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Realistic single-player RPG set in the medieval Europe. Open-world sandbox with period accurate melee combat. Dungeons & no Dragons.
Realistic single-player RPG set in the medieval Europe. Open-world sandbox with period accurate melee combat. Dungeons & no Dragons.
35,384 backers pledged £1,106,371 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Warhorse Studios Creator on

      @Jose Ferré - Cannot comment on the matter of tournaments right now but the game will be moddable. We will release our own tools. Maybe a bit later than the game but we definitely will do.

    2. Perro|Verde on

      @Warhorse Studios
      You haven't said anything yet about if there will be medieval tournaments of some kind. (Jousts, duels or archery contests). If the response is a no, have you thought about putting it as an stretch goal?
      Otherwise, is it thought as a part of the character history or maybe like an optative event every some time in the world where you could train your skills, earn some money, gain a honorific title, etc?

      It would be awesome, but if there are no plans to implement it, do you think the community would be able to make it as a mod with the modding tools?


    3. Ian Elliott on

      In regard to the stretch goals I don't think 100k is much at all. This game so far has very good momentum in regard to the funding. Star Citizen stretch goals are set at the 1 million mark. Even when SC was on KS the goals were set pretty high.

      I hope that it would be possible to create own characters and back stories for the game. I watch Gopher on YouTube and he has a great ability to craft his own stories in Skyrim and Fallout. Having this freedom could help the game in the long run. He was the one own got me interested in this game to start with. I would of course still play the main stories at least once.

    4. Missing avatar

      Brian Armstrong on

      Playable female character? Motion capture? Yes please!

    5. Jacob D Clark on

      I can't wait to play it! I'm very glad I could be part of this amazing-looking-game! Good job, Warhorse! :)

    6. Calvin Lindfors on

      I don't get why this keeps getting brought up as a historical accuracy thing. If you want to be historically accurate, people at the bottom of society didn't really give a shit about gender roles if it got something that needed to be done done. Would a woman ever be, say, the royal blacksmith? No. But if some village in bumfuck nowhere's blacksmith died and they really needed nails then yeah they'd let her do it if she learned how from watching/working with him. People need to stop confusing "the way things usually happened" with "the only way things happened".

    7. Missing avatar

      George Bryant on

      I hope you rethink your female character plans. I'd much rather see an option for a female main character than some side character that is irrelevant after that. I won't use it, but I know lots of women who appreciate it.

      I'm honestly looking forward to the gameplay and sandbox opportunities I don't really care about this blacksmith story anyway and would rather not see gameplay subordinate to the story. We have lots of silly spectacle games like Ryse and I'd rather see this game go down a different path.

    8. amigacooke on

      £100K a stretch goal! That's pretty steep.

    9. Baron von La Monte on

      Remember ladies, playing as a female is a feature mostly required by men :P

    10. Warhorse Studios Creator on

      @DreamingKitten - I uderstand why you are saying this. But actually we think this is a really cool change to the game. And it wouldn't be there without the feedback which was really a great impulse for us! The mission would serve perfectly as a tutorial for some aspects of the game and it will also enable us to tell the beginning of the story more fluid and, most importantly, interactive.

    11. Chris B on

      I'll be helpful and say if you reach that much money and want the performances to look like Ryse, these are the two companies to speak to:

      So ends my shilling for today

    12. Missing avatar

      Carbone on

      When the game is supposed to cost 10x the original goal and they already invested 3x that I don't think you can expect more than a gimmick stretch goals for extra 2-3% to their budget. I think we'd see the first stretch goal in the game anyway, probably even the second one.

    13. Lars Anderson on

      I applaud the project and I backed rather impulsively when Vavra said they are avoiding fantasy and genre cliches. But I usually only back games that won't use DRM. Are the devs going to offer a DRM free version? GoG would be ideal.

    14. heychrissa on

      Completely agree with Mitosuke. I new when I pledged that I would be playing the role of a male and that's absolutely fine - a female character shouldn't be forced just to please others. I'm more interested in the story itself, gameplay, the historical aspects, and the fact that it looks beautiful! Congrats again guys, it feels awesome to be apart of such a great project :D

    15. gandalf.nho

      What about a stretch goal with the amount necessary to be able to offer acts II and III as add-ons and/or extra tiers? Lots of people are interested in this

    16. Missing avatar

      Brakebein on

      That's the right attitude. I think the story and the authenticity of the game is more important than playing a female character. Chosing sex and class for your character is not a must-have for a RPG.

    17. Dreaming Kitten on

      @Warhorse Studios Pleas dont use the words creative vision. It always make me cringe when i hear it from a developer = P And we understand it wouldnt fit the plot you already have written but as sade, 700k sounds like you just added to please us not because it was a good idea ^^

    18. FrozenX on

      My two cents as a female gamer:
      One of the aspects of this game that has me the most excited is the historically correct and realism feel I get from the footage we've seen so far.. when I backed, I knew that meant I would be taking on the role of a man. That there would be no revealing armor with high heels. And I'm totally okay with that! :) Having a female main character would totally break the historical immersion for me.

    19. Warhorse Studios Creator on

      To be clear the woman was already in our game as a NPC and the twist would happen anyway. You would just be able to play that section instead of getting it told. However we cannot give the player the option to choose sex of the "hero" because it would clash with our creative vision, which is to deliver a story based on big historical events in authentic medieval society. And the story we crafted simply cannot happen for a woman. Even in disguise. Forced female hero would be no good. Sorry. We want women to play this game and we would love to receive feedback from them. I hope this sheds some light on the topic.

      Thank you for understanding and most importantly thank you for the amazing support!

    20. Dreaming Kitten on

      Have to agree, 700k sounds kinda tacked on just because ...

    21. Baron von La Monte on

      The devs, if the plegdes raise over a million could even hire people to work directly on making the spy arc female only, i bet they're even contemplating this, or have considered it.

    22. Baron von La Monte on

      A female blacksmiths daughter i would imagine will be one of the first major mods to come out. she should be a stealth based game choice too. the replayability factor is a total game, by using stealth, guile and sex to assume power and usurp the crown. a KC:D catherine de medici.

    23. Baron von La Monte on

      can you imagine jeremy irons as the kings evil brother :P

    24. Ivan on

      First of all sorry for my bad english.

      I personally prefer to not spend the money to hire known actors for voices like Sean Bean. For me it is much more valuable a professional dubbing, which charged less, a great actor that charges more.
      Also see familiar faces from the film in a game does not help me to believe the game to feel like I'm inside it.

      I know that claim level, level marketing, it is a plus and attracts the public, but as I am of those who prefer gameplay to graphics, I'm not attracted famous actors if it means an extra expense, when an actor of professional dubbing charges less and it does just as well.
      Apart clear that we have other mother tongues are not English and not hear those famous actors if bent (and prefer to be bent, my English is not very good).

    25. Savanna Scales on

      What I'd really wish for is the option to be a blacksmith's daughter rather than son, who has to take up the disguise of a man to travel the wide world and get things done. You could even start with -2 to strength and +2 to charisma if you want to be persnickety about it.

      Adding in an extra lady to play as for a few quests doesn't really get at WHY we want to play as a female main character.

    26. Missing avatar

      Jon Gordon mcmillan on

      She will probably end up getting done for witchcraft and end up being burnt at the stake anyway..hehe

    27. KleeNor on

      Its great that you have an open ear for us. But the female goal isnt as much important as the motion capture.

    28. Rosveen on

      From the looks of it, that's exactly what it is: a brief side story about a woman rescuing the hero. I'm rather indifferent about it, I must say. I feel that the prologue is there just for the sake of having a female character. We still have to play the main game as a man, nothing really changes, so it's not a very satisfying solution.

      But one way or another, it's more content, so I guess I'll take it.

    29. Helena on

      Uh-oh, another Helena. This could get confusing.

      Personally I wasn't expecting to be able to play as a female character, simply due to the amount of extra work it would take to make it plausible, so the additional questline is just a nice bonus as far as I'm concerned. More quests for her in Acts II and III might be a good idea, though.

    30. Missing avatar

      August the Bold on

      +1 for modding tools stretch goal!

    31. Chris J Capel on

      I'm happy about the soundtrack, have you mentioned a composer yet? Get a Game of Thrones-rivalling score and I'll be happy!

      However, I'd rather you ditch motion capture and make a proper choice of male/female characters. One of the best things about RPGs is the ability to fully customize a character and play that role throughout the game, and certainly a second playthrough would be much more tempting to me if I could swap the gender of my lead. "Full customization options" should be a big priority. Your last post about research showed that a decent amount of players want this. Just the option would be much appreciated.

    32. Kirill Gavrilenko on

      I hope female line won't be necessarily. Like in Assassin's Creed 4 mode with Aveline

    33. Missing avatar

      Jon Gordon mcmillan on

      Think playing a female role on a smaller role is a good idea,I mean they could bring her back at later dates, if need be, trust me most people will play as a man,no disrespect to women, with that comment...

    34. Helena on

      @Herman - exactly. And if this is an implementation if goal is met, that means currently speaking there arent' no plans to include her in ActII or ActIII. That's fine, really. I just dont like the idea that I'm given a choice when it feels more like a tease. Sure, if given the chance I would play as a chick in every game because that's just my preference, but I'm fully aware that I can't do that, so I'm ok with not doing that...and if this game's entire concept is meant to be male centric, that's perfectly fine; just don't put in something that's...unsatisfying.

      Truthfully speaking, the only thing I really care about is the end result is as they intended --- which would be grant, fantastic, and etc etc. If stretch goals can make it even better, that's awesome! however, if some stretch goals are only going to muddle the pond, I rather not have them at all.

    35. Ruby Zindler on

      Sean Bean would be fantastic along with anyone else you can get from Game of Thrones to do voice work, but nothing will stop me from throwing more money your way if you can get Peter Dinklage

    36. Missing avatar

      Rob Dutil on

      I would agree to either have a full female character or none at all. I wouldn't want to play as a female so if it is put in I hope you don't have to play as her to progress the story. The live in game music sounds awsome and also the motion capture. The orchestra I could take or leave it, not too fussed either way.

    37. Missing avatar

      Jon Gordon mcmillan on

      Or some creepy monastery with creepy monks like in the film. - THE NAME OF THE ROSE. Though not sure when that was set again..??

    38. Missing avatar

      Jon Gordon mcmillan on

      How brilliant if you could get Bruce Campbell from army of darkness to have a cameo role..

    39. Missing avatar

      Girod on

      @Helena: contrary to you, I really like the idea of playing another character with her own quests rather than the same character, but just as a woman. Which is the case in really a lot of RPGs.

    40. Sempavor - Bandit of the Obsidian Order on

      The live in-game period music alone is worth the price, but at 800k I want a realistic black plague spreading system.

    41. Ruby Zindler on

      @Helena, I agree 100%. Any playable female character needs to be done right, whether or not we get to play as her for the whole game. Here's hoping we can pick her up again in Acts II and III.

    42. Calvin Lindfors on

      I don't get why you can't have a female blacksmith. They definitely existed historically even if rare, and "They were rare!" is a terrible excuse, because you know what else was rare? Some random no-name blacksmith saving a kingdom from civil war.

    43. Missing avatar

      Jon Gordon mcmillan on

      @rose, yes your entitled to your opinion and you have stated yours, but I think a great soundtrack is a third of a games magic,and the more stunning the music is the more atmospheric and uplifting a game can become,very good musicians dont come cheap, I collect soundtracks from games and films and I am excited to see what warhorse will bring to there epic venture,so no I personally think there stretch goals are spot on,,,,THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE..

    44. Missing avatar

      Da Choppa on

      those are good goals and not just "at 100k you get 10 extra monsters, at 200k you get a quest line of 20 minutes playtime, give us 400k and we support ipad". you guys are on the right track imo. i also like Tim's idea. maybe drop the 600k goal for that idea. let anita sarkeesian scream "patriarchy" if a female character is missing that would have been tacked on anyway. i don't mind two music stretch goals as they add a lot to the experience and i love medieval music anyway.

    45. Helena on

      as a female, I don't mind not being able to play a female character. I do care though, if the implementation of a female character is half-hearted. 600k stretch goal description made it seem as though this potentional female character will only be in there briefly, just to rescue the main protagonist and most likely be on her merry way. If that's the case, I rather not bother with a female character if she's just a "cameo"

      On top of that, why must this potentional female character be "stealthy"? Does that mean if we play the female portion, we won't have the option to chose class and etc, and it would be very much linear?

    46. Tomek Solarski on

      why don't we swap 600 and 700k goal? playable female character in a realistic medieval game is not high on my list of priorities haha

    47. Rasmus Lundbeck Jørgensen on

      800.000, should be expanding the map, adding more castles, villages, even just wild terrain. This is something that would make me donate more.

    48. Serina Patterson

      Love the music goals! Let's keep the momentum going! :)

    49. Missing avatar

      John Bernhardt on

      Wouldn't mind having the ability to go between 1st and 3rd person views...

    50. Missing avatar

      Red107 on

      Tim's idea of becoming a Lord and having your own castle would be a perfect and awesome stretch goal.