Kingdom Come: Deliverance

by Warhorse Studios

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    1. amigacooke on

      Shame about the macOS and Linux backers though. They backed Warhorse, but Warhorse never backed them.

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      Derek Reeves on

      How will platform preference be handled, specifically, Xbox One. Thanks and grats, as the beta I tried on PC was shaping up nicely.

    3. Missing avatar

      stevie on

      What is the state of Linux support? I backed because I need Linux support as I have neither a gaming console, nor a Windows system. Thanks for the information!

    4. abaddon1 on


      What they said December of 2016 was

      "We have no specific information for Linux/Mac unfortunately, even the analysis of the engine would take several months to have complete info about the possibility to release the game on those platforms. We don't have the time right now. Sorry about that!"

      So my take away from that is that Mac/Linux is officially dropped until some further notice that would suggest otherwise.

    5. Billy Wardlaw


    6. Remember Citadel on

      No macOS / Linux support? That's a bummer :( Any news in regard to GOG Galaxy support?

    7. Missing avatar

      Billy J. West Jr. on

      Congrats to all you Windows gamers. I hope you enjoy the game developed with the help of those of us who contributed on the promise of a Linux version but were, once again, given the shaft. Kingdom Come and three other games I backed have done this, and I'll never back another game due to this depict.

    8. amigacooke on

      @Billy J. West Jr.

      To be fair, Warhorse will give a refund to Linux/macOS backers if asked.

    9. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      Hi! Some news about Linux and GOG? :)