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Realistic single-player RPG set in the medieval Europe. Open-world sandbox with period accurate melee combat. Dungeons & no Dragons.
Realistic single-player RPG set in the medieval Europe. Open-world sandbox with period accurate melee combat. Dungeons & no Dragons.
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Can you recognize your face?

Posted by Warhorse Studios (Creator)

Kingdom Come: Deliverance was successfully funded on February 20th 2014.

You - 35.384 Backers - made our vision of a medieval realistic RPG come true. Among all rewards the EMPEROR Tier Backers (or higher) got the chance to send us their picture to become an in-game church painting. You helped us to stay alive – now we will make you immortal! 

Thank you again for your support!

Also want a unique reward? Then check and get a hand forged sword!

Weekly Torch with one of our game designer

Ondřej "Bít'a" Bittner was born in Prague and joined Warhorse Studios team shortly after the Kickstarter campaign in 2014. He is part of the design team and therefore he is responsible for writing the story for Kingdom Come: Deliverance, designing quests and writing dialogues. Meet the star of our ARMOR & RPG video. Do you have any additional questions regarding him and/or his work? 

Just ask here!

Weekly Torch with Ondrej Bittner
Weekly Torch with Ondrej Bittner


1) Where can we usually find you lurking in the holy halls of Warhorse?

Cursing at the coffee machine in the kitchen! That damn thing always wants to refill coffee beans, water or to clean up. If there is a robot uprising our coffee machine will be their leader.  

2) How did you hear about Warhorse? How did you join?

A friend of mine, who is studying history at Charles University heard about the game and checked up Warhorse website. Position were open for designers so we applied. Then I waited for a long time before I heard back from Warhorse. Then we talked in autumn 2013 and I joined the team shortly after kickstarter in 2014.  

3) Ever worked on videogames before?  

I actually never worked in a video game industry. The only experience with designing games root from my very old passion for pen and paper rpgs. Later I got into larping scene and created few larps. So when I heard about opportunity to work on a videogame I felt this is finally an option to do what I like and get paid for it.

Read the whole interview on our forums!

Live Stream Recording with Ondra 

Another opportunity to get to know Ondřej Bittner  is to watch the Live stream, where he played Kingdom Come: Deliverance with Tobias Stolz-Zwiling. Watch the live stream on our YouTube channel in case you missed it:

Thank you for your support!

Warhorse Studios

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    1. Missing avatar

      SteveW on

      News on Linux progress please!

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      Richard Jordan on

      Agree with the others. Waiting for updates on the Mac and linux releases

    3. M. Trout

      I didn't back at that level, but it is cool!

    4. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      To represent the common people as saints? It smells like a BLASPHEMY!

    5. amigacooke on

      Like the update, I'd like it much better if there was any news about the macOS version of this product.