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Realistic single-player RPG set in the medieval Europe. Open-world sandbox with period accurate melee combat. Dungeons & no Dragons.
Realistic single-player RPG set in the medieval Europe. Open-world sandbox with period accurate melee combat. Dungeons & no Dragons.
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Introducing armor layer system in Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Posted by Warhorse Studios (Creator)
Dear backers, 


We at Warhorse Studios are happy to present new insides of the development of Kingdom Come: Deliverance. In our new video we delve into the extensive RPG System, the sophisticated armor layering system and introduces the item quality and survival elements. 


RPG System

Shape your character and level your skills. Kingdom Come: Deliverance is an open world RPG and allows you to freely choose your playstyle: a diplomatic way using your speech skills, a sneaky way using your stealth skills, or a violent way with your weapon ready. You will only become better by actively using your skills or by visiting different trainers. But be careful, everything you do in Kingdom Come: Deliverance will affect your reputation and you’ll have to face the consequences.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Arena Fight
Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Arena Fight

 Armor layer system

Kingdom Come: Deliverance offers you a 16 slot armor layering system (+4 weapon slots) which allows you to fully customize your character.

  • 6 body slots (cloth, chainmail, plate, sleeves, gloves, coat/hood)
  • 4 leg slots (trousers, chainmail, armor, boots)
  • 4 head slots (coif, chainmail, helmet, necklace)
  • 2 jewelry slots (ring, spur)

(Weapon slots contain: weapon, shield, bow, arrow)

Layer different types of armor over each other to prepare for the next battle. From a soft linen shirt to massive full plate armor, every material is good against different types of attacks such as slashes, stabs, and blunt hits. Combine different materials to use their benefits and negate their weak spots.

A sophisticated physical collision system calculates the exact position of each strike. Due to the collision system, armor pieces only protect particular spots on your body, but the more hits you get the more your armor is weakened. Keeping armor clean and in good shape is crucial; dirty, bloody or destroyed armor has a direct influence on the effectiveness, your appearance and your reputation. This could result in quests becoming easier or harder, trades cheaper or more expensive, or people might greet you warmly or attack you on sight. A wisely chosen piece of armor might make the difference between survival and death. 

Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Broken Helmet
Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Broken Helmet

To get even more in-depth look at the technology behind our clothing system, please take a look at Tomas Barak’s speech from last years Game Developers Conference: 

Survival and item quality 

Your weapons and armor can be destroyed, which will drastically decrease its quality and effectiveness. Bring your armor to the local smith or use a grind stone to keep your gear in good condition.

Wounds can only be treated with medicine, bandages, food and sleep. But food can spoil so choose wisely what to bring on your next quest. A lack of food or sleep will harm you and affect your overall vitality, combat strength and can eventually lead to death. 

Beta Access to Kingdom Come: Deliverance 

As you already know, Kingdom Come: Deliverance Beta Access is available for everyone supporting the game through our official website: 

Thank you for your support! 

Warhorse Studios


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    1. Night1505

      Hahahahahaha... Linux... hehehehehe... ahhhhhhh ;)

    2. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      Hi! So what about Linux?

    3. Night1505

      @Michal Verner - Here's your obligatory "Day late and dollar short" advisory:

      You can drink the water, but don't eat the ice.

      Haha. :)

    4. Michal Verner on

      Many thanks to Warhorse for all this work, it really looks promising. And just for laughs my "first hours in beta" experience - I managed, without much more than a shirt and a sword, to kill some filthy bandit and get his money and armor. And then after sweet dreams (in ingame night) of wealth and fame the next day I died of food poisoning. So Kingdom Come captures life very realistically - and I don't mean it as a sarcasm, I really appreciate, that even small things can have a great impact on the ingame protagonist.

    5. Missing avatar

      Richard Jordan on

      Still waiting on access for the Mac beta as promised (Baron level). And deeply concerned to find the 'possible' console development apparently being given priority over the promised Mac and Linux versions that were supposed to have the same final release schedule as PC when the consoles were listed as 'possible if we get permission'...

      On the website beta page with the windows downloads it says: "Kingdom Come: Deliverance is in development also for Xbox One and PS4."

      Really? No mention that Mac and Linux development is underway?

      So is it?

      I also reviewed the forums, and the questions about Linux and Mac development and availability are unanswered there except for delay after delay, E3 will have answers, then no information.

      Please provide an update on Mac and Linux development.

    6. Warhorse Studios Creator on

      To Karel: Sorry about the confusion! It was meant that everyone who pledge through the website, can access the Beta (through the website). Every pledge on the website includes Beta access. On the other hand NOT every pledge on the Kickstarter includes Beta access.

    7. Karel Štěpka on

      Well. In that case, you should probably delete or re-word that sentence promising that everyone supporting the game can access the beta through your official website.

      As a native Czech, I of course cannot guess as to how other English speakers will understand your wording, but as you see below, I'm not the only one you have managed to tempt and mislead. :-/

      (Also, you could have said as much in your *previous* reply. I wrote I had the Soldier tier right in my first post, to which you replied that I should look for the link in some upper left corner. Well, thanks for sending me on a wild goose chase, scanning your website and taking all those screenshots. Makes one feel a bit stupid, you know? :-/ )

    8. Warhorse Studios Creator on

      To Karel: In case of Kickstarter backers there is a difference according to tiers: Soldiers don't have Beta Access, just Knight tier or higher. All backers who pledged through our website have Beta access though (but they pledge much more then Soldiers). Thank you for support!

    9. Missing avatar

      Scott Brewer on

      Same situation as Karel reported below. Cannot access Beta and clicking through links just runs me in circles on the site. Am I missing something?

    10. Karel Štěpka on

      "Beta is available in your profile - in the upper left corner is link when you are logged in."

      This is what I see on my profile page when I log in:
      There's no download link, only a link labeled "Get the game".

      This is the page I get to after clicking the "Get the game" link:
      Again, no download link, only a couple of "buy" links. The first one claims to give "Beta access" (as you can see in the screenshot), but wants me to pay another $25.99 in addition to my Soldier pledge.

      And for completeness, this is the page to which the "Beta access" link leads:
      Again, no download link, only links to the profile page and the "Get the game" page.

      Have I overlooked something? Is there a download link on any of these three pages? Or is it somewhere else?

    11. Chris Rhodes on

      Yeah, there's no beta link for me anywhere on the website when logged in. I sees my pledge on my profile pledge (Soldier), but no download link appears on any page.

    12. Missing avatar

      Sebastian Kryszczyński on

      Dear Warhorse Studios ,

      great information, it looks very nice :) Any news about Linux support?

    13. DAOWAce on

      There is no possible way this game is being released in 2017..

    14. Warhorse Studios Creator on

      Beta is available in your profile - in the upper left corner is link when you are logged in. Thank you!

    15. Karel Štěpka on

      "As you already know, Kingdom Come: Deliverance Beta Access is available for everyone supporting the game"

      I'm sorry, but where exactly are we supposed to download the beta?

      I'm logged in on your site. On the "About the Beta" page, you say "To access the Kingdom Come: Deliverance Beta version, please visit Get the Game section!". When I follow the link, there's no download there, only links to purchase the game (but I have already backed it, "Soldier" tier).

      When I click the "Digital Edition (PC)" link, it says it will grant me beta access, but it also tells me that "You already own a lower tier, but you can upgrade!" -- but here, you're saying it is available through your official website for everyone (no mention of any additional payment required).

    16. Missing avatar

      Joni Larsen-Haikarainen on

      Beta access is NOT available for everyone that supported the game! :(

    17. LordCrash on

      Great, I love the RPG systems and the clothing system! Great job, Warhorse!

      But why do the faces still look so creepy and ugly? I don't see any improvement there since the alpha. They should look like the faces in Ryse or Star Citizen...

    18. Missing avatar

      Tuxee on

      "Kingdom Come: Deliverance will be released in 2017 for PC, Xbox One and PS4. More specific release date will be announced later this year. Thank you!"

      Awesome. This means Linux support at last. No? After all I work on a PC running with a Linux distro. And as a developer I'm sure you know about the difference of an operating system and a hardware platform. No?

    19. amigacooke on

      Any news for Linux and macOS users please?

    20. Shepard on

      When does this "Beta" will be in a real beta stage? You seem to have more bugs in this Beta than in any alpha... heavy issues with performance, broken quests, etc etc.

    21. Missing avatar

      Jabberwok on

      @A.D. Olson
      Mac as well.

    22. Missing avatar

      Jabberwok on

      The layer system seems not only more realistic, it also just looks cooler than anything I've seen in other fantasy RPGs. How does changing clothes work? Can I just pause and instantly change my clothes in inventory? Because that seems weird.

    23. Missing avatar

      Jabberwok on

      You said that NPCs have the same stats, and need to eat. Does this mean that they can actually starve, just like the player?

    24. Luca on

      Sounds great!
      Take all the time you need (we already paid for it so nothing changes... ;)) and gives us the masterpiece we want! Better some more months to wait for than a so-and-so product... :)

    25. A.D. Olson on

      The beta isn't available for EVERYONE who supported the game. Linux users are left in the cold once again.

    26. Warhorse Studios Creator on

      Kingdom Come: Deliverance will be released in 2017 for PC, Xbox One and PS4. More specific release date will be announced later this year. Thank you!

    27. Bill Camara on

      I agree with Welfi 100%. Same situation for me. When will this game be done, especially for PS4??? Thank you.

    28. Missing avatar

      Adam W on

      Wow - watching that video gave me a true appreciation for how horrible it must have been to have to actually fight in that armour - an hour of walking/ducking/swinging in that thing would be enough to kill me without needing a sword to puncture my soft bits.

    29. Niels on

      And again no mention whether we are ever going to see a Linux version as promised...

    30. Welfi on

      Am I missing something or where are you on console developpment?
      I only backed this game because there was a promise that the game will be made for consoles too (it was even said that the beta comes to Ps4).
      Sadly my pc isn't fast enough to handle the game

    31. giga-ganon on

      love this layer system! amazing work as always