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Realistic single-player RPG set in the medieval Europe. Open-world sandbox with period accurate melee combat. Dungeons & no Dragons.
Realistic single-player RPG set in the medieval Europe. Open-world sandbox with period accurate melee combat. Dungeons & no Dragons.
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Quest Scripting, Design, Storytelling and More

Posted by Warhorse Studios (Creator)

In the new video, we delve into the internal Alpha which provides a good overview about the final game that will be released in 2017 on Windows PC, Xbox One and PlayStation®4.

The internal Alpha provides a complete walk through of Kingdom Come: Deliverance including all features, assets, quests and serves as a basis for the final version of the game. It also offers a first indication for the final look of Kingdom Come: Deliverance

The next step is to focus on finalizing the quests and tuning the script, optimization as well as bug fixing. To guarantee a high quality throughout the entire game, we made a tough decision to cancel some elements to the game, including the following:

  • Support for Mac and Linux platforms at launch
  • The blacksmithing minigame
  • The dog companion

A solution for concerned backers will be offered on a personal base via


We attach great importance to the story line of Kingdom Come: Deliverance. As well as recording in-game dialogues with 50 actors, we also shot three and a half hours of full performance motion-capture to create cut scenes that will immerse the player in the conflict between two kings fighting over the throne.

These cut scenes will be enhanced by one and a half hours of symphonic orchestral music recorded with the Warhorse Studios composer, Mr. Jan Valta, in Prague’s Rudolfinum concert hall. 

Sneak a peek at the epic sound of Kingdom Come: Deliverance:


Last Chance to Get Your Sword

We offer special items such as hand forged swords, precious metal coins and copper engravings, in combination with a physical pledge for Kingdom Come: Deliverance on

To guarantee a smooth production and delivery pipeline, we have decided to stop the physical tiers by December 31, 2016. The digital tiers will be still available.


Thank you for you support!

Warhorse Team

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    1. Missing avatar

      Jakub Chatrný on

      @Daniel Siegmann Well CryEngine supports these platforms. I belive they make promise based on that. But It Does not work like you click build on X platform and everything works fine. There will needed lot of optimalization. If majority of backers have to wait because of it half year I'm ok with release it just for business perspective atractive platforms first. (as Linux backer)
      BTW: if they promise now to release for those platforms later and then realise its not posible it would be even worse. So I expect some information about that at release earliest.

    2. Chris Rosenau on

      You are doing an amazing job and I am so excited to play the completed game!

    3. Sean Poynter

      This is incredibly disappointing. How do you commit to putting the game out on a platform without even investigating if it's possible? Engine analysis probably should have happened after the requirements documentation was completed and before any code was written in order to ensure the engine can meet the set of requirements.

    4. Missing avatar

      Daniel Siegmann on

      The time to do an "analysis of the engine" was BEFORE you promised Mac and Linux support in exchange for our money. You have taken our money, used it to make your game, and now that you're almost done admit that you will not be delivering on your promise.

      Given that you admit now don't even have an estimate on the effort necessary, it is clear you didn't even make an attempt to support these platforms. It seems to me you never had any intention of honoring your commitment.

      I hope you have something more to say for yourselves than "Sorry about that!"

    5. Warhorse Studios Creator on

      We have no specific information for Linux/Mac unfortunately, even the analysis of the engine would take several months to have complete info about the possibility to release the game on those platforms. We don't have the time right now. Sorry about that!

    6. Missing avatar

      Jabberwok on

      Personally, I'm willing to wait until (well) after launch, but if it's cancelled forever there's no point in me hanging around.

    7. Atamert Ölçgen on

      I backed this because of Linux support. You are breaking your promise.

    8. Missing avatar

      Richard Jordan on

      Like other previous commenters, the only reason I even looked at this kickstarter, and pledged, was for the non-PC platform support (Mac OS-X in my case). Now we have two "maybe" platforms (consoles) getting support and two promised platforms... what? Still the info is ambiguous as it has been. Canceled? Delayed? Just not available when PC and the lucky "maybe" platforms get launched but _will_ be in the not too distant future?

      Please make a definitive, unambiguous statement on production and release of MacOS and Linux versions of this game.

    9. kvark on

      Linux-only backer here as well, disappointed... just so you know

    10. Missing avatar

      Ivan Savelev on

      Please support Linux and OS X or i will have to ask for a refund.

    11. Yuri on

      No Linux would be a deal breaker to me if I knew that.

    12. Missing avatar

      Anton Eriksson on

      I hope you're not cancelling the Linux and OS X versions for good or I will have to ask for a refund :(

    13. MadBeard on

      How they wrote it, I presume that OS X and Linux support would be available after launch, eventually. But I can't put same logic to blacksmithing and dog companion.

      So Warhorse, can you please tell us if this features (OS X, Linux, blacksmithing, dog) are cancelled for good or will be implemented later through patch/DLC or something?

    14. Missing avatar

      Jabberwok on

      Same question: not at launch doesn't tell me if there will be OS X support AFTER launch. I only backed this on the assumption that I would be able to play it.

    15. Jason Playne on

      Not having launch versions for Linux and OS X is very disappointing.
      Are we going to see them at all?

    16. Anthony on

      That's surprising - the dog companion was most of the loved Parts of Fallout 4 and the card mini game in Witcher added to the depth and appeal. I hope these are free DLC which comes for original backers?

    17. Helena on

      Thanks for being honest about what you have and haven't been able to implement. Shame about the stuff that had to be cut, but at least some of it will be back as free DLC. I feel sorry for the Mac & Linux people, though.

    18. Ingo Günther on

      Oh and also I would like to be able to look behind me on a horse.

    19. Ingo Günther on

      I think AI for horses was a great decision, much more useful for the game then fighting form the horse (which I think would likely have brought up balancing problems). I use a joystick instead of a keyboard for gaming and let the program that I use for emulating keyboard input from the joystick input toggle Shift. That way I just press a button to let the horse run fully autonomously. I only have to correct the direction every once in a while and to make it stop. That's totally realistic and I love it.
      Just I would recommend to implement the toggle sprint (only for the horse) directly into the game. The horse doesn't have limited stamina (which makes sense as the horse is rather running than sprinting), so there is no reason to let the player hold the Shift key all the time.

    20. Jehren on

      Continues to look amazing!

    21. Andrew Pam on

      Yes, my apologies for the previous comment. After posting it, I did notice that there was a typo in the domain name and re-sent the email. Thank you also for your response!

    22. Missing avatar

      Angel Docampo on

      Mmmm I'm gonna contact Warhorse for a refund. Linux users know better than anyone that words are just a bunch of hot air, and the fact is *now* there will be no Linux client. Another project which promised a Linux build at launch, then cancelled, and finally abandoned. Warhorse didn't mention that last part, but I'd pledged a Linux game, not a Windows and console game because I don't and I won't have one. If someday the game see the light for Linux, I most probably buy it then, depending how many years after the original release.

      Sad and disappointed, I just only want a refund for not feeling cheated like other projects.

    23. Ramon on

      Nooooooo, not the dog companion!

    24. dulBIRAKAN on

      Yeah I hope they do refunds. I backed this game just for Linux and all I got so far has been a huge silence. I have very little faith that they will deliver on their Linux promises.

    25. Missing avatar

      stqn on

      Glad to read that the Linux version isn’t cancelled. I hope you didn’t go overboard with non cross-platform plugins and stuff and that the Linux version is only waiting for better CryEngine support.

    26. Andy Linea of Sin - DOoD on

      Great news, thanks!
      Please guys make it possible in the options to de-activate the stupid quest marker on the top compass and map (maybe seperately)! ^^

    27. Liviu on

      sad about the dog and minigame... hope they will be added later!

      as for osx/linux... for people who run on this platform i hope they will do them pretty soon

    28. Warhorse Studios Creator on

      There was a typo in the email address, thank you!

    29. Warhorse Studios Creator on

      We are sorry about the email, let us check it!

    30. Missing avatar

      Sergey Shpikin on

      If the game doesn't support Mac/Linux at launch there's no reason not to refund the pledge (for Mac/Linux gamers, of course). In the end you'll get nothing of what you pledged for. Fortunately, this particular developer is dealing good with refunds so I expect this issue to be settled quickly.

    31. Andrew Pam on

      I tried to email the following comment, but it was returned with the error message " Sorry, I couldn't find any host named (#5.1.2)". I'm very concerned that they don't even have working email!

      Original message:

      As a Kickstarter backer who does not run Windows, please keep me
      informed on progress of the Linux release. I am a software developer
      and would be happy to assist with testing.


    32. abaddon1 on

      @Josh Blick
      my guess based on how they phrased it is that Mac and Linux support is likely in the category of delayed until release (they only one they specify "at launch" for), while blacksmithing minigame and dog companion sound like they have just been straight up cancelled.

      Sad news, but good to actually hear something on it from them finally.

    33. Josh Blick

      Are you saying these are being cancelled or just delayed until after release?

    34. Missing avatar

      Ross Richard on

      Well if I knew you were just going to cancel Mac and Linux support, I certainly would have thought twice about pledging.