

      Not so sure about the female (side-)character stretchgoal but the other stuff sounds reasonable. :)

    20. Marcos on

      Yeah, David W, I would accept that, but I don't think it would be the need a lot of extra work for that.
      In any case, it's not a ground breaking thing for me...I can deal with it.

    21. MαcKrø on

      Nice stretch goals !!
      It will be beyond awesomeness if we can reach them :)!

    22. Helena on

      Some excellent goals there. I also like this way of handling a playable female character: seems like a good compromise (as does making her a stealth-based character, rather than a warrior).

    23. David W on

      If they can get Sean Bean, what's the over/under of his character getting killed off by the end?

      @Marcos: I think there's very much room for debate, and certainly compromise. My proposal would be that a female warrior faces a much more difficult task getting anyone to listen to her, would face harassment/assault/etc. (picture if you will meeting with a noble to try and gain his support, only for him to try throwing you down on the ground), and generally be a more difficult game. This would then be balanced by giving a female character an advantage in another class (such as a female bard would likely have an easier time influencing people). Sure as hell wouldn't be very PC, but it would be a unique experience from the usual affirmative action seen in most fantasy RPGs.

    24. Missing avatar

      Martin Matousek on

      I hope the female character would be just like in prologue or something..

    25. Václav Margy Sobotka on

      The music goals are awesome! I also like your version of playable female character a lot more, than as an option for main character. Makes a lot more sense according to the period. Appreciate your workd guys, this will be epic! I am pretty sure that the 600k is reachable. Will hope for the motion capture though! I am so excited to FEEL the adventure!

    26. Missing avatar

      NathanielBlack on

      Love the idea of a playable female character!
      Will the player be able to sing songs and poems? That'd be neat! (Thinking about the bard).

    27. Weresheep of Sin AKA Stefan

      Marcos: You are a bit wrong concerning female warriors in the 15th century ... but the real point is that the female in this quest line probably won't be a platemail wearing, axe swinging warrior, but a thief character ... maybe a bard.

    28. Mark Bahl on

      1,000,000 random side missions for people you meet while exploring. Letting players hop into the lives of the peasants who they meet along the way

    29. Missing avatar

      Nicola Peroni on

      They have writen under "technology" paragraph that they will develop some tool and relase it to modding community =)

    30. StiffWood on

      As others also mentioned i think multiplayer would be an amazing goal, but I also understand why you would have to keep focus on your design strategy. Still, in this day and age, multiplayer is such an important factor and a valid one as well.

      I might get flamed, but take a look at Mount and Blade and the impact multiplayer still has in that game.

    31. Šimon Leška on

      I really hope you can get to 700.000,-! :)

    32. Rodrigo Sampaio Carneiro on

      the Warhorse Studios deserves every investment, every help because this game promises to be incredible. I'm doing a lot of advertising for this game on my website and thus bring even more people to help, after all win with this.

    33. Roccondil on

      The one thing that I would love to have added on top of all this would be support/capability for modding. Maybe one of the top two tiers? It's probably quite difficult to allow the game to be opened up and still be relatively stable, not to mention to develop the modding tools... If you do or don't, this is still looking to be a pretty epic game.

    34. Pavel Stangel on

      I love the female character idea. Making it as a kind of "prologue" is very cool

    35. Mothra on

      Sean Bean would be awesome, indeed.
      But afai am concerned, I like those stretch goals alot and they do make alot of sense.
      In-game periodic music recorded on authentic instruments using actual music from the time - sold !
      playable female char: for me that translates to more content, never a bad thing - sold !
      performance motion capture: I would love to see more system/interactivity/build diversity, but,, yeah, why not

    36. Missing avatar

      Martin Vranovský on

      I hope we can get to those 700 000 :) performance motion capturing sounds great! That Sean Bean wouldn't hurt either :D

    37. Marcos on

      It's not historically accurate to play as a female warrior/blacksmith...and this game is, in theory, looking for historical accuracy. That's it, there's no room for debate here, if they add female warriors they can as well add elves or orcs.
      Don't get me wrong, I love medieval fantasy worlds too, but it's not the goal of this game.

    38. masozravapalma on

      @Marcos I like to play female, because I am female and I am not really comfortable to role play as male. It is easier for me to project myself to female.

      @Ondrej. I really could live without that.

    39. Reudig on

      Stretch goals sound amazing! To reach 700k would be awesome!

    40. MartinCZE on

      Bravo, very good choice of stretch goals!! Nothing megalomaniac like: "We add tons of this and tons of that" I believe we can make it to 700k. Better MC would be great.
      Still, I am hoping for PROFESIONNAL CZECH DUBBING. I know, I'm starting to repeat myself.. But again thanks for stretch goals! ;)

    41. TheVrViking on

      Will the Bard class be able to play any of the music? That'd be awesome.

    42. Missing avatar

      Emir Sertkol on

      more play hours and dungeons would be cool for further goals. hope will achieve it very soon.

    43. Missing avatar

      Zdeněk Malík on

      Making one of the stretch goals Multiplayer (at least arena fights) would raise money twice as fast!

    44. Missing avatar

      Y. K. Lee

      Some of us would like to play a female character because we are, y'know, female...

    45. Missing avatar

      Jessica Flett on

      Crap... I wasn't going to complain about having to play a male character (I'm female), but then you added it as a stretch goal... I'll have to keep my fingers crossed that we reach 600k!

    46. Missing avatar

      Joel Alvarado on

      A multiplayer function with the customizable options where we can play with our friends wuold be cool too!

    47. Dean Thrasher

      Excellent music stretch goals! I'm happy to hear that we'll have period music in the game. It'll add to the historic setting.

    48. Missing avatar

      Joel Alvarado on

      for the 800,000 or 1,000,000:

      A customize battle option where we can select the map, type of battle (open field, seige, defend, etc.) and the amount of troops to fight on that battle.

      Also, several preset historical battles would be cool.

      Just a thought!