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Realistic single-player RPG set in the medieval Europe. Open-world sandbox with period accurate melee combat. Dungeons & no Dragons.
Realistic single-player RPG set in the medieval Europe. Open-world sandbox with period accurate melee combat. Dungeons & no Dragons.
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New Patch & Free PC DLC

Posted by Warhorse Studios (Creator)

With Easter holidays right around the corner, here are some exciting updates and holiday-related content just for you. Prepare yourselves for the golden egg hunt!



Patch 1.4: Easter Update  

Patch 1.4 is upon us and Henry is in desperate need of a makeover. You'll now have the opportunity to give him a haircut, grow out his beard and more! Notice the new unarmed mercy kill animation and the Easter content.

  • New Hair and Beard mechanics. 
  • Customize your style in bathhouses and gain extra charisma with freshly cut hair.
  • Unarmed mercy kill added for a more "subtle" way to solve quests.
  • Real Easter eggs added. The hunt for the golden egg can begin! 
  • Traditional Czech Easter-themed weapon to be found, called "Pomlázka".
  • Resurrection day is upon us! Some NPCs that have died due to the physics glitches have risen from their graves. 
  • Fixed problems with the "Mightier than the Sword" quest related to the scribe.
  • Rattay archery competition works on advanced difficulty. 
  • Fixed save issue for the "House of God" quest. 
  • Another 200 bugs fixed.

Free PC DLC - HD Texture and Audio Pack  

As a special treat, Warhorse Studios released the first free DLC - HD Texture & Audio Pack for PC which together enhance the visual and audio experience of Kingdom Come: Deliverance. HD Textures boost the overall graphics of Kingdom Come: Deliverance to create an ever more lifelike look at 1403 Bohemia. HD Audio is available for all three voice over languages (English, German and French) and enhances all in game voice overs and sounds.

To download the DLC, please visit Steam or GOG!


Invitation to PAX East 2018 in Boston

PAX East is nearly upon us, and if you're signed up for the event, make sure you stop by and say hi to Tobi and Rick. Not only will you be able to play the latest updated version of the game, but you'll also have the opportunity to win another digital PC copy of our game for one of your family members or one of your friends!


Nvidia Ansel and Shadowplay Support for PC  

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Patch 1.3.4 for PC added support for Nvidia Ansel and Shadowplay. With this technology players can now capture in-game shots and view them in 360. Screenshots can be composed from any position and adjusted/ post-processed with filters and enhancements. 360 shots work best on Facebook and Google+.


Thank you for your support and enjoy the new content!

Warhorse Team

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    1. Warhorse Studios Creator on

      @FANtastic Gaming, please contact our to help you. Thanks!

    2. Missing avatar

      Mike on

      I would sell my Steam code if I could, but I can't - the game's linked to my account (cursing my mistake doing that in the first place, as I thought it could somehow later be "undone"). So since Warhorse refuses to provide refunds, GOG Connect will be my only option.

    3. Benjamin Penney on

      Guys, sell your Steam code on g2play and forget about it. Cut your losses. There are so many other games to play.

    4. Missing avatar

      Mike on

      When will KC:D be available on GOG Connect so KS backers can finally access a DRM-free version of the game? The Steam version is useless to me.

    5. FANatics Gaming & Entertainment on

      I never received my copy & I have a new email address I updated Kickstarter with. How do I get my code as a backer?

    6. Jalister on

      This update taunts us with getting the free dlc from Steam or GOG when no backer was provided with a GOG version. Nice job.

    7. Cocotteseb on


      No word on a HD texture pack for the Xbox One X ?

    8. drakrochma on

      Will the Pomlázka only work on women? ;)

    9. Jan Sinko on

      Perfektní práce. Díky moc.

    10. Wayne Davis on

      So what exactly happened to the the fact you stated 1.4 was going to mostly be a performance/optimization patch for the PC?

    11. Missing avatar

      Marcrele on

      This game is a mess. Savegame is broken. Mainquests are failing. There are still bugs like the gamma/desktop issue that haven‘t been fixed yet. What are you guys doing, seriously?

    12. Balgin Stondraeg

      Yes! Finally Henry can have a beard!

    13. Warhorse Studios Creator on

      @Stephen: Should be corrected now, sorry about it!

    14. Stephen "Stoibs" D

      To be honest it would have been nice if this were an optional DLC download instead of forcing 26gb of textures and audio packs onto us.

      I can see them all there now sucking my my precious SSD space, here's hoping we can manually delete some of these out without steam freaking out and trying to reacquire them..

    15. Missing avatar

      William Lee on

      Nice to finally see the obviously missed out hair mechanics. Everyone knows that fashion souls is the way to go, and Henry (Praise and all) was in severe need of growing his stubble and shoddy hair.

      Here's hoping we get that dog follower update, and hey maybe even some nudity. You know to keep it authentic and not PG.