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Realistic single-player RPG set in the medieval Europe. Open-world sandbox with period accurate melee combat. Dungeons & no Dragons.
Realistic single-player RPG set in the medieval Europe. Open-world sandbox with period accurate melee combat. Dungeons & no Dragons.
35,384 backers pledged £1,106,371 to help bring this project to life.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Video Update #8 about early Alpha access

Posted by Warhorse Studios (Creator)

Here is the brand new Video Update #8 filled with cool stuff about the upcoming Alpha access, reaching $2.000.000 stretch goal, our great MoCap studio, unbeatable combat AI… and a small surprise! 

For the Alpha access please visit and register (ideally) with your Kickstarter email, so we can deliver the Steam code to you. We are looking forward to your comments on Facebook and Twitter!

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    1. Peter Plankensteiner on

      I know this t-shirt! It's great.
      And on the back it says:

    2. Jozern on

      Absolutely brilliant as always. I can't wait to be able to offer my help for bug hunting. Yey for animals and for "no developers were harmed in the making of this". Work that somehow into the opening intro (what ever you call them when you start up a game movies) as a easter egg?

    3. Aerouge

      Brilliant and beautiful trailer.

      The Alpha will be limited to Baron tier backers and above, or open for everyone?
      I mean... should be clear from the rewards, but was not mentioned in the post or video :D

    4. Missing avatar

      ProtonAx on

      Excellent trailer! It whets my appetite to explore the village and watch the NPCs go about their daily schedules in next month’s alpha!

    5. Mladen Mihajlovic on

      Who gets alpha access?

    6. Helena on

      Love the shirt :-D As for the game, the new motion-capture animations are looking fantastic, particularly the facial expressions - and the trailer at the end was just stunning. Best of luck with the alpha release!

    7. Gaetano Giammarino on

      Fair enough for me, I will already have closed the re-enactment season :D

    8. Gaetano Giammarino on

      Thanks a lot, I misunderstood :)

    9. Warhorse Studios Creator on

      Alpha is not released yet, October 22nd the earliest :-)

    10. Gaetano Giammarino on

      Dear WH Studios, me too with a problem: already logged in, but unable to find where to look for the alpha access :(

    11. Missing avatar

      remo strotkamp on

      Wonderful news :-)

      I assume no mention of Oculus Rift support means no Rift support in Alpha?

    12. Jan En.Kidu Prudky on

      Superb! I personaly liked the facial animation part the most! Also the "homemade" 3d scanner results looks incredible! Dan, use these talents well!

    13. Erik Hedén on

      Wow, looks awesome! Great work!

    14. Christopher Baughman

      What beer is it that you and the gauntlet are enjoying? I can't quite make out the whole label..

    15. Missing avatar

      Krom on

      Just dropping in to say that I really like the updates and what I see in them. Keep up the good work! :)

    16. Ivan Mallia on

      Hi. I backed this project, but I am not really sure how to register for the alpha. Please help! Thanks.

    17. Warhorse Studios Creator on

      As mentioned in the update, we need you to register at, there maybe some problems, but we can help. Please send us a message here or to info at warhorsestudios dot cz

      The alpha will be accessible through Steam with the code only, so it will not be visible to all Steam users. Thank you.

    18. Missing avatar

      Mad Squ on

      MAN! That trailer at the end is absolutely AWESOME!!!

      Kepp up the good work!


    19. sbock on

      Great video. I especially liked the motion captured face. Really impressive...

    20. Lucas Dechow on

      I think users register here:

      However I'm in doubt what email have been used to link up my pledge.
      I tried logging in with the one I used here (when I backed the project) and I cannot see my pledge?
      Are there any way for you guys to check if my registration is fine OR I have to change my email?

    21. Trond Klakken

      Agree with @Martin Seeger, where do kickstarters register?
      Forgot password does not work for my kickstarter email

    22. Missing avatar

      Christoffer Wallén on

      @Frikencio He does say through Steam in the video.

    23. Warhorse Studios Creator on

      We will gladly help you, please send us a message either here, or visit our forums (if you are able to login). Please be patient, we get a lot of emails right now :-) Thank you all for such a support!

    24. FR3D on

      is it supporting oculus rift dk2 ?

    25. Jan Paluska on

      This is how Czech Republic propagation video should look like! Makes me fucking proud! And Jaba is epic!!

    26. Martin Seeger on

      Please provide an URL where Kickstarter backers can register....

    27. Richard Stuckey on

      Very cool mood video!

    28. Space Monkey on

      Absolutely awesome video and news! I enjoyed everything in this update! This is probably the Kickstarter project I am most enthusiastic about.

    29. Missing avatar

      Lord baconus on

      I'm just here to praise Dan's amazing t-shirt.

    30. Thornthawat Thongnab on

      My forum account correctly shows my Baron status, but there's nothing on the profile page at the pledge site. Do I need to link that to Kickstarter or something? Not seeing any option to do that.

    31. Missing avatar

      Christoph Nelles

      Okay, registered at the mentioned site, but not so ideal with a different mail address. So how do i connect my account to my kickstarter pledge?

    32. Missing avatar

      saluk on

      Great video with epic music! The people in the village are really emoting well at this point. Even though they aren't "strong" characters yet and are just townspeople, they seem very lifelike and I want to care about them. The motion capture is really pushing this to the next level.

    33. Stephen P. Suelzle on

      Thanks for the in depth and interesting video. I look forward to playing the alpha!

    34. Missing avatar

      rapaP on

      Already got a forum account, trying to login at with it doesn't work, do i need to create another account on this page using the mail used at kickstarter ?

    35. Missing avatar

      subdiff on

      Where can I get your funny T-Shirt?

      Thanks for the update. The teaser at the end is great. I love the music. Even more I love its focus on the daily medieval life and on creating this feeling of learning about life in this time.

    36. Nico Wiedemann on

      Great video! I'm really looking forward to the alpha release and of course to the final game!

    37. Thomas Maher on

      Awesome video guys! I really loved the last video. It's coming along beautifully! The music was stunning! Keep up the amazing work guys!

    38. Jimmy Dali on

      A tingling sensation rushed thru me after 12:44

    39. Patrick Wong on

      Nevermind, the problem was extra whitespace at the end of the e-mail string.

    40. Patrick Wong on

      The pledge site did not let me register and claimed that my e-mail is invalid. My e-mail is