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Realistic single-player RPG set in the medieval Europe. Open-world sandbox with period accurate melee combat. Dungeons & no Dragons.
Realistic single-player RPG set in the medieval Europe. Open-world sandbox with period accurate melee combat. Dungeons & no Dragons.
35,384 backers pledged £1,106,371 to help bring this project to life.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Beta is here!

Posted by Warhorse Studios (Creator)

We are pleased to announce the release of Kingdom Come: Deliverance Beta access on Windows PC, available for backers with the Knight Tier or higher. This release includes a part of the game's main storyline, multiple quests, new combat systems, weaponry and the first large-scale battle. Take a look at our brand new Beta trailer! 

There are two ways how to access Beta, either through Steam or by means of our Warhorse Launcher. Here is the how-to for our new backers and Knights: 

  • Please register on our website with your Kickstarter email 
  • Go to your profile 
  • Click on the Warhorse Launcher link to download it 
  • Install the Warhorse Launcher 
  • Enter your login and password 
  • Download the Beta 
  • Play the Beta :-) 

The backers registered on our website in the past months already have Steam keys in their profile. The code is still there for your reference. For the Early Alpha players, who already activated the Steam code, the Alpha will automatically update to Beta on Steam. 

To access the Beta now, please create an account on

Kingdom Come: Deliverance
Kingdom Come: Deliverance

New editions of Kingdom Come: Deliverance 

We also would like to announce the launch of the new editions. The previous ones are not available anymore, but don't worry, Kickstarter tiers will be assigned to your profile, after you register on the website! New backers can choose from 5 different editions now: 

  • Digital Edition (PC) for $49.99 (USD) 
  • Digital Collector's Edition (PC) for $59.99 
  • Collector's Edition (PC) for $64.99 
  • Deluxe Edition (PC) for $149.99, including the art book, commemorative coin, or statue 
  • Limited Edition (PC) for $499.99, including a sword; until the supplies last

All editions provide access to the Beta and the final game. There is still and option to upgrade your pledge, if you like to grab some unique collectibles! For more info please visit our website and try the Beta Access today! 

Kingdom Come: Deliverance
Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Thank you for all your support and please give us your feedback on the game via our forums

Warhorse Studios

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    1. Warhorse Studios Creator on

      Please register on our website (not on forums) with your KS email to get Beta Access. You will find link to Warhorse launcher there.

      If you are missing activation email, it is possible to resend it again on our website. If you are missing tier in your profile, please contact us here on KS with direct message or through info at warhorsestudios dot cz

    2. Rob Crowther

      Seems like no Linux version after all:

      What process do you have in place for refunds?

    3. Stefan Lindblad on

      I haven't received any activation, and I just noticed that I mistakenly used another email account when I registered on the site 2 years ago. Just updated it in the forum, to the correct one (i.e. same as kickstarter). Haven't got the badge either.

      My mistake. How can I fix it?

      Thanks. Looking forward to the game...

    4. Thalis on

      I miss the steam key too :/

    5. Missing avatar

      voda on

      Have not too received activation mail, registered on friday.

    6. Rob Crowther

      @Austin Bennett Snell

      The Kickstarter money is only about 10% of the funding for the game, the guy that funded the other 90% wants to maximize his return. It's explained in the interview here:…

    7. Missing avatar

      Mikkel Andrey on

      Have not received steam code, baron pledge level.

    8. Missing avatar

      Nighthwk on

      Never received activation email.

    9. Pedasn on

      i mean, i don't have a steam key. the account and the beta-downloader works fine

    10. Pedasn on

      i also never got the activation e-mail

    11. Brian Jackson on

      "There is still and option to upgrade your pledge" Can I upgrade from Soldier to Knight so I can get access to the beta?

    12. Austin Bennett Snell on

      Okay, so I helped to fund this as did hundreds of thousands of other people under the notion I'm finding a PC GAME. Now you've delayed the game HALF A YEAR to port to consoles?! You take our money and fuck us. Jesus Christ, this is a scummy thing to do to the people who have trusted you to make your dream game that no other publisher would back. Extremely disappointed with how this Kickstarter has been going, I doubt I will ever back another Darkhorse product ever again.

    13. Griffinman01 on

      I never got my activation e-mail.

    14. Ragnarök on

      I haven´t got my activation mail!

    15. Warhorse Studios Creator on

      If you have problem to find activation email, please check the spam and then post a message here, we will fix it for you. Sorry about it!

      And yes - the forum login is separate due to the security reasons. If you use the same email, you should see the title above your name.

    16. Missing avatar

      Richard Jordan on

      Waiting on the Mac beta as well. Baron level.

    17. Pedasn on

      Allthough there is no steam key, i have to say its very impressive what you guys cooked up. The woods look gorgeous. Its clear that you still have a lot of work to do, but i'm really impressed

    18. Missing avatar

      Thomas Samuel Thomsen on

      I haven´t got my activation mail yet...

    19. Missing avatar

      Robert Silesius on

      I just bought a 980ti in anticipation of the HTC Vive, and I was very glad to get 50-60 fps in very high on The Witcher 3. In this beta, however, I tried very high, high and even medium with the same result: 20-30 fps, and it never looked nowhere as good as Witcher 3 at any point (very low contrast and "flat"). But I get that it is a beta, so consider this feedback on performance.

    20. Kenny Van De Walle on

      @TerraPosse I already checked my junk folder, but thanks for the tip :)

      I see that many people are struggling with different problems trying to get in the beta, hopefully Warhorse can sort it out and everybody can enjoy their game.

    21. TerraPosse on

      @ Kenny

      My activation email landed in my junk folder.

      I have set up my profile page and downloaded the game through the launcher. However, I can't log in on the forums with my profile user name and password. Surely, I don't have to sign up for the forum separately?

    22. Kenny Van De Walle on

      Still waiting for that activation mail form my kickstarter e-mail

    23. Warhorse Studios Creator on

      I am sorry for confusion, but we never said we will distribute Beta through Steam only. We promised Beta for PC and you can download it via our launcher. There are no new Steam codes distributed for now. If you already have a Steam code, you can certainly use it!

      About the other platforms - we promised that we do our best, but the amount of work is still huge, so cant confirm anything now. We read your feedback and will get back with some more info soon.

      We appreciate your support very much and we would like to give something back to every single backer, unfortunately time is our enemy now.

      I hope we will have some good news soon. Please watch our YouTube channel also, we might share some info in one of our future updates.

      Thank you ALL!

      Jiri Rydl
      Warhorse Studios

    24. Leman on

      As others have mentioned I signed up with my kickstarter email and got no confirmation email so I can't sign into the site and as such can't get the launcher.

      Nothing in my junk folder either.

    25. Missing avatar

      Benjamin on

      I have the Knight version also, but no steam key in my profile page as well!

    26. Missing avatar

      J1NGLE5 on

      I backed this project at knight level, they said we would receive steam keys for beta, now they insist they have ran out of keys, and they don't know if will ever get any more.

      My message to the developers:

    27. Griffinman01 on

      I'm in the same boat as Kenny Van De Walle. I tried to register using my Kickstarter e-mail, but never got an activation e-mail so I can't log in to get my key.

    28. Kenny Van De Walle on

      I tried to register with my kickstarter-mailaccount didn't get a activation mail, I tried it with a other email-account did work (knight tier btw)

    29. Pedasn on

      I'm at the "Knight Tier" and just registered to your Homepage. But i can't find a Steam key (like others). Does it take some time to generate?

    30. Joshua Seigler on

      Joining other backers disappointed at the Windows-only Beta. How long will you put off cross-platform? Do you plan to release the full game for Windows and then tack on other-platform support at the very end? Please keep your promises.

    31. Kissaki on

      Knight here. No steam key on my profile.

    32. Michael Blackwood on

      Too bad the beta isn't open to the Soldier tier, given the game is now entering beta phase 3-4 months after the final version was due to release.

    33. Missing avatar

      Uncontested on

      I wish their was more of a tutorial.. had fun playing the beta but seriously the combat is unforgiving... and a bit wonky lol

    34. Solarhead on

      Yes! Now get me my Steam key and you got yourselves one happy camper here ;)

    35. Amerisun on

      I have the Knight version also, but no steam key in my profile page as well?

    36. Missing avatar

      Solitary on

      abaddon1: Oh, I found it. You meant kickstarter main page... right, that was later in stretch goal updates (still during campaing) mentioned as "The Alpha version access is confirmed for Windows version only. We are working with other platform holders to see if it could be made available there, but we cannot promise anything yet. The Beta access will be available on Windows, Linux and Mac at least; it may also be available on consoles but we cannot confirm it yet."

    37. Missing avatar

      Solitary on

      abaddon1: The problem is they are obligated to give backers proper and transparent updates on the issue (that's how Kickstarter works). Every update so far lacks any real information on this problem... I wouldn't say a thing if we got an information why did they change their plans, what does it mean for us and what efforts are they making to fix this, if any. The problem is, we are not treated as backers... we are treated like nothing. I am used to delays after delays as Linux gamer, but what I can't stand is always the lack of information. Some hard to find notice (I don't know where you copied this from, because I can't find it) or some talks from forum monkeys are not updates that we are supposed to get as backers.

    38. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      I'm interested in Linux too!

    39. abaddon1 on

      People wondering about Mac/Linux beta, they answer this on the main page.

      "We plan to release the game on all major platforms: PC, Mac, Linux and next-gen consoles. You will be free to choose any platform the game will be released on as your reward. Regarding Early Access to the game, at the moment we can guarantee it only on PC, however we will do our best to make it available on as many other platforms as possible."

    40. Rob Crowther

      @Solitary This sort of thing is why I don't back anything on Kickstarter at beta level or higher anymore (including this). It's not like Linux users get a discount on the pledge in return for not having access to the beta.

      I am excited by the concept of this game, but I no longer believe we're going to see a Linux version any time close to the launch date.

    41. Daniel García on

      I guess the would be giving steam keys to knight and all beta tiers soon.
      But some explanation would be great

    42. Missing avatar

      Daniel Hofmann on

      No steam key either, currently downloading via client.

    43. Missing avatar

      Toni Ahonen on

      I registered on the forums but there's no box labeled "Kickstarter code" in my profile preferences like the original message said I should do. Afterwards I also registered on the actual website but never received the activation e-mail (or maybe it's still coming?). I guess it's better to wait and see for now.

    44. Liviu on

      @Jan Fitzner me too :(

    45. Missing avatar

      Solitary on

      So, where is the Linux (and Mac) beta? If you want to make delays on your promises then at least say so, the fact that this is not even mentioned is downright insulting, do you really think that people already forget why they gave you money in the first place? Is our money somewhat defunct that we do not even deserve proper update on the issue? Is this suppose to be precursor of broken promises and other things to come?

    46. Ragnarök on

      Same as Jan Fitzner here, no steam key, only the downloader!

    47. Jan

      i have no steam key in my profile :( just the downloader

    48. a on

      How do we access the steam beta version...?

    49. Jan Sinko on

      Master Work! THX Guys