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Realistic single-player RPG set in the medieval Europe. Open-world sandbox with period accurate melee combat. Dungeons & no Dragons.
Realistic single-player RPG set in the medieval Europe. Open-world sandbox with period accurate melee combat. Dungeons & no Dragons.
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      Siladi Miklos on

      And my favourite stretch goal is coming. :D You should really fill in the 800k and the million stretch goal. I think it's the time. :)

    2. Jenda&Kathy| on

      For what it's worth, I think the 600k stretch goal is a great idea and an elegant solution, especially if the devs think it can serve as an intro & tutorial as well.

    3. Missing avatar

      Charlie Maynard on

      People don't seem to understand. This game has been meticulously planned. You can't just add entirely new features like more castles and bigger battles (the map is based on reality and already mapped out and the story is already written). You can't just change the main character to someone else without having massive ripple effect changes to the rest of the game.

      Personally, I prefer the level-headed conservative stretch goals over the "star citizen-like" endless pipe dream goals.

    4. Bryan Bessette on

      People that want to play a female character probably won't be satisfied with only playing a female for a short while in the beginning of the game. If we accept that assumption then it is a waste of resources to do it and a waste of a stretch goal. Personally, I would rather see the female stretch goal replaced by the motion capture, something that would improve the entire game.

    5. Missing avatar


      Well, I was quite dissappointed when I first saw the stretchgoals - there could have been so many other (maybe even better) stretchgoals.
      Regarding the "playable female character" I have to agree with most of tmy fellow backers already stated:
      It is not the main hero that will be female, just a playable NPC in the first part of the game. This is most def. not a very valuable stretch goal for me. Having a female hero as a 1million stretch goal would have been much much better.
      Additionally why no "Bigger Map", "Bigger Castle", "Bigger Battles" etc as "mini"-stretch goals, instead of 2 music stretchgoals and a playable female NPC-Side-mission?

    6. Shaun H on

      @David W, sorry by "Just because you.." I was supposed to be addressing people in general who don't want female characters, not just you, I should have been more clear.

      I do get what you are saying but the same could be said of 'Mass Effect', you are Shepard but you are free to be male or female. I guess I just don't see the issue people have with someone else being female in their game (which has nothing to do with them).

      To me it seems like Tolly means that historically there were women who have had historical significance in this sense. As I mentioned in the main chat before, I would say its just as unlikely that a standard blacksmiths son would go on to do this as a women would be.

      Anyway, sorry if I inadvertently caused offence, I didn't mean it to sound like I was having a go at you in particular.

    7. Lars Anderson on

      I see no reason to fund celebrity voice actors. Funds are better spent on more important stuff.

    8. David W on

      @Shaun: There's a set protagonist in this game, as well. Yeah, you can customize your play style and class, but otherwise you're playing a specific person (DragonAge II vs. DragonAge: Origins. Hawke can be a warrior, rogue or mage in the former, but you're STILL playing as Hawke).

      And FYI, I have no problems playing female characters at all (I tend to have a 50/50 split in RPGs, because I play CHARACTERS, not stats and classes. If a character concept works better as a woman, I make the character a woman. Pretty much why I avoid MMOs, because when I think ROLE-playing game, I don't think "Tank, DPS, or Healer"). But this game is built around telling a specific individual's story, which means you DON'T have that flexibility.

      And TBH, I think you missed the point of my response to Tolly. It had nothing to do with my preferences as far as character. I was calling them out on the stupidity of their comment. Sure, it's their money to spend how they want, but leveling the accusations they did was outright moronic.

    9. Missing avatar

      Santtu Luopajärvi on

      This is almost like following a discussion about women being Adeptus Astartes...

      Given that Warhorse's budget isn't as massive as, say, BioWare's, I can appreciate if they wish to properly focus on one gender, especially as being a treacherous, vily woman would probably cause very different reactions from the gameworld, on average, when compared to a male character (like seeing that perky blonde you just admired for looking mighty sexy in her coat of plates stabbing some groping jerk in the plums). This sort of thing costs time and money to make (though I do believe that bigger budgets are likely to result in more expansive selection of soft drinks, fancier rec rooms and high-paid voice actors than actual content).

      So, while I prefer female protagonists, I can quite understand if the money and time doesn't quite stretch so far... And I suppose guys as characters are ok too. Mostly.

    10. Emily Knox on

      Disheartened to see so much defeated attitude about a stretch goal with a playable female character segment. So just from me, I'm happy to see it as a possibility if you get the funds, and have something incorporated into the storyline you have already planned, I can't wait to see what you do with it and I'm excited for this game regardless :)

    11. Shaun H on

      @David W To be fair, the games you mention have a set protagonist, as in, they cannot be altered at all. Games like this, Elder Scrolls etc give the player the freedom and choice to pick/design their own character. Just because you might not want to play a female character does not mean everyone else feels the same.

      Obviously this doesn't apply to the stretch goal as its an in-game quest line but I don't see how having the option to play as a female is such a big deal. If you want to play as a female you can and if you don't want to play as a female, you don't, plus you never have to deal with it in your game since its single player.

    12. LuckyLuigi on

      Much as I like Sean Bean wasting a fortune for his voice would not be a wise way to spend the money in my view.

    13. Missing avatar

      JensD on

      Performance Motion capture would be my first goal.....than music, than female char

    14. Missing avatar

      Lionel Sun on

      Like a lot of other backers, I too think that having a playable female character is a bit tacky especially when you're setting aside something as important as performance motion capture. I understand that the role you have given the female character maybe able to tie-in with the story without breaking immersion, however having it prioritise over a better looking game just to appeal to a certain demographic probably isn't the best course of action. But hey, your call! :)

    15. Marcel Schoen on

      I have one concern with the stretch-goals: I think the motion-capture goal should come before story extensions (like the female parts) or even the orchestral soundtrack. Great animation, especially if even for faces, does an awful lot to bring a game to live. I mean, let's be honest, each and every single player wants great animation, but not everybody is interested in the female playing part. I just think the priorities should be the other way around here.

    16. twincast ~ Mangy WoOS-DOoD Mage

      Other devs hardly even implement any reactions at all to the player character's sex in settings that actually have (near) equality; demanding of Warhorse to cater to that with their aim for authenticity and realism is essentially the same as asking them to write (and implement) two complete games, which strikes me as rather obnoxious.

      Also, people would just end up complaining about every aspect of playing as a female character other than seducing the mostly male and mostly straight people in positions of power being more difficult, anyway.

      Really, this is exactly the one kind of RPG other than those in which you play pre-established characters (like in The Witcher) where I don't mind a lack of sex choice at all.

      Anyway, I do hope they bring (playing) her back for (optional?) introductory quests to Acts II and III as well, but for now I think the stretch goal will turn out to be a neat little bonus experience.

    17. David W on

      @Tolly Wait, what? So... It's sexist to not have a female playable character? Does that mean Uncharted is sexist because it has a male protagonist? Or what about the Bioshock series, you're playing a male character in all of those games. Oh my god! DOOM is sexist because you're playing as DoomGUY, not girl.

      You, sir, are a moron.

    18. Missing avatar

      Tollymain on

      Your historical information is false, you are sexist, and you don't deserve the success you're having.

      Not cool. I'm retracting my pledge.

    19. CtrlAltFaceroll

      Nice goals so far. I was suprised by 600K goal, but in a good way. My question is though, will the character be locked into just those quests and not really open to exploration or will you be able to still ignore the quests and explore the world and do all the other things other than quests and such?

    20. Lars Anderson on

      No multiplayer please. They're already spreading the game out in three acts, I doubt they have the resources for MP.

    21. Missing avatar

      Intant on

      the 800,000 or 1,000,000 goal should be multiplayer! it would be cool with like tournements and stuff!

    22. Missing avatar

      Loïc Massot on

      @WarHorse : A player's property/house would be a great idea in the game. I think about a system like in assassin's creed 3. Scenarised and evolutive domain. But with the system of Skyrim for build part by part, but with "realistic" building time : one week in game time to build an all house.
      And why not include some "milites" to follow or guard the player/player's lands
      With cutomisation of their equipement / uniform.

      I don't know exactly the scenario but this idea would be possible if the player don't stay a simple blacksmith.

    23. Baron von La Monte on

      any more ingame footage...hint hint :)

    24. Missing avatar

      skoah on

      A realistic reputation system would be awesome. Not every peasant should recognize you in 50m distance. Only for example you are known as the Dark Knight you are recognized by your black armor, if you wear a golden or a leather armor you have to introduce yourself. Or you have a unique and recognizable sword, the people will know you. A fraction which not likes you should not by default attack you on sight (only if you are obviously recognizable).

    25. Rosveen on

      Okay. That sounds good. :) I'm done with naysaying for now. Just so you know, I'm a woman and I love the concept of this game *because* of realism and historical setting, so I'm completely fine with playing as a man.

      I can't raise my pledge until I've worked out my budget for next month and know what you decide about DRM, but I'm glad to see the counter rising steadily.

    26. Daniil Mölder on

      Hmm... anyone else thinks this game needs multiplayer?
      Sort of like those hard-core RP mods on Arma/Gmod.

    27. David W on

      I would like to hear a clarification on whether it will be possible to switch to 3rd person. The main reason I would support being able to do so, is that while it may not be "realistic" to play from this view, 1st person is really no better since your field of view is restricted far beyond what it would actually be in real life (I think it's a safe bet that none of us have a monitor to provide the natural 180-degree human FOV). 3rd person at least would provide a more realistic depiction of your peripheral vision and sense of what your body is doing, that you don't get from a 1st person perspective game.

      It's the same reason why I'm ok with "helper" icons (IE, identifying aircraft type and distances) in flight simulators: The resolution of the average monitor means your pilot would be legally blind and have no sense of depth perception without them. It's an "unrealistic" concession to make up for the game's inability to accurately depict human physical capabilities.

    28. Ferdunor on

      Can't wait to try it with the oculus rift. Hope you get over 1,000,000, I'm curious to know what you could do then :-)

    29. JusticeBolt on

      God! We need to get 700k !

    30. Missing avatar

      UsF on

      Another thing that might be interesting is realistic armor. Will armor behave realistically, meaning that combat between plate armor wearing knights would take a while?

    31. Missing avatar

      Kevin Burkhard on

      To clarify something, there are no female versions of real armor. After all the padding and what not is done all armor exteriors look exactly the same.

      How about implementing an functioning world economy that is interact able with? That would make for a good stretch goal.

    32. Tomek Solarski on

      I'd love to see realistic medieval tournaments!
      I guess we soon will be all set as far as the music goes, too :)

    33. Missing avatar

      Milan Zeljic on

      Adding Co-op in any kind of form would be amazing and probably easy and doable to implement.

      The Co-op player does not need to have any kind of interaction with the main storyline, but small sidequests or own personal story. While adding the Co-op feature the difficulty level of mobs could be increased. This is probably the only feature missing out and this game will be a true earthquake of originalility. Considering none of the others in the genre includes it!

    34. Missing avatar

      UsF on

      I would like to know if there is a potential for a sandbox style mode, where the whole world is simulated similar to Mount and Blade and you can craft your own story. :)

    35. Missing avatar

      Baudolino05 on

      *would have been an extraordinary occurrence

    36. Missing avatar

      Baudolino05 on

      I'm not a sexist, never have been, never will be, but the option to play as a female knight in a medieval game that is all about historical accuracy, would definitely piss me off. Even if it's not 100% out of the question, a female knight in the XV century Holy Roman Empire would been an extraordinary occurrence, such extraordinary that basically any NPC in the game should look at the main character like a freak and act consequently.

    37. Eduard Doležal on

      Gratulace. Věřím že na melouna je připraven Stretch Goal dabing do CZ, DE, případně další ;-)

    38. Pavel Stangel on

      Witcher is male only. Deus Ex is male only. Planescape Torment is male only. You know what these games have in common? They belong among the TOP 5 of best RPGs ever made. So...

    39. Missing avatar

      Naomi on

      I don't think there is a need to change the story to accommodate a female character. I think an easy work around is to have a story that ties into the main story's character, or an alternate version of the same story.

    40. Missing avatar

      Filip Nový on

      If you hire Sean Beam, it would be just a "little" spoiler, that character will die :D

    41. JCap on

      RE: Female Character;

      As a writer (hobbyist) I do understand the difficulties with changing an entire story to accommodate something like this, so I appreciate the enormity of the story that must exist. Particularly as in those times it would likely be very difficult for a woman to do what you intend for the main character to do.

      But I'm curious to find out what you have in store if (when) we hit that stretch goal! :D From the sounds of it, the storyline will be very involving and immersive so I'm very interested to see what 'questing' will be like in your world and how the world differs from the female character's perspective and then the male perspective. Hopefully that character remains with the main character for quite some time, or at least as part of the story :D

      I do hope though that if there is ever a sandbox mode that we can play as either! That could work, but I would rather your resources go towards making the core game as excellent as possible ;)

    42. Missing avatar

      Yahkem on

      Since WH Studios said they will release modding tools, I'm pretty sure there will be female character mod for those who want it. Also, becuase creators don't have to create female version for every armor, difeerent responses from NPCs etc., they have more time for adding and improving other features, so I for one see big benefit in this approach.

    43. Missing avatar

      Emil Novák on

      Damn, i was hoping for a bigger map, but authentic soundtrack is also cool...

    44. Duro on

      I wonder if the cutscenes will be pre-rendered or rendered in-game? Because I'd love to see the protagonist wearing what I dressed and equipped him with.

    45. Calvin Lindfors on

      A lot of the games that promised a ton of things like entire new mechanics and stuff like that have had their release dates pushed back by months or years or found out later that they didn't actually have enough money to add those features. People tend to underestimate how much time, money and testing can be sunk into a new feature. The investment tends to balloon closer to an exponential scale rather than a linear one, as each new mechanic interacts with every older one. I think the smaller, more manageable stretch goals like the current ones are fine in terms of scope.

    46. Perro|Verde on

      @Warhorse Studios

      Haha, ok. In spanish there's a set phrase that says "Quién calla, otorga", we can translate it as something like "The one who shuts up is giving you the response". At least (Maybe I'm misinterpreted your words because I'm hyped with the game) you are somehow considering it. =D

      PD: Glad to hear that will be the same tools that you are using : )
      PD2: Thanks for answering every question, it says a lot of your dedication and your professionality!

    47. Missing avatar

      Annette Connor on

      I think your goals are absolutely spot-on, historically accurate music will be amazing! I always prefer to play as a female character where historically appropriate. Your female character needn't have different skills (ie stealth), but she will have to negotiate her world differently if her identity is not concealed by a helm. Confer with female re-enactors, fighters and jousters for some insight. I'll be awaiting your Joan of Arc campaigns in years to come!

    48. Robcat on

      Nice one Warhorse. A tutorial with playable female character is a great way to expand the roleplaying appeal and experience of the game without needing to make an entire second storyline for a female protag.

      Good stuff. However, I feel that the stretch goals in general are a bit uninspiring. I assumed the music goals were already a given in a game of this budget. And personally speaking, cut-scenes and motion capture aren't very important to me - I play games for the game, not the 'cinematic experience', however I can see their value in a game that strives for historical authenticity and high visual fidelity.

      I think you need some goals that add more tangible things to the game itself (not just token female tutorial, music and mo-cap). You know, some exciting content stuff.

      Some ideas that I think would be popular;
      - player house/castle
      - jousting tournaments
      - additional interesting quest-line (something you otherwise wouldn't have added)
      - more character customisation options (different hairstyles & facial hair)

      Also, hats off to your investor. I'm sure that we fans would all like to send him a huge & hearty thank you and expression of respect.

    49. David W on

      That's awesome news about the game supporting and allowing 3rd party content. That's the function that probably most contributed to the success of the Elder Scrolls series, and some of the conversions that came out (IE, Nehrim) were amazing.

      Tournaments would be a great thing to see, especially given their importance to the society of this period in history.