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Realistic single-player RPG set in the medieval Europe. Open-world sandbox with period accurate melee combat. Dungeons & no Dragons.
Realistic single-player RPG set in the medieval Europe. Open-world sandbox with period accurate melee combat. Dungeons & no Dragons.
35,384 backers pledged £1,106,371 to help bring this project to life.

Profiles updated, the rewards are coming!

Posted by Warhorse Studios (Creator)

Dear backers,

last few weeks and especially days were really hectic! We were able to complete and send 10.000 packages to 70 countries and now we are updating profiles for you - our backers - to get you even closer to the rewards. Please remember, that the game and some other rewards will be playable/available on the release date, February 13th, not sooner. 

Thank you!


Profile updates

We have made a lot of updates in our database, but the most important for you are:

  • Tracking number for physical packages added, for the high backers even two of them for game and sword.
  • Steam login added for digital rewards including game, soundtrack or art book (for all eligible backers). OST and art book will be available only trough Steam.
  • PS4 code added, one for both game and pre-order bonus.
  • Two Xbox codes added, one for game and one for pre-order bonus.
  • Some digital rewards will be added in a matter of days - game scenario, poster/map or figure for 3D printer.
  • Selected tiers with two licences can see the first platform according to your choice (PC/Xbox/PS4) and the second is a Steam key.

Please login to your profile on our website and check it!


Missing in action

While preparing the rewards, we discussed some of the original ideas we had for Kickstarter and decided to find a different way how to deal with them. 

  • Making of movie is already in production, but we decided to make it complete and add the important parts of the last months of development. That is the reason, why it couldn't make it to the boxes before release date.
  • We skipped the printed manual, and focused on the nice in-game help instead.
  • Some Soldier tiers are missing Steam codes. Sorry about that, please contact us.
  • High tier backers with the sword & shield need to wait little longer for that, but already in production.
  • Metal box was maybe nice idea, but not that practical. Limits in the production, big weight and high price were against it and we rather choose the nice paper box.
  • Different sizes of the T-shirt was too much, there was about 60 different combinations of packages and adding S-XXL variation to that would be insane. 

Nevertheless the most important reward for you and especially for us is the game and we are eagerly awaiting your feedback to playing Kingdom Come: Deliverance!

If there is something missing, please contact our support.


Warhorse Studios


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    1. Visa | Tormented Dreamgoat of Eternity on

      Through impeccable timing, I had (7 months ago) notified I'd be taking 2 weeks vacation starting on February 11th. Through a more typical timing to me (i.e. bad), I had booked a weeks trip abroad from February 12th, so I couldn't benefit from day 1 of this release. Fortunately the DHL agreed to hold the delivery of the physical backer rewards until my return, and I received them about an hour ago. As I'm fairly tired of all the negativity that is directed towards Kickstarter creators post release, I'll try to be as fair as possible. Still not going to hold my criticism where deserved.

      Point to be made, I backed on Wenzel der Faule level, so that'll be the level of rewards I'll be reviewing (in the order that they are mentioned at the support sidebar).

      1: The Sword. It's clearly well made and definitely beautiful. The balance is great, and although I haven't yet been able to test it, I assume it performs well enough with one caviat. Unfortunately it's not very sharp. If you're familiar with Windlass swords, this is comparable to them with Kult of Athena sharpening service. Also, I do recall Dan Vávra mentioning in one update or another that the sword will come with a sheath or a scabbard. It doesn't, but then this was not promised in the initial Kickstarter campaign, so I won't hold that against it. It does come packaged in a very nice plywood box though. Unfortunately, the wood had apparently expanded (possibly due to the being stored in's about -10°C/14°F here in Helsinki, and I'm not sure if the DHL storage place has heating). As such, I had to break the lid of the box open with a crowbar, since it wouldn't open more than 10 inches otherwise.

      2. Act II and Act III later - obviously not yet applicable, well see if they deliver.

      3. Original edition copper engraving print: It's there. It's printed on fairly cheap carboard. Nothing special, but they delivered what they promised here.

      4. Your Name in a Conciliatory Cross: Haven't played the game far enough to find out...I assume it's there (if anyone has detected "Tuomas Kaarlonpoika" on such a cross, feel free to verify).

      5. Collectors Edition: I'm going to do this in sub bullets.
      - The CE box itself is nice. Large enough and made of quality cardboard with nice smooth surcface treatment (my English is not good enough to describe it better) and quality cover art.
      -Game Box: They promised it'd be a steel box. It's not. Nice looking and decent quality cardboard, but not what was promised. Includes 4 game discs and a soundtrack on another one (so that's another promise down the line covered). I'm not sure if the game discs contain a DRM-free version of the game...I'll be really pissed if it doesn't. I already have two Steam Keys for the game (one of them claimed), so another on the discs would make fuck all sense. That said, putting a steam installation on 4 discs would make even less of a one, so I'm optimistic.
      - Art Book is flimsy softcover thing and with smaller pages than I was expecting, which does a disservice to the art itself. That said, the book has a good number of pages, the art is beautiful and there's quite a bit of explanatory text there. Good enough.
      - Action Figure: Actually metal and fairly detailed. I've had some more detailed miniatures, but I've really nothing to complain about this one. Solid work.
      - Limited edition (signed) poster. Do the brackets mean it's not actually signed? Because it's not. How hard would it really be to have them signed. Pretty much every other Kickstarter creator that has delivered an underwhelming product has managed the signatures at least. Step up guys. Anyway, the poster itself is kind of small but okay. It has a nice map of the game world on the other side.
      - T-Shirt: I was worried, since although fairly tall (184cm or 6'1/2"), I'm really skinny and thus used to wearing S-sized t-shirts. So when I heard all the shirts are going to be L-sized, I figured it'd look like a sack on me. Pleasantly, it fit's quite well. A bit loose, but in a comfortable way. That said, if you fall into one of the sizes where it doesn't fit, I guess your SOL. Don't really understand why they couldn't produce variable sizes. Much smaller (and larger) Kickstarter projecets have succeeded in it).
      -Dice: They're there. They're ok...6 wooden identical 6 sided dices of fairly good quality. I guess they make more sense once I get further into the game. But they're ok anyway.
      -Commemorative coin: It's there, it's nice enough. I have my doubts to it being actually silver instead of...say...steel, but that's just the cynic in me. I guess the time will tell...

      6. Making of Video on DVD: They said this isn't going to happen. We'll get it digitally, which I'm generally okay with, but slightly upset that they've just decided to not deliver on the physical one...another broken promise.

      7. Printed Manual. Not there. Won't be delivered. Major broken promise. Much anger.

      Finally the game itself. Haven't really gotten that far. It seems really poorly optimized for PC (either that or it doesn't support SLI). I've got a fairly powerful rig, and even on medium settings, I can't reach 60fps generally. And I tried the Ultra settings and (despite running only on like 20fps), it didn't look that great to me. It might benefit from more specific graphics adjusting (like turning off the smoke coming from the chimneys), but as it is now, I don't really feel like playing it. Guess I'll try it again after it's received the final patch as well as all the promised DLC.

    2. Missing avatar

      Dane Barrett on

      I was told if i backed Baron level pledge i could pick which platform i wanted. So later they emailed me advising to log into the site and choose one, so i picked PS4. Then they only gave me a code for Steam, which i can’t use and didn’t want anyway. So i got no reward for my $. Lying thieves.

    3. Ingo Günther on

      @Alex Freeman
      Go to , scroll a bit down and click on "Sign In". Enter the login data of your Warhorse account, to login into your account there.
      In your account account you should find a possibility to connect you Warhorse account with your Steam account and after using it you should have the game in your Steam library.

    4. Missing avatar

      Alex Freeman on

      I'm a digital soldier. How am I supposed to get my digital copy once I've logged into Steam? I don't see any mention of the game unless I search for it, and the price is $59.99?! WFT?!

    5. MsDemeaner on

      Will these lying cunts face up and explain themselves, and make amends for fucking us over.

      They have actively DECIDED to shortchange us.

      Fuck these lying pricks.

    6. Siresly on

      "we decided to find a different way how to deal with rewards"
      Ha. That's some creative phrasing. You are literally not delivering one (Printed manual) of them. A second (T-shirt) may be useless.

      The justification for the Making Of going temporarily AWOL and presumably being delivered only digitally, is fair enough, but arguably something that should've been foreseen. The box material/style was not something I was even aware of, so not a loss I'm mourning. But still, that is something you said we would be getting.

      Kudos for providing a tracking number and finishing production, logistics etc. in a timely manner, but what's being delivered is not the full order. As such, and especially now that the game's already a success, I wonder if Warhorse is willing to compensate for what they've failed to deliver? You'd think they'd feel an obligation towards us who believed in and supported their vision to the extent that we're an integral reason for it becoming a reality. So far they haven't made an effort. This update is effectively just "we're not delivering these things we promised, deal with it."

    7. Missing avatar

      Sven on

      Was just told by support, that the "missing signatures" on the poster at the higher reward levels had been explained by this post...

      I am really surprised how they have decided to treat backers, as in the end, it will most probably provide bad reputation, as atm. there is no way Ill recommend anyone to get the game before it is in the bargain bin.

    8. Jalister on

      @Neo - Those that backed for physical products were cheated more than twice. I'm ok with not getting a Linux version since it wasn't promised AND it doesn't exist. However, even though it wasn't promised, it was discussed AND it does exist, Warhorse refuses to give the backers the DRM free version. That's just further evidence to back their take on not shipping the correctly size shirts to people, or not making a proper manual, etc. I don't know if it's laziness, apathy, or just a blatant disregard for their backers, but in any case it's wrong.

      Seriously, how hard is it to provide some GOG keys for backers. I guess I'm just spoiled by companies like CD Project Red and Larian.

    9. Nick Hanson

      Well I got my physical version. I'm just a Soldier (Physical) backer so none of this collector stuff however it's pretty much useless to me as I don't do Steam and it's clearly marked on the package that it requires Steam. I'm not sure what the point even is of sending a physical non-collectors version of a game if you have to use Steam to get it. Is there even a disc in there or just a piece of paper with the Steam code? I don't want to open the packing so I can maybe sell it for a little more since it's useless to me otherwise... just curious. Silly me I thought if I bought a physical version I'd get something I could actually play in the mail. I think someone suggested below that you sell the physical version and try to get enough money to buy the version... that's my current plan. I consider this Kickstarter experience a failure at this point.

    10. Missing avatar

      Ian Hawley on

      Hmmmm, cannot register on the website as the registration form states that various fields are missing, despite there being an absence of fields

    11. Carmilla on

      Will the physical version of "Making of" be sent to backers after it's completed?

    12. Night1505

      @Andreas Larsen - Thank you so much for that, and for the great pictures! Honestly, I'm at the point that I don't care if I get the physical rewards today, tomorrow, or next month. What I want right damn now is my Xbox code!!

      Someone at @Warhorse just manually send me an Xbox code!! Please!!!!!!!!!

    13. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      Yeah! It's a shame that Warhorse Studios cheated us twice:

      1. First cancelled the Linux version after the game was funded.

      2. Now don't want to give a GOG codes to backers of DRM-Free version.

    14. Missing avatar

      Thierry on

      Missing signature is just a shame, as Warhorse didn't say a word about it... They did the same with Linux version, and in both cases I can't see what prevented them from telling us the truth earlier.

      I'm glad I backed at the Earl level, otherwise it would have meant one more missing item. But the lack of printed manual + DVD documentary is just unforgivable, not to mention this crazy Steam-only issue... Come on, I gave you 65£ and I can't even play the game without a Steam account ??

    15. Remember Citadel on

      Hate to see the retail CE to be superior to what mid-tier backers receive. Disappointing.

    16. Claude M. on

      Why don't you just add the Steam key to everybody's profile, rather than have people log in with their Steam account on your website? I've done that, got an error message, and now the profile claims the game has been added to my Steam account, but it isn't in my library. Yes, I've restarted Steam multiple times, it simply won't show up. I've mailed your support multiple times, and nothing has been done. Seriously getting pissed off now...

    17. Missing avatar

      Michal Prokš on

      @warhorse Can you please somehow address the issue of missing signatures on posters?

    18. Andreas Larsen on

      @Night1505 I just picked up my Earl edition today, and i took some pictures of the contents, which you can see here: missing things from the original pledge are: No metal box, the container is made of paper, though at least it's some pretty descent quality paper, albeit a bit flimsy. It's also of course missing the making of movie, also the t-shirt only comes in a EU Large, as also mentioned by others in the comments. For me personally the t-shirt size is fine, fits me pretty well, but for others who are somewhere around a size small or XL it sucks. Don't really see the reasoning behind not shipping different sized t-shirts out, especially since you could buy their t-shirts in the store (not sure if they still offer them though). So IMO it seems a bit silly, i mean they could've at least told us more in advance (2 days in advance is not enough at all) that they'd have trouble with sending them out as planned. Or maybe ship them separately at a later date, so it'd be easier to manage logistically.

    19. Missing avatar

      asimon on

      You offer the game on both GOG and Steam, yet don't offer your backers to choose between them. I can't imagine that there exist any non-trivial technical or judicial reason for disallowing GOG to your backers and assume you just don't care and refuse to put any resource into this at all. Why would you even try? Thank you very much and good luck in the future.

    20. Night1505

      Can someone here please list out what I will be getting with the Earl (Collector's Edition) pledge? The changes are somewhat vague, and I have yet to receive mine in the mail. :)

    21. Jack McClure on

      So I don't know what else to try. I have tweeted you, and emailed support yesterday but I have had no response. I asked for an XBOX copy of the game for my Duke Tier pledge. I have now received both the physical copy of the game and the digital code for the second copy. Both, however, are for PC which means I am unable to play the game. Some help would be really appreciated.

    22. Punkalyptic on

      @Thierry -- funny you should mention it, it is the reason why I didn't go for the Broken Sword kickstarter in the first place, as the only DRM-free version of a complete Broken Sword collection I could find in the market was the Revolution 25th Anniversary Collection which I eventually had to buy from eBay. Nice touch from the developers though, I wasn't aware they did send dvd replacements.

    23. Missing avatar

      Thierry on

      Oh, by the way : the Steam-only problem also happened with Broken Sword 5, and in the end the developers decided to send a DVD with DRM-free version of the game to ALL the backers who asked for it :

      So it's up to you, Warhorse...

    24. Missing avatar

      Thierry on

      @Punkalyptic -- Totally agree : I asked the question about DRM-free yesterday, before receiving my package... Now I got it, and I'm crazy to see that Collector Edition needs Steam to work. I don't (and won't) use Steam, so technically I may NEVER be able to play a game I backed 65£ for.

      This is just insane ! Not to mention the printed manual, which was really important to me. In-game help instead... for a Collector item, seriously ??

    25. Zéb OuNé on

      I receive my package yesterday 12/02 and this is really cool!

      Wait 18h today for test this awasome games!

      Thank you for this!

    26. Punkalyptic on

      First of all, let me say thank you for developing the game, and trying to stick to your principles - partially, but I've yet to confirm that as I haven't played it yet - hopefully soon.

      I received the collector's edition today. Let's say I ignore the fact of the t-shirt size (which I can't wear) and the metal box. It's also missing (1) the promised printed manual and (2) the making-of dvd. What I can't ignore is the fact that (3) the collector's edition is NOT DRM-free. Steam? It defies the whole purpose of collecting physical discs. It should have been in your campaign description long ago. If I had known, I'd choose the PS4 version. The LEAST you can do it give as the GOG option. I never use Steam. Which is why I still collect physical discs. What will I do with a boxed copy I can't just insert and play? As another user said below, I would much rather wait another year for the game than seeing you break your campaign promises.

    27. Missing avatar

      H-D Gronewold on

      Hey Warhorse, no Key in my Profile (Xbox One Baron Physical). As I understand at least a Steam key should be in there too, right?

    28. Warhorse Studios Creator on

      PS4 codes should be working today (Feb 13th), but it is Sony's decision when exactly.
      PS4 codes are in the profiles, yes.
      The Xbox codes are in the profiles too.
      In case there is still missing something, please contact our support.

    29. Missing avatar

      Ray Glendenning on

      Where the fuck is my Xbox one code, the game has been available in the store for five hours and I assume unlocked for those who just bought the physical media? I wish I hadn't switched from physical baron to digital when you waved the carrot.

    30. Shaboomm on

      This is simply disappointing. You're just making excuses in order to not fullfill your promises when it comes to physical items such as the game manual (we focus on in-game help? really?). You don't even offer something to replace this items you finally won't deliver.

      What's more infuriating is that you don't even apologize because of this. You are basically telling us: Well, you got the game, be happy with that. That's not something you can say to the people who has supported you since the beginning. Hell, the game wouldn't even be a reality without this support.

      Your last message down below is not even an apology You're just making more excuses (you didn't even update the Beta once).

      I don't know about the rest of the backers, but I'll be sure not to back your projects again. At least not the physical tiers.

    31. Tom Neudorf on

      Do I have to make an account on their forum to get my PS4 key or will it be sent here/email?

    32. matronator on

      I received my rewards on Saturday (quite by surprise by the delivery man), thank you! In the box was the physical copy for PS4 so I got access before the official launch and though I enjoy it so far, I have to point out few problems. I don't know if the game came with the patches, or if they were available early for the physical copy (but I had to download quite a lot of data before starting the game), but the game keeps crashing often. Was this problem solved in the patches (meaning I have the un-patched version still), or is this happening even with the patches? BTW, I'm glad I chose the PS4 version, because it's SUPER resource intensive, my PS4 fans are so loud I have to play with headphones to hear the audio.

    33. cthuun on

      PS4 code NOT working!
      Will my code (soldier - digital ps4) function on 13.02.2018?

      please clarify

    34. Missing avatar

      Sven on

      Received the box today, and shipping a smaller game box inside a larger shipping box with no padding is not a good idea when it contain a heavy item...

      Also could not find any traces of the promised signed poster or steam key. (In my backer account there is also only one steam key listed and not two as promised by the reward level)

      The game DVDs that it comes with require steam to install.

    35. Frazz on

      I am very disappointed because I can't play a the game (Steam key while I do not have Steam!).
      No more wanting to play this game where the studio makes fun of these customers

    36. Aymeric on

      When asking for a Gog key instead of a steam one :
      "Hello and thanks for your support. These services are two different companies and we can´t switch them for you unfortunatelly. Thanks for your understanding."
      Sure you can, as many kickstarter projects did before.

    37. Kierun on

      Real shame that if you selected PC you get dumped with a Steam key automatically and cannot change it to a GOG one… That really sucks. ☹

    38. IamHowie on

      Got mine before the Chinese new year, thank you.

    39. Rob Crowther

      > If we would have known, that in the end we had to put together 10.000 boxes in 60 different combinations and send it out to 70+ countries, we would stick to the digital rewards probably..

      You've know for months how many boxes in how many combinations you'd have to put together, why is it you've waited until now to tell everyone?

      > Maybe you would have rather choose steel book instead of unique commemorative silver coin, which was tough to make…

      Maybe you could have asked your backers for input on these tough decisions?

      > We regularly updated you about the development status, with good and even the bad news, but always in an open and honest way.

      No, you haven't. As others have mentioned you've consistently avoided giving us the bad news, for example the lack of the promised Linux version and now the lack of promised rewards.

    40. Helena on

      @ Warhorse: Everyone appreciates how hard you've worked on this, and I'm sure the game itself will be great. That said, your comment below is more than a little disingenuous. No one has 'forgotten' all the work you did on the alpha etc. - what people are angry about is that they aren't receiving items they specifically paid for during the Kickstarter (in addition to all the stuff that was cut from the game itself, such as children, blacksmithing, and some of the stretch goals such as the dog companion). Most people were OK with the changes to the game, since you clearly explained what had been cut and why - but in this case you've put off telling everyone until the last minute, and when people quite justifiably complain, the response is "LOL we changed our minds, at least you're getting the other stuff right?" Can you blame people for being annoyed, especially when they see a retail CE offering some of the missing items for a lower cost?

      Under Kickstarter's TOS creators are obliged to deliver all the rewards promised (or an acceptable substitute), or refund the difference. With KCD topping Steam's bestseller lists before it's even released, I really think you guys could afford to offer a partial refund for the stuff people were explicitly promised and aren't receiving (or some other kind of compensation, such as additional digital goods). You've explained your point of view, now try to see things from ours: we gave you money to make your dream game, after numerous publishers rejected it, only to find out at the very last minute that we're getting screwed over on rewards delivery. Some effort to acknowledge and address this, rather than just making excuses, would go a long way.

    41. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      Hi all! I think I have a solution! As I can see 50% of commends from people who want a GOG code (like me). I don't need a steam code too - SO I WOULDN'T ACTIVATE IT. I'll wait for a month after release and AFTER THAT I WILL ASK FOR REFUND (it's easy for devs to check steam code status and deactivate codes). After that I'll spend these money to buy this game on GOG. I think this is a good idea if the developers are so greedy.

    42. Missing avatar

      Thierry on

      At least, tell me the collector edition is DRM-free... ?

    43. Rafal Wrobel on

      "Missing in action" Głupie tłumaczenia, prosiliście o pieniądze, dostaliście pieniądze. Pacta sunt servanda!!! :(

    44. Missing avatar

      Michal Prokš on

      Sorry, but nothing what you said in any way excuses this situation.

      1. You decided to accept additional backers even after the Kickstarter campaign has ended. You could have stopped that anytime you wanted. If having to ship 10k boxes is too much for you, then it is definitely your own fault that you overstretched your logistical capabilities by accepting additional backers. I can accept this point as an excuse that there are some mistakes in individual shipments, but definitely not as an excuse to break your original promises.

      2. Alpha and beta versions were not an extra effort. Both were promised in the original campaign. These promises were also broken as no full beta was ever released.

      3. While we had lots of video updates full of patting yourselves on the back, we had to discover important information (acts and linux/mac version and other promised features being scrapped) from game magazines first. In case of linux/mac version, it took you pretty long time to actually admit that it's not happening. That's not entirely "open and honest"

      4. I guess most of us would be fine if you were not able to fulfill some of the promises for a good reason. However this is not the case. As stated in this update - there was nothing preventing you from fulfilling the promises, you just decided not to.

      5. You still didn't explain why you waited with this announcement until the last moment. According to your forum, some backers even received their packages before this was announced.

    45. MsDemeaner on

      So the retail version gets:
      - The official Kingdom Come: Deliverance SteelBook
      - 30x30cm cloth map of medieval Bohemia from the Kingdom Come: Deliverance landscape
      - 15cm tall Polyresin Figurine of Henry, painted in silver and with an antique finish
      - Selection of the official Kingdom Come: Deliverance soundtrack on Audio CD
      - 32 page hardcover artbook
      For the same price backers get
      - Game + OST in a fold out Digi-pak (so a cheaper version, although maybe preferred by some)
      - Paper Map (cheaper shit version compared to retail)
      - Poster, well actually not really it’s the reverse of the map. So no separate poster.
      - Coin
      - 6 dice
      - T-Shirt – if you’re S or XL (or larger) too bad, no shirt wearing for you. So for some this is a useless item
      - Paperback flimsy as fuck art book. So retail gets less pages but superior quality
      - Missing Manual. Not even remotely OK. Many collectors back specifically for the game manual. I know I did.
      - Oh, and if you didn’t back at the higher tier you have a nice spot where the figure will be for higher backers. Nice work Warhorse/Deep Silver.
      So the package is ok. But the missing manual and the tent T-Shirt I cannot wear is not even remotely OK. The Digi-Pak is acceptable, but feels bad because retail gets a Steelbook. Artbook is merely ok, but the lack of hardcover (which retail has) sucks.
      Warhorse did not do enough to ensure they met their obligations, and the Publisher has given premium items to its customers and shat on backers. They had the money to meet these obligations and CHOSE not to.

    46. Jalister on

      @abaddon1 - I see. It looks like the physical backers can at least try to take matters into their own hands, for the digital part at least.

    47. abaddon1 on


      Physical tiers get a key, digital tiers get stuck with a steam account link.

    48. Missing avatar

      Stephen Ashmore on

      Pretty big let down for me as well. Seems that a lot of the physical rewards are in the Collectors Edition in stores, but not in the edition shipped to the original backers? I do have a shipping number, so I'll see what its like when it arrives, but it really seems like the backers were the last people who are going to receive the game and whatever bits of rewards we are left with.

    49. Jalister on

      @Benjamin Penney - I don't think you can even sell your Steam key. As I'm understanding it, you have to link your Warhorse account with Steam to activate the game on Steam. Warhorse is not providing keys, and Warhorse doesn't seem to care about their backers' requests on this matter.

    50. Benjamin Penney on

      You can't, Santiago.

      For those who want a way to fix this mess, my suggestion is to sell your Steam key and use the money (paying any difference) to purchase a GOG key. That's what I'm doing. The GOG key isn't currently available on sites like Kinguin, but it should be by the time it's released. Unfortunately, this renders your boxed copy kind of useless, but I suppose you still get the cover art :\