Kingdom Come: Deliverance

by Warhorse Studios

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    1. Aaron Labertew on

      Jesus christ be praised? Sorry, the flying spaghetti monster takes noodley offense to your assertion of superiority for bearded sky fairies.

    2. LordCrash on

      Awesome announcement, I can't wait for all the good stuff.

      And KUDOS for delivering on all the kickstarter promises with these DLCs, like modding support and a story from a female perspective. That's something not everybody would be doing and you have my respect for that! :)

    3. Mark Dorney on

      Forgive me for not being interested in DLC when I’m still waiting for the main game to be patched to a properly playable state.

    4. Missing avatar

      Andreas Trageser on

      Way to go guys. Ignore those forever-nay-sayers and keep your eyes focused on your work in what you believe in.
      Those Luddites seem to believe that you guys stop patching and tweaking your existing work just because you mention finally focusing on the other KS promises as well which is quite delightful. I am sure you guys will add to that list the dog companion as well down the road.
      I think you guys delivered amazing work in that time frame since the KS and you showed that there is some taste for history based games as well. You raised the bar and I am confident you guys will keep wroking on raising it even more. Greetings to the whole team.

    5. Remember Citadel on

      Thanks for the outlook.
      How about providing FLAC files to all the owners of the soundtrack DLC?

    6. Lucio Maron on

      Am I an 'early crowdfunding supporter' ?

    7. Karel De Grande on

      Any chance we get a lossless version of the soundtrack? A low bitrate mp3 is really dissapointing. Thank you

    8. Joshua Johnson

      which one of those DLC includes the dog? That's the one I'm waiting for before trying my next playthrough.

    9. Shepard on

      Can you release a DLC that allows to toggle out all the F bombs in a game? Otherwise, you use the Christ's name in almost a mocking way, while around the corner your NPCs throw around the F bombs. I am not saying that your game should be less 'realistic', the choice is always yours how to make it, it's your game after all, but you are crossing the line there. I was looking forward and backed your game, but after all the mixing in the name of Christ and mocking the name in any way possible, I can't even look at this game any more. Do you really have so little respect for the Lord?

    10. Jan Sinko on

      Bomba. I like it

    11. Warhorse Studios Creator on

      @Joshua: Dog comes with the last DLC.

    12. Warhorse Studios Creator on

      @Lucio: Of course you are :-]

    13. Alexander Woodbury-Monda on

      Will there be anything expanded upon for courtship with Theresa? Maybe marriage, kids, and then some type of benefit from it.

      Also will there be something along the lines of land being given to Henry, and you can possibly upgrade your land and add better roads, villages, etc? Possibly gives you income.

    14. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      Hi scammers! It's me again. I backed a Linux version. Your tech support has ALREADY PROMISED me refund 3 months ago. But the last 1.5 months just ignores my messages.


      > Neo: We might missed that, we will get back to you soon. Thanks.…

      Since then Warhorse Studios continue to ignore all my messages on all communication channels. This entire campaign is the biggest fraud I've ever seen on a Kickstarter. You leave me no choice but to complain about this fraudulent behavior to the Kickstarter.

    15. Gundqr on

      I'm incredibly looking forward to this! All of it looks good.