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Realistic single-player RPG set in the medieval Europe. Open-world sandbox with period accurate melee combat. Dungeons & no Dragons.
Realistic single-player RPG set in the medieval Europe. Open-world sandbox with period accurate melee combat. Dungeons & no Dragons.
35,384 backers pledged £1,106,371 to help bring this project to life.


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      Krister Lervag on

      Maybe it's just me.. But advertising releases for consoles (XBOX and PS) might just loose you pledges/money.. Many PC gamers would claim console compatibility degrades a game.. I at least become less trusting of your long-term ambitions.. The best game? Or the most income after the game has been released.. I believe this game could receive almost as attention as Star Citizen if your focus was more in line with what stretch goals I believe most want.. Co-op, larger map, diversified gameplay with everything from fighting to running your own real time Kingdom involved

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      Evan Horvath on

      Thank you guys so much! This game is what I've always dreamed of. I am a loyal fan of the Elder Scrolls series, but Oblivion kinda sucked, and Skyrim was awful. You guys are making a lot of people's wishes come true. This game is going to be fantastic.

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      Hasengott on

      So it will be "Dungeons and no Dragons"... lol.

      Hopefully, its also "Might and no magic"...

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      Johan on

      As Adam Monterosso said, it would be fantastic to have co-op in this game, with duels, competition and comradeship, I feel that this would improve the replay-ability of the game immensely! But most of all, thank you for going upstream and against the current!

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      Ramon Jongsma on

      Guys, there's literally no good realistic open world RPG's out there anymore. Like I mentioned in a previous comment: You guys went where I hoped Bethesda would have gone with Elder Scrolls. But unfortunately Elder Scrolls is becoming more linear, and they have even moved into the MMO branch. My hope for good single player RPG gaming on the PC was completely faded, and I was very disappointed in many developers. That is, until I saw your video this week. This needs to happen. I'm a fanboy right off the bat!

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      Andre on

      I hope that you guys, the developers, know that you just made every RPG fan happy in the pants with this Kickstarter campaign. Best of luck and stay motivated! We're all extremely excited about this!

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      Joel Norman on

      Anybody else feel like this is the remake of Darklands they always wanted?

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      Kim Jeansson on

      Awesome, Just what i want, and like Adam Monterosso said, If possible, Co-op would be really awesome, But focus on getting us an awesome RPG first =) .

    9. Reudig on

      I'm a great fan of RPGs in general and when I saw the first video about Kingdom Come: Deliverance I realized that each and every RPG I've every played was either Sci-Fi or Fantasy. There was absolutely no "real world" RPG so far that I played. So I'm really looking forward to be playing Kingdom Come: Deliverance!
      I'm sure you'll put the additional funding you'll get the next couple of days to good use, but the one thing I really would like is an earlier release date :D I know, I know ... Waiting is cruel. And to be honest: I rather have a finished game instead of a rushed one.

    10. Bohuslav Sedláček on

      Great. Hope this means the only thing I pludget the game for. Get it done and do it your way.

    11. Adam Monterosso on

      Please consider adding Co-Operative Play as a stretch goal. Think about the world's that have been created in the last few years - Far Cry 3, Skyrim, The Witcher 2, they are beautiful but are even more fun when you can return to explore and share an adventure with a friend.

    12. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Malmberg on

      Could you please make a oculus rift stretch goal. Probably expensive but would still be one of the cheaper stretch goals.thank you

    13. Luke Buckley on

      THANK YOU FOR GOING AGAINST THE GRAIN. You have no idea how long gamers have wanted a studio that isn't afraid to question what appears to be the socially accepted norm. This is how legends are made.

      Bless you and your team.

    14. Missing avatar

      Sebastian Stinius Barkenæs on

      The game seems very interesting and looks great thus far, wish you all best of luck! :)

    15. Missing avatar

      DSR on

      $500,000 in 3 days

      Niche market game... Publishers megalol... couldn't make a good game even if their eternal souls were on it.

    16. Simone Pesenti Gritti on

      Congratulations! this is an amazing rush for what has to be remembered to be an hystorical videogame moment for the genre. Applause, can't wait to look forward for alpha install :)

    17. Theobeau:OOoE\Mad man with a box/Exiled on

      Great that your campaign is doing so well.

      Question: what happens if crowd funding raises a significant or entire amount of your total desired funding £3M?



    18. Andre Velez on

      Thank you very much for developing the game of my dreams. Tell your investor to have no doubts; the gaming community WANTS this game! Keep up the good work!

    19. Marc on

      I really would have like to get the EMPEROR Edition, but I wasnt fast enough...

      Finally a good looking RPG, which has no fantasy setting!

    20. alkopo on

      Thank YOU Warhorse! Thank YOU for doing things in which you believe, Thank YOU for making an interesting game in Prague, Thank YOU for chance to participate (in some way), Thank YOU and good luck!

    21. Njål Moland on

      Emperor... It has a nice ring to it...

      Or more simply put: "SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!!"

    22. Toby on

      I just backed this. Very glad I did. Looking forward to playing this and the future expansions. Good to see that a game has planned expansions and not planned dlc.

    23. Missing avatar

      Empirimancer on

      I'll be surprised if you don't get at least a million £ before the kickstarter is over.

      By the way, I hope you'll take a look at Dark Souls if you need inspiration for combat.

    24. Missing avatar

      Andreas Øvrehus on

      I really wanted to give 600£ but I really can't afford that so 65 will have to do^^ best of luck!

    25. Keeper32 on

      I'll start at £25. Who knows where I'll end up when this is over.
      You have an excellent baseline. It can only get better from here.

    26. Missing avatar

      Jimmy Ngo on

      OMG this has been the game I've been LONGING for!!
      I really hope you guys do add a Co-Op feature since we really lack good RPGs like this one with the ability to play with your mates and just...immerse into a different world all together.

    27. Missing avatar

      david akeret on

      Co-Op will be awesome :D :D D: :D:

    28. Alexander Shimanskiy on

      Guys, you have my sword!
      And seriosuly, if it's not too late to implement co-op - please please please do this :D

    29. Runar Jenssen on

      Add a £1 MILLION stretch goal where you'll implement full campaign Co-Op! The internet will go berserk!

    30. Ludek Cejka on

      I closed my eyes and upgrade from Baron to EARL! lol :) Damn still no Pope! hehe

    31. Edgar Hünninghaus on

      I wish I could give more. Can't wait for this game!

    32. Missing avatar

      howard hopkins on

      .... you had my money at the English Bull terrier! please but one in the game!

    33. Missing avatar

      Václav Sedláček on

      So great thing is on a great way :)

    34. Tomáš Veselý on

      I would be onlu a little baron. As student can t spent more money! But thx for this and good luck in work. ///Hodně štěstí chlapi.

    35. Blackstaff on

      Some info in the FAQ on the DRM situation would be greatly appreciated :)

    36. Ludek Cejka on

      If i was bit more richer i wouldnt wait to be Pope and not only Baron! But i think i will slightly upgrade. Iam happy about this succes on Kickstarter! GOOD JOB ALL! :) /// Ať se práce daří kluci..jen tak dál! :)

    37. Oliver Erichsen on

      Youre very welcome... :) And: I'm also happy to see, how many peoples are supporting this game! I really want it (on PS4) and can't wait to see details about further gameplay-elements, inventory, skills and more! GO FOR IT! We're right behind you :)

    38. David W on

      I'm just happy to FINALLY see someone using the historical martial arts as the basis for the combat system. I'm so tired of the generic fantasy hack-and-slash combat, and particularly modelers who think Kit Rae is the be-all end-all of sword design. I've been waiting YEARS to see a game like this.

      I wonder what sort of replay they're planning on beyond the three main modules. An open world game like this is SCREAMING for expansion quest packs and third-party mods.

    39. Missing avatar

      Klas Lothe on

      Wow, guys! Great work! Looks like you'll be way over only after a few days:) Good luck with the rest of the production, and keep posting more screenshots! Beautiful stuff.

    40. Missing avatar

      Maxime Decaux on

      Your game seems amazing, hope it will :)

    41. Jacob Orange on

      @Helena, thanks, I'll go take a look!

    42. Jo Bain on

      I do like the fantasy stuff when its grounded, low as opposed to high fantasy. Also prefer it grittier, dark also opposed to high fantasy. I don't get the money peoples aversion to that, it's hardly a gamble if the success of Game of Thrones and HBO in general is anything to go by considering how low and dark the fantastical elements are.

    43. Marcel Schoen on

      Damn... I keep throwing money at the screen, but nothing happens...

    44. FrenchyUS on

      Always been a fan since H&D, Vietcong and Mafia. Can't wait!

    45. Missing avatar

      Rodrigo on

      This game looks really promising. I'm particularly interested in more reallistic combat mechanics and real world weapons and armor, because I'm sick tired of the silly fantasy style one's.

      Nice realism plus open world and nice character development seens like a formula to victory in a medieval RPG, and i really hope Warhorse achieve it.

      Keep up with the good work, guys. My best wishes goes with you all.

    46. thepayne78 on

      Saw an article on Kotaku about this game yesterday and at that time the Kickstarter as only at around 74,000. Glad it is so close to its goal.

      Also the game looks fantastic based on what little we have seen. Once you all reach your goal and hopefully pass it, it will send a message to big name publishers and developers to encourage them to try something different and change things up.

    47. Helena on

      @ Jacob: they've explained in the FAQ why they don't want to do this.

    48. Jacob Orange on

      You should consider a $60 ~ $80 tier that doesn't have anything physical, but gives one access to all three tiers of the game for download.

      I suspect that would cause a bunch of people to upgrade or hope on the band wagon.

    49. Missing avatar

      Timothy J Perkins on

      You had me at "the producers said people only wanna play games on Ipad".